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Retreat Prep: 7 Things To Do Before You Go

By Rachel Le Feuvre, Founder of Reset Button Boutique Spa Retreat

Once you’ve decided to take a healthy break away, there are certain things you should do to make sure you get the most out of it. At Reset Button, we send out a guide on how to prepare for your retreat two weeks before the retreat begins. We’re going to share the basics of them here, as they will help you prepare for any retreat, healthy holiday or spa break you take.

These are guidelines, and we believe they are just that, we’re normal people too and we know it’s difficult sometimes. Just do the best you can!

  1. Cut down coffee and alcohol – Start being aware of the amount of alcohol and coffee you are consuming about a week before your retreat, and start to decrease it daily. Decreasing your intake slowly will help prevent a crashing reaction when you stop your caffeine intake altogether.
  2. Wean yourself off your phone – We are a nation addicted to our phones. Staring at the bright screen from your bed leads to insomnia in many clients, se we strongly encourage creating a distance between you and your phone. The easiest way to start this is to buy an alarm clock. Give yourself half an hour at the start and the end of the day where you don’t look at your phone or computer. Wake up properly and see the day before you flood your brain with information. And likewise at the end of the day, give yourself the chance to be with your own thoughts, not mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.
  3. Organise your work duties – Work is the biggest cause of stress when you are away on holiday. With a bit of preparation, you can leave it all in your colleagues hand’s and actually take a break. Explain to your colleagues that you are going away, and that your phone will not have reception (even though it probably will, that’s not the point – tell them it doesn’t). If it’s not life-threatening, they are not to call you. At Reset Button we offer our phone number for our guests to give out as an emergency number so they can leave their phones turned off
  4. Organise your personal life so that people know not to contact you – Just as you need to get the break from work, ask your family members and friends to give you the time off too. This is your time, for you to put yourself at the top of the list for once.
  5. Get a good book, something you’re really looking forward to reading – We recommend picking up a paperback, not a kindle or using your ipad. You want to be free from technology while you are away. If you’re on your phone or an ipad you could be tempted to check emails.
  6. Do a body scrub – Before hitting the sunshine, you want to get rid of all your dead skin, so we recommend that 24-48hours before you arrive, give yourself a good scrub. This will prepare your skin beautifully so that the colour that you get will last longer and look more even.
  7. Change your voicemail – Make sure you change your voicemail message, saying you are available. Also write an auto-reply for your email that explains that you can’t receive messages and will get back to them on your return.

If you follow the above, as best as you can, you’ll be mentally prepared to make the very most of every moment when you are on the retreat. You’ll be able to switch off.

Reset Button Boutique’s next retreat is The Spring Clean Retreat from 23rd April – 27th April 2015. For more information please visit:


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5 Reasons To Say “Om” Before You Say “I Do”

bride in the grass

Looking for a way to feel your absolute best on your wedding day? Before saying, “I do,” say “Om!” Whether you prefer a solo session, or want to plan a group class for your entire bridal party, a yoga session before you walk down the aisle can be one of the best gifts you can offer yourself on your wedding day.

1. It will calm your mind.

Something is bound to go “wrong” your wedding day —it always does. Keep the stress at bay with the reminder to breathe, go with the flow, and intention set from your morning yoga session. You’ll move more freely with all of the ebbs and flows that your glorious day brings, creating greater joy for you, your wedding party, and your guests in attendance.

2. It will help you stay present.

You spend months, maybe years, planning for your big day, and then, it flies by in the blink of an eye! Stay present for the smaller moments—a laugh you share with an elder relative, the sweetness and flavor of your wedding cake, the feeling of your wedding band being placed on your hand—these are the experiences we tend to remember and cherish more than the “big” plans we had in mind.

3. Breathing will energize you.

If all the spiritual reasons of a yoga practice don’t interest you, make it physical! You’re starting your day out with some movement and (maybe) a workout, which gets the endorphins and blood moving at the start of your day. The benefits? You will increase your energy, get recharged with some powerful breathing techniques, and get some natural color in your face and cheeks: This will leave you feeling awakened and invigorate you for the long, exciting day ahead.

4. You’ll take better wedding photos. 

Aside from a photo bomb, nothing ruins a gorgeous dress, hair, makeup, and smile than bad posture. Yoga in the morning can be a reminder (for anyone, not just brides!) to stand up a little taller, stay active in the core, and keep the rounding out of the lower back. Plus, depending on the shoes you’re planning to wear (most likely heels), your calves and soles of your feet will thank you for the morning stretch after all that dancing!

5. It will help you connect. 

Weddings are about connection—connecting on a deeper level with your fiancé as you start a new journey in life together, and connecting with those present to witness your wedding day. This simple, core intention of marriage can easily be overshadowed by the details of the planning, arrangements, and schedules set for the day. So, why not take an hour to center, ground, and count to self first before trying to create that same energy for others.

This is one of our favorite articles. It was originally published on May 14, 2016.

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Get Smart About Marketing & PR: The Art of Engagement

There is a wealth of articles packed with advice on how to grow a business and retain clients but Hellena Barnes’ recent feature for European Spa is a must-read for anyone concerned with building a successful business. In the “Art of Engagement,” Hellena spoke with six experts in the spa, beauty and wellness fields and her article makes it easy to understand why, in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, there are specific marketing, sales and PR tools that can best boost business prospects –whether the goal is to open a new spa, increase appointments, build a loyal client base or create a global brand.


Here is the lineup of experts featured in “The Art of Engagement.” (Read the full article with their advice here.) And below is an excerpt from the article explaining why every business owner must evaluate how website and marketing communications look and function on mobile phones.


Louisa Watson, director of marketing for Y Spa:

How to find your core market and create brand loyalty

John Bevan, general manager, Spafinder Wellness:

Upwardly mobile: Accessibility in the palm of your hand

Oriele Frank, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Elemis:

Global campaigns and strategies

Tracey Stapleton, managing director, The Spa PR Company:

How to best blog your business

Brian Hunter, director of Made for Life by Spiezia Organics and consultant for BHSL Concepts: Delivering your digital message with a human touch

Leonie Wileman, chief operations officer, Premier Software.

Get smart and let your software do the hard work


Upwardly mobile: Accessibility in the Palm of Your Hand

John Bevan, general manager, Spafinder Wellness

Not too long ago, digital marketing was focused on the Internet, but today it has expanded to include mobile phones and a wide range of platforms and activities. According to analysts at comScore, 79% of adults and 93% of 18- to 34-year-olds use smartphones in the U.S. and the statistics are similar in Europe. This means your clients are using mobile phones to shop, find locations and make payments. Even small businesses must consider how website and marketing communications look and function on mobile phones.


Before you send a client email or update your website, look at these communications on a smartphone and see them from your customer’s viewpoint. How does it look? Is it easy to find what you want? Does it work as well on a phone as a desktop computer?


Our new Wellness App for mobile users, which allows people to find, book, review and pay for spa and wellness services at any of our 25,000-plus partners, was designed to help spas of all sizes benefit from the latest digital technology.


Public relations and customer engagement has also gone digital with social media and other digital platforms offering huge opportunities. You can engage existing clients and acquire new ones with simple email newsletters and posts on Facebook and

Twitter – plus you can increase brand exposure by connecting with journalists on these platforms.

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What is Adrenal Fatigue? Why Removing It Should Be Your #1 Health Priority

By Charlotte Watts

What is Adrenal Fatigue? Why Removing It Should Be Your #1 Health Priority

Adrenal fatigue is a term your doctor might not know or even agree with if they have. It’s one used by natural practitioners like nutritional therapists and naturopaths, to describe the state where long-term stress results in feelings of fatigue, exhaustion and de-motivation. It is so-called because it described how the adrenal glands have become depleted after long periods of time continually pumping out stress hormones to react to challenge. It is often felt as a crash in energy after feeling you’ve been on ‘constant alert’ or ‘running on adrenaline’ for a while.

This is the result of levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropping, as our ability to produce it as needed is lessened through tired adrenals. Some equate the term adrenal fatigue with ‘burnout’ and indeed medical opinion is acknowledging that this mental and physical collapse is characterised by lowered cortisol levels, particularly on rising in the morning. In a healthy body, cortisol is naturally high at this time to motivate us to get up and move. When it is low, energy and enthusiasm for the day can be difficult and this can be accompanied with feelings of depression.

Burnout falls outside any categories doctors have for a ‘true’ disease, but has shown that it is a state where responses to stress become dampened. Over a long period of agitation (and even anxiety) where the brain is continually signalling ‘alert’ to the whole body, those signals shut down and we can be left feeling unresponsive, unable to get going and even like we just don’t care. One issue with this state is that if the stress has been a situation like a job or a relationship that doesn’t make us feel safe or happy, we then lack the willpower to leave when we may need.

So it is crucial to notice the signs and avoid reaching this this tipping point. We may not even see the signs if we’re just used to pushing on through and it is part of our normal existence to strive and strive and strive. Maybe people I see admit to not knowing how to relax and so these warning signs may just feel like states they believe to be usual, but they are to be listened to as indications that you are expecting too much of your body.

If you can say ‘yes’ to two or more of the following statements, a re prioritising of your time may be in order:

  • You feel like you lurch from ‘high to low’ all the time, sometimes energised and excited, then suddenly with no energy at all
  • You are quick to anger, irritability or moodiness
  • You panic that if you let go of the reins it will all fall apart
  • You don’t make leisure time away from technology and letting your whole body relax
  • You need sugar or stimulants like caffeine to get you through the day
  • You are showing stress-related symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, depression, IBS and skin issues
  • You often find yourself clenching your jaw, holding your breath and feel tight in the shoulders and neck

All of these are indications that you are running things at a really high rate and that is simply unsustainable for any organism. At some point there needs to be recovery and recharge and if that’s not happening as part of your everyday life, then you’ll force the issue where your body will move to a state where you have no choice. You wouldn’t expect your smartphone to keep going if you didn’t recharge the batteries, would you?

The thing is that stress hormones aren’t simply ‘bad’. They are necessary for galvanising energy to get things done, but they need opportunity to come down and let the mind and body reach a point where it can heal, rebuild and find the equilibrium that ensures we can function on every level. The irony that doing too much runs the risk of eventually not being able to do much at all. Finding balance with work and action alongside enjoyment, natural movement, healthy nutrition and relaxation isn’t just good for your well-being – it also improves your quality of life!

Charlotte Watts is author of The De-stress effect, a great resource that can take you through a transformative process to help find new relationships with your body, food and health attitudes.  Don’t miss out on this new revolution in eating, exercise and relaxation that will return you to vibrant health by gently bringing balance back to your body and your life. Buy The De-stress effect here today 


At Spafinder Wellness 365 we believe that wellness comes from within and without. That’s why we’ll always bring you the best content to inspire you on your way to a happier you! To stay updated and get access to offers and giveaways, sign up to receive Spafinder newsletters.

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Help Your Clients–and Your Business– by Being Cancer Aware

As we think about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, most of us know that breast cancer statistics are sobering: in the U.S. alone, one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.[1]  And that is just the statistic for breast cancer in one country. In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States[2] – and in 2012 alone, there was an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer worldwide.[3]


But far too many cling to myths about people who are living with cancer –and whether these individuals should even enjoy spa or wellness services. These falsehoods can be hurtful to your clients (and deny them access to healing services) and also have a negative impact on your business. This is why we believe being “Cancer Aware” is a commitment everyone in our industry should make.



Last October, American Spa magazine published an article by Jennifer Nied titled “Cultivating Compassion.” Nied astutely noted that, “Improving the wellness of clients is the goal of most spas…This same wellness boost inside and out is even more meaningful for spa-goers fighting cancer or in survivorship.”


In the article, Julie Bach, founder and executive director of non-profit training organization Wellness For Cancer, pointed out that while “…seven out of 10 cancer patients suffer from fatigue, only one in five receives spiritual support from doctors, and one in two patients is nutritionally deficient. This is a group of people in desperate need of wellness support, and spas are ideally positioned to help them deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and offer ways to improve their state of mind.”


The Challenge is Connection

However, a significant challenge is to connect those who have (or have had) cancer with compassionate professionals who know how to provide services to guests presenting with cancer. With that in mind, Spafinder Wellness 365, in conjunction with Bach’s “Wellness for Cancer,” launched a program on to identify businesses that are “Cancer Aware,” allowing people to easily find qualified spa and wellness providers who can offer safe, effective services, such as therapeutic massage, facials and manicures. Spa and wellness partners that have received cancer awareness training from Bach’s firm or other training organizations can apply for “Cancer Aware” Basic or Comprehensive Certification through Wellness for Cancer at Once verified, they are clearly identified by a “Cancer Aware” badge.


Research[4] shows that popular spa/fitness services such as massage, yoga and Pilates, or more specialized treatments like manual lymph drainage, can provide important physical and emotional support. And popular services like facials or mani/Pedi’s can decrease the stress and anxiety associated with cancer – and help women living with cancer look and feel beautiful.


It’s important to remember that cancer is not a one-month issue; it’s a reality all year. All of us at Spafinder are committed to helping our partners around the globe become “Cancer Aware” and help those living with cancer—including friends, family and co-workers—identify spa and wellness locations with confidence.


Wellness for Cancer offers special rates for Spafinder partners. If your staff has received training on providing services to those who are experiencing cancer from another provider, Wellness for Cancer will evaluate the program and if it meets “Cancer Aware,” criteria, certify your facility. (Wellness for Cancer charges a nominal U.S.$50 fee for this service.) 


Share your story about how your business is providing support to people living with cancer.




[1] 2016

[2] National Cancer Institute 2016

[3] Cancer Research UK




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World Travel Market London Creates New Business Opportunities at the WTM Wellness Lounge, in Association with Spafinder.


On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, the Wellness Travel Market London’s (WTM) Wellness Lounge will be back for its second year, featuring a new addition–WTM Wellness Speed Networking. The Wellness Lounge, presented in association with Spafinder Wellness, gives spa, hotels and resorts an exclusive opportunity to meet and network with international buyers in a dedicated lounge for spa and wellness travel professionals, all from a dedicated private pod.
Exhibitors will be able to attend the invaluable WTM Wellness Speed Networking, an opportunity for the leading domestic and international travel buyers’ to visit exhibitors in a series of mini-meetings, helping suppliers achieve new business connections. WTM Wellness Speed Networking will take place at 10:00 a.m. GMT on Wednesday November 8. Exhibitors also have priority when attending the WTM Buyers’ Club Speed Networking.
WTM Wellness Lounge exhibitors will benefit from:
• Dedicated private pod in the exclusive WTM Wellness Lounge with logo graphic, table and chairs, lighting, power and Wi-Fi.
• Networking opportunities for wellness buyers and suppliers.
• Priority access to WTM Buyers’ Speed Networking sessions – meet potential new contacts during five-minute mini-meetings.
• An online networking tool to connect with the wider WTM audience.
• Invitation to the Wellness Travel Awards in association with Spafinder
• Reception hosted on the evening of Wednesday, November 9.
• Exposure to the WTM Buyer database through a dedicated email profiling all Wellness Lounge suppliers
• Staff badge and online directory listing
• Promotion in the WTM Catalogue, WTM Route Planner and online Exhibitor Directory
• Access to spa/wellness buyer contacts from the WTM visitor database
For information on exhibiting in the WTM Wellness Lounge, please contact Natalia Javkin: or call +44 (020) 8910 7031
Find out more

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An Underground Nook In Aspen

hotel jerome aspen lozada


Arriving at the Hotel Jerome is a sensorily grandiose experience: Beams break-up the lobby’s glass ceiling as sunlight cuts through the bronzes and golds framing artworks and decorative accents. Coloradans love to speak of Hotel Jerome’s history and hauntings, and the lobby’s decor intentionally keeps the lure alive. Once the echoes of such stories fade, pass the parlor to the far right where a photo-dotted stairway leads downward to a basement-like hall. Here, tucked away from any foot traffic, sits the Auberge Spa.


auberge spa, aspen, hotel jerome


Auberge Spa is best described as a nook, a quiet, landscape-inspired space that warms and welcomes. Only four seats line the relaxation area where tea and chlorophyll are cordially served to guests cocooned under knitted throws. The Auberge Spa speaks more to Colorado’s rustic ways than its upstairs counterpart through its sandalwood tones and glowy hues. While the amenities are minimal (a steam shower is in the changing room), the cuddled ambiance and distinctive treatments make this underground escape worth visiting.


auberge spa lockers, aspen, hotel jerome

The spa’s signature Auberge Attunement is a heaven-sent solution for fatigued but active muscles, or jetlagged Aspen arrivals. Herbal compresses ease deep tensions, coupled with arnica, bark scents, and targeted kneading. The treatment mimics “hot-cold” healing with hot and cold stones, which are used to outline the body and encourage bold flow. The Auberge Attunement also aids in lymphatic draining, clearing up any congestions or build-ups in the body. The experience is concluded with a heated neck pillow and stretch. Those seeking Swedish-inspired snoozing ought to look for another treatment: The Attunement is a reset, and the therapist thoroughly addresses problem areas for long-term pain relief and physical realignment from head to toe. The reassembled version of yourself that rises from bed the next day will be thankful you came.

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Infinity Med Spa’s 3 Simple Steps To Firmer Skin

Your summer beauty routine doesn’t have to disappear just because the season is coming to a close. Go for an “endless summer” mindset and keep your complexion glowing all year round. We asked Infinity Med Spa in Santa Clarita, California to share three simple steps to achieve toned skin.

Firmer skin is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Exfoliate regularly. “We all need to increase our skin’s rate of cell turnover,” Infinity Med Spa states. Exfoliation is an excellent trick to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and is essential to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin. “We encourage our patients to exfoliate at least three times per week,” the spa says.
  • Drink water religiously…and lots of it. It’s simple and effective for improving skin tone. The best part? “This is tried and true, and you will see a big difference in your skin in only a few days,” the spa adds.
  • Escape to the spa. Sometimes, things are best left to the experts. For more tips on how you can improve the quality and tone of your skin, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with one of Infinity Med Spa’s expert aestheticians. “They can recommend cutting-edge treatments and products that will improve your skin,” the spa says.

Infinity Med Spa is one of the leading medical spas in southern California’s Santa Clarita area. The vibe: stylishly upscale yet inviting. The menu: state-of-the-art medical and day spa services comprising Coolsculpting, Botox and fillers, laser hair removal, HCG medical weight loss, massage, microdermabrasion, and more. The awards: everything from “best day spa” to “number-one injector of Botox and dermal fillers” to “number-one certified Coolsculpting practice in SCV.” The spa’s staff has also been featured in media outlets such as The New York Times, The Magazine of Santa Clarita, and Inside SCV Magazine.

And because we’re on an “endless summer” kick, head to this Valencia-based spa to take advantage of this special offer.

Summer Spa Escape! Save $20 on any service of $100 or more. Good for first-time clients only and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Original Price: $100
Offer Price: $80 (20% off)

infinity med spa welcome desk

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Spafinder Staffers Do Miami Spa Month: COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

We Accept Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards BadgeSpafinder Staffer: Aimee Schmalzle, VP of Marketing

Miami Spa Month Location: COMO Metropolitan, Miami Beach

Service Received: Dr. Hauschka Holistic Facial

Aimee’s take on the spa:The location is a bit farther north than all of the South Beach action: This helps create a feeling of calm, yet it is close enough to the action to get the best of both worlds. The spa is spread across two floors, so it is a bit awkward to navigate at first. There is a steam room, outdoor relaxation area with a creek view, experiential shower, and rooftop therapeutic whirlpool with an ocean view. The shining star of the spa is the whirlpool overlooking the ocean: It is quite large and co-ed, so it is also a fun choice for a date. The scent of the spa is special; a mix of floral and lavender that is very appealing. The staff is very sweet and accommodating. COMO serves a ginger and honey tea that is delicious and refreshing: The ginger was stronger than most ginger teas [I have tried], creating a nice burning sensation as I drank it. You can feel your insides cleansing! Yum.

COMO is a very organic spa that is into traditional methodologies. My facial featured Dr. Hauschka’s products, including the rose moisturizer and cleansing milk. Dr. Hauschka’s products are not aggressive, but smell lovely and are great for someone who prefers natural products or who may want a less intense facial. I use Retina-A, so the combination [of products and service] was perfect as it didn’t further irritate my skin. In fact, it calmed the effects of the Retin-A. I’d recommend the facial for people with sensitive skin. There was also a lymphatic drainage technique that involved facial massage and the use of brushes, which was surprisingly relaxing: It felt dreamy. Once completed, my skin felt supple and moisturized.

Some things to note: You’d need to leave the spa area for a bite to eat. To park, there is a $15 valet or street parking nearby. The location is good for Miami Beach locals or someone staying on the beach.”

This month, check out COMO Metropolitan, Miami Beach and the rest of our Miami Spa Month initiatives. Don’t forget to enter to win a $250 Spafinder Wellness Gift Card: We’re giving away one a week through August 2016!

como miami beach

Via COMO Hotels & Resorts.

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4 Wellness Do’s In San Francisco

The view of Golden Gate Bridge from Lands End on the City Sightseeing Hop On – Hop Off bus tour.

Stay & spa: The InterContinental San Francisco offers the best bang for your wellness buck, providing enough lifestyle variety to meet wellness-seekers needs without compromising the brand’s business-driven reaches. At the hotel’s I-Spa, jet-lagged travelers can arrive to a Traveler’s Tonic Massage, complete with eucalyptus scents and a head and scalp rub. I-Spa also features hard-to-find back facials and decollete treatments.


InterContinental San Francisco lap pool. Via IC San Francisco.

A visit to San Francisco usually means a lot of good eating, so InterContinental’s gym is a life saver for indulgent foodies. Free weights and standard machinery are met with an indoor lap pool and jacuzzi hot tub. If the weather is nice, the gym’s outdoor terrace is a great space for open air yoga or stretching.

intercontinental san francisco club lounge

InterContinental San Francisco Club Lounge.

For an upgraded stay, consider Club Floor accommodations: These rooms provide access to the hotel’s Club Lounge which serves meals and snacks around the clock.

Eat in the Mission: If there is one place where you can get plant-based anything, it’s San Francisco. Throw Mexican flavors into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a must-eat musing. At Gracias Madre, black bean and pesto tortas and butternut quesadillas are served alongside tempeh “chorizo” bowls and smoothies. Across the street at Mission Chinese, guests can get carnivorous or savor spiced-up Asian veggies like “smashed” cucumbers and Mongolian long beans.

muir woods redwoods

Redwoods in Muir Woods.

See the Redwoods: There are many ways to get to the Redwoods, but since I was short on time and did not rent a car, I opted for the City Sightseeing Hop On – Hop Off bus tour. The inclusive ticket option allowed me to experience the entire metro and coastal area, and also cross the Golden Gate Bridge over to Sausalito and Muir Woods. Once at Muir, visitors can go off to the trails or walk the paved circular loop: The air is wonderfully crisp, and the statuesque Redwoods are a humbling sight. Muir is also a lovely spot for a meditative moment or sensory forest bath.

Pop into the SF Wellness & Art Pop-up: At the SF Wellness & Art Pop-up, creatives, therapists, and thought-leaders gather to foster a community around health, wellness, and art. Situated above the All Star Cafe, the collective invites guests to explore physical and mental healing through massage, hypnotherapy, nutrition, and artistic expression. Since it is a pop-up, be sure to check their website’s ongoing calendar for monthly and weekly events and announcements.

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