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FDA Approves new ALMA Accent XL Laser

accent_xlWrinkles and cellulite be gone!  The FDA-approved ALMA Accent XL  is a must-have for the elimination of wrinkles and rhytids and the tightening of skin.  The Accent XL provides long lasting results that will leave your clients not only looking, but feeling like a million bucks.


The Accent system provides Volumetric RF (Radio Frequency) Thermotherapy, combining different proprietary RF modes of BiPolar and UniPolar.  With separate hand pieces for each, the Accent XL provides therapeutic heat at different tissue depths within the body, treating both the dermal and sub-dermal skin layers.  It can penetrate anywhere from two to six millimeters into the skin, reaching both the fatty tissue and cellulite.  Heating to these tissue depths improves circulation, initiates a breakdown of fibrous tissue, and promotes the re-absorption and draining of retained fluids and toxins.  In addition to the controlled heating is simultaneous cooling, which serves to protect the skin.


This advanced technology involves no down-time and a minimal risk of side effects.  Unlike other cellulite laser technologies, progress is visible immediately after each session.  Results begin as soon as treatment takes place, and improvements to the skin continue as new collagen grows with every treatment.  Collagen fibers in the skin contract and multiply when the Accent XL is used, which in turn helps to improving skin laxity.  Connective tissue contracts to improve the skin’s contour, texture, and architecture.  In addition, circulation improves and retained fluids drain from subcutaneous adipose tissue to reduce edema, erythema, and overall volume.


The Accent XL has been used successfully in multiple areas on the body such as abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and upper chest, as well as on the face.  The body and facial contouring and skin tightening effects occur without any invasive measures, which makes the Accent XL desirable to patients. This ALMA technology will enable you to say hello to new clients while your clients say hello to new skin!

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Spa Light On Camille Meyer from TriBeCa MedSpa



Camille Meyer became passionate about high quality skincare after struggling with her own skin issues, including adult acne.  In 2006, she formulated a skincare line of cosmeceuticals and created the vision for TriBeCa MedSpa, which she owns today.



TriBeCa MedSpa offers the expertise of New York’s top plastic surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and experienced medical estheticians in a spa-like setting. Their medical spa offers the New York area’s most effective medical skin treatments.  The MedSpa understands skincare and is committed to making their patients’ look and feel beautiful.



How did you embark on this career?

I have always worked in the medical field. I began my career as a nuclear researcher and then worked in surgery as a neurotology/otolaryngology specialist. I became passionate about skincare after a horrible case of adult acne developed in my 30s. After seeing several dermatologists without any success, I realized that I needed to be proactive in finding a way to treat skin problems.



 Tell us about your skincare line Camille Cosmeceuticals NY.

I developed my own skincare line of cosmeceuticals called Camille Cosmeceuticals NY back in 2006. It took about a year to create the line of products which includes cleansers, correctors, hydrators, and sunscreen. My products contain only five ingredients and do not have a fragrance. I feel that using fewer ingredients is better for the skin and makes the skin work a little less.


What is the most popular treatment at your spa?

We continue to see injectibles and Fraxel as the most popular treatments at TriBeCa MedSpa. This summer we have also seen an increase in hydrating facials. Our Botox® injections have definitely remained strong, due in part because people who get Botox® can spend a moderate amount of money and see great (sometimes overnight) results. We have been very pleased to see that our male clientele has also grown from 15% to 36% (they love the Botox®)!


What challenges, if any, do you see the medical spa industry facing in the future?

Well, we know that the economy has had an impact on the spa industry. TriBeCa has remained very strong, and has seen a 30% growth in new business. We do see that people are not spending as much as they used to. People have cut back on the frequency and number of spa treatments. 

I really think that spa-goers nowadays are looking for a quality spa that will give them their money’s worth. Spa-goers are also doing their homework and becoming more educated about the various medical treatments on the market today.


What makes TriBeCa Med Spa more successful than other medical spas?

I think it is partly because we have such a distinguished staff. Our medical director is renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Ginsberg. I also believe that people feel we are honest with our clients. If a client comes in wanting to get Botox® and we think it’s not the best procedure for them, we won’t perform it. We want our clients to be happy with the results; wefeel that it is better to turn someone away than perform a procedure that will have negative results.


What are your thoughts on SpaFinder and its relationship to the industry? 

We love SpaFinder and feel that they have a great pulse on the industry. They have also helped us to expand our clientele and bring in new business from the SpaFinder Gift Certificates and Cards.

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Spa Light On Dana Stallings of the San Diego Spa Association


Dana Stallings is the visionary behind the recently launched San Diego Spa Association (SDSA).  SDSA is a place where spa and wellness industry professionals can come together to share knowledge and to elevate the consciousness of the industry through community action.

An experienced spa industry veteran, Dana also brings more than seventeen years of experience and passion with her to Spa Velía  consultancy.  Well-versed in all aspects of management, from operations to marketing, she has successfully guided some of the top resort, day, and club spas in the San Diego area.  Because of her successful track record and positive visibility within the spa and hospitality industry, she is frequently asked to contribute to trade publications, industry resources and articles and has also received invitations to join various advisory boards.

Enjoying the success of Spa Velía’s flourishing business, Dana has also had the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience as a Senior Consultant for Creative Spa Concepts.



1.       How did you first get started in the spa and beauty industry? 

Truly, it was a fluke!  I needed a part time job while I was studying International Business at SDSU and La Costa Resort and Spa was just a few blocks from my house and hiring a Spa Concierge.  Quickly I became fascinated by people who were dedicated to making people feel better and felt inspired and right at home in this industry.


2.       What was the inspiration behind the creation of the San Diego Spa Association? 

After speaking with other Spa Directors and Owners, I saw their desire to learn more about how each of us operated and handled challenges on a local, geographic specific level.  The old mindset of being secretive when sharing information with “your competitors” just wasn’t present.  Our local spa talent seemed hungry to connect with each other more frequently.


3.       What benefits do SDSA members reap from being a part of this association?

We are still in our infancy and will be launching many more benefits soon! SDSA members get usage of the SDSA Logo, membership/preferred partner directory (online), online media leads, marketing, press release and website opportunities, and invites to all educational events, participation in SDSA charitable events, media exposure, and more.  Many vendors and other associations have also reached out wanting to offer our members discount on dues, resources, etc. 


4.       How do you see the SDSA affecting the spa industry beyond the San Diego region?

I think as a whole, we are seeing the various geographical regions coming together in more intimate groups such as the Los Angeles and New England Spa Associations.  I have had people all over the country reach out to see what we are doing and together we are sharing our best strategies.


5.       What is the SDSA’s first big project? 

We are currently working to create a calendar of educational and charitable events and to organize our Advisory Team.


6.       Did the launch party this past July inspire more spas to join the SDSA? 

Yes!  It was amazing to see the collective energy and interest of over 100 spas at the launch party at the W Hotel San Diego!  Very motivating and inspiring!


7.       Will it be hard juggling management of Spa Velía and running the SDSA? 

I am fortunate to have the support, energy and input of some amazing local spa professionals to serve on an Advisory team.  Together, we will run the SDSA.  I always wanted to make sure this was never about just me, nor run by just me.  I really wanted to be the catalyst for the association and have our members input serve as the blueprint for our shared success.

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One Week Left to Sign-Up For Life Changing Red Mountain Event!


This year’s 2009 SpaFinder Spa Educational Event at Red Mountain Resort & Spa  is shaping up to be quite an event this year. Take advantage of our special pricing and save 10% on all bookings until September 10, 2009.


Join SpaFinder and our special keynote speaker, Joan Lunden, as we discuss ways to harness the power of change in an effort to seek business growth and success beyond this recession. Learn how to develop stronger marketing initiatives, get ideas for profitable yield management, and learn the ins and outs of social networking, and much more.


Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this life-changing-one-of-a kind event! Learn more.

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How Social Media Savvy Is Your Spa?


Social media websites aren’t just for people anymore!  Your spa can get in on the fun too. In fact, social media marketing is perfect for the spa industry, since word of mouth is already a powerful source of referrals for us. 


Here’s a list of four quick tips to help your spa succeed on Facebook:


1.  Tread Lightly At First:  Using a personal Facebook account, spend time getting familiar with the site, learning what the typical user does, and seeing what is appropriate as far as messaging.  It’s important to not be overly promotional. 


2.  Populate Your Page:  Create your spa’s own “fan page” by following this link.  Make full use of the profile to make it more fun for users.  Add full spa info, video and photos, interesting polls, exciting deals, and more.


3.  Choose A Spokesperson:  Designate someone at your spa to maintain the page, including posting new material and topics, encouraging fan comments, responding creatively to fans, and removing spam.  Don’t let the page get stale!


4.  Encourage Viral Marketing:  Post spa deal updates and other special offers to encourage your users to spread the word about your spa. 


Once you’ve dipped your toes in, you’ll quickly find Facebook to be a useful extension to your marketing efforts.  Need ideas? Feel free to examine SpaFinder’s page


See you online!

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Spa & Resort/Medical Aesthetics Expo & Conference

160x160-SpaFinderJoin us September 15 & 16 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York. As a member of SpaFinder your registration for this event is complimentary. Your free registration includes entrance to both the Spa & Resort/Medical Aesthetics Expo & Conference and the HBA Global Expo. Don’t miss out on New York’s largest Spa, Aesthetic, Beauty & Wellness event of the year. Visit over 800 exhibitors, choose from over 40 business sessions, workshops and live demonstrations on both show floors.


To learn more visit or click here to register. Don’t forget to visit SpaFinder at booth #5022!

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Giving Clients a REASON to Visit Your Spa

reasontovisitspaJust as consumers head to the supermarket to get groceries or people get in their cars to drive somewhere, spa-goers go to the spa with a specific objective in mind.  The biggest challenge facing spas today is to provide that reason, the incentive for consumers to walk through your spa’s door instead of someone else’s.


Behind curtain #1: “Reason-why marketing”


It’s simple: provide a clear, articulate message that shows or tells consumers why you’re the best choice for them.  This strategy increases the possibility of keeping or attracting loyal customers.  Studies have shown that you can double the likelihood that a person will buy from you if you give them a reason why.  Silly or even invalid reasons, such as “buy because it’s the owner’s birthday,” will increase response rate.   However, the more valid and believable the reason, the better the response rate will be.


Behind curtain #2: The word “because” 


It’s the most important word in reason why marketing.   It is essential to exploit this word and its inherent meaning.   Through the promotion of your “because” by word-of-mouth, online testimonials, large posters around the neighborhood, or in the local paper, consumers will start gravitating towards your spa once they believe your reason to be compelling and convincing!


For example, create special sales for holidays or seasons (because it’s summer, get a free 10 minute foot massage when you get a manicure, pedicure, and facial); partnering with a local restaurant or shop and handing out coupons with the purchase of a spa treatment (because we’re offering you $2 off your next sandwich at XYZ café); offering treatments that other spas nearby do not offer (because Zerona laser technology is the new craze for medical spas and is exclusively licensed in this location only); and grouping treatments together to create special spa packages (because we appreciate your business, if you get a body scrub and a facial today, you will receive $15 off your next treatment booking).


Behind curtain #3: Free merchandise


This August, SpaFinder and Gillette paired up to promote Gillette’s new SpaBreeze razors.  Ten spas in different areas around the United States were selected to receive 300 SpaBreeze razors to clients.  These ten spas now have a great “reason-why” initiative!  If a customer visits these spas, they get a free razor!  However, because supplies are limited (only the first 330 customers will receive a razor) they must go as soon as possible!  Consumers are inclined to book appointments immediately; the sooner they go, the better the chances are that they’ll receive a free gift!


Remember, 1) Reason-why marketing 2) the word “because” and 3) free merchandise.  By providing that “reason,” your spa will be ahead of game, and so will your profits.

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Spa Light On Winvian with Stacy Dreyfus


Set on 113 acres of lush woodland in northwestern Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills, the Winvian estate offers a simple, rustic charm and a mix of the modern and the traditional. Open since 2007, the property is a quiet and secluded haven for guests to relax and reinvigorate. Accommodations include 18 unique cottages and one suite.  Guests can enjoy cuisine showcasing local seasonal ingredients at the estate’s signature restaurant.


The heart of the property’s leisure activities is the country-style Winvian Spa, a 5,000-square-foot facility with an extensive spa menu and ample relaxation and treatment areas, one of which features a wood-burning fireplace.


Stacy Dreyfus, who heads up sales and marketing for Winvian as well as The Pitcher Inn, Blue, Sivory Punta Cana, Soho House New York, Hidden Pond, Pure Escapes in Maui & Kauai Island Villas, along with various other exquisite boutique resorts, owns her own boutique sales, marketing, and partnership agency, Orchid Worldwide .



What is the concept behind Winvian?

The idea behind Winvian’s estate was to create a getaway for people who wanted to experience some peace and quiet from city life. With New York City and Boston just two hours away, Winvian is the perfect place to escape without having to travel far.


Our unique and charming cottages, each with their own names and experiences, create a very memorable haven for our guests. We have 18 cottages that were designed by different architects. Whether it’s the “beaver” cottage or the “tree house,” attention to detail was paid to every nook and cranny.



Describe a typical day for guests at Winvian.


Most of our guests stay for an average of two to three nights. We offer an array of activities and amenities for our guests, so they can stay busy if they like, or can relax. There is horseback riding, croquet, snowshoeing (in the winter), golf, and of course our beautiful spa. Many of our guests like to unwind and just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. They also enjoy our amazing cuisine, which is prepared by acclaimed Chef Chris Eddy.



What sets Winvian apart from other resorts?


We are offer a memorable and unique getaway for our guests. We have an unpretentious atmosphere. Our guests can dress how they want and do as they please. We want them to think of the Winvian as their “home away from home.” Winvian also offers five -star cuisine from an award winning chef. It doesn’t get much better than that.



Tell us about your spa. What is the most popular treatment at your spa?


Our spa is a beautiful 5,000 square foot escape and features six signature treatment rooms, wet treatment room, and a relaxation lounge overlooking gardens and a reflecting pool. I would have to say the Swedish and deep tissue massages are the most popular treatments at the spa.



What is REN?


REN is a product line from London that was developed nine years ago.  REN, which means “clean” in Swedish, is an all-natural product line free of skin unfriendly ingredients.  The skin care formulations boost the skin’s natural processes of protection, repair and renewal.  The containers are completely recyclable, even the labels are colored with vegetable dye.  REN is against animal testing and 2.5% of their profits are donated to environmental causes.



Tell us about your resort’s cuisine and the executive chef Chris Eddy.


Chris Eddy is the Executive Chef here at Winvian. Eddy calls his style “a la minute” which translates into cooking as little as possible until the last minute. Before Winvian, Eddy worked with acclaimed chefs Alain Ducasse, Daniel Boulus, and Jean Michel Bergounoux. 


All of our food is made on property and we even have an organic garden, which produces fresh veggies in the summer. We offer our guests cooking classes with the chef, where they can make and eat their own pasta, or if they prefer to make something sweet, they can learn how to bake a cake with our on the premise pastry chef.

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Online Reviews: Turn a Negative into a Positive

customerreviewsWe know is next to impossible to please every spa-goer that comes through your door, but just because negative reviews can happen it doesn’t that mean your spa is doomed.  According to, “barely 25% of online shoppers report that they are unlikely to purchase a product after reading negative reviews, and most take those reviews with a bowling ball of salt.”  The bottom line: negative reviews probably won’t hurt your business; in fact, they could boost customer conversion rates.


It’s not surprising that SpaFinder’s reviews are among the most popular pages on our site.  In today’s marketplace, consumers are more savvy and educated about the products and services they purchase.  They are also looking to get the best “bang for their buck.”   One of the best ways for consumers to retrieve this information is by reading reviews.


Encouraging clients to tell others about their experience at your spa, specifically through reviews, is a great way for spa-goers to get feedback about your treatments, staff, and spa atmosphere.  Furthermore, it is essential to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Negative reviews lend credibility to the review process itself, proof that the reviews are not edited.  By giving spa-goers this opportunity, you in turn, allow them to speak their mind.  Hopefully their constructive criticism will help you improve on any missteps or give you a reason to practice a regular assessment of your spa’s practices.


Although a negative review can be upsetting, it is important to remember to take all criticism constructively. Keep in mind that a prompt reply to a negative review can go a long way in building a loyal fan base.  For example, a spa-goer was disappointed with the product they purchased at your spa.  Why not address the problem by responding to their review, offering them a refund or an exchange for a different product.   Loyal customers are your “best cheerleaders and your customers for life” so treat them well!


Here is a real example of a negative review and a professional response by the spa owner:


Spa-goer review: I had a very poor experience at this spa. I feel a great experience starts the second you walk through the door. I was not welcomed and I did not feel relaxed. I personally didn’t care for the sound of the roaring train passing by. I will never return to this spa!


Spa Owner response: Our spa is located in a 1970’s Florida Style Home that we found to be a perfect fit for our eco friendly day spa. What’s better than recycling an old home and making it our clients’ sanctuary! Our entire decor is eco friendly and we offer the best of the best organic products. We are so excited to have found this location, and yes the train is down the street from us but it brings us back to our roots.



We all get so caught up in this fast paced society and forget how everything was when our lives were simple. The sound of the train at night as it approaches always brings a smile to our faces as well as our clients. It’s so nice to be located in a free standing building so that we can offer our clients convenient parking and intimacy. We are located on a small street, so it is very quiet, unlike being located on a busy street like most day spas in our area.



What else can we say? Experience it for yourselves everyone! You truly will not be disappointed! We have 15 years of experience in this industry and truly put our hearts and souls in this spa and in every treatment that we provide. We look forward to welcoming you into our home away from home!




If you have any questions about reviews on, feel free to contact Katia Santos at 212-716-1214 or


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2009 SpaFinder Spa Professional Educational Event

This fall, join other spa owners and managers for SpaFinder’s 2009 Spa Professionals Educational Event held at the beautiful Red Mountain Resort & Spa, in Ivins Utah.  This year’s theme is Harnessing the Power of Change: Planning for Business Growth and Success beyond the Recession. Learn how to develop stronger marketing and public relations initiatives, get ideas for profitable yield management, and learn the ins and outs of social networking. LEARN MORE

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