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SpaFinder Deal Days Hot Press Hits!

peoplePeople are talking about Deal Days. And by people, we’re not just talking about People Magazine, who is talking to millions about the event in print, online and in their e-newsletters – there were also recent stories in Massage Magazine, Boston Globe, Daily Candy, and Conde Nast Traveler just to name a few!

Putting on the Hits:

Boston Globe

Daily Candy 

Condé Nast on travel deals page

Massage Magazine

People Magazine

We’re spreading the word about Deal Days, on a national level. We hope you join our innovative marketing program and benefit when qualified customers interested in wellness take us up on the chance to sample new spas in their community. Click here to learn more about SpaFinder Deal Days.

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Annual Directory Set for Expanded Distribution with Powerhouse Beauty Publisher


SpaFinder’s new collaboration with Sandow Media will put the annual directory in more than 20,000 newsstands worldwide and more than 12,000 of the leading spas and hotels globally.  As publisher of New Beauty, among other high-end online and print properties, Sandow will deliver the largest readership of any publication dedicated to spas and the spa lifestyle in the industry.

The directory, which will be renamed “NewBeauty SpaFinder Global Spa, Beauty and Wellness Annual,” will debut in the fall.  In addition, NewBeauty Magazine will feature a SpaFinder Magazine section in every issue of the publication from July 2010 onward.   

Partnering with the leader in beauty and luxury publishing will “take the directory to the next level,” says SpaFinder CEO Pete Ellis.

The strategic partnership means spas that appear in the new directory will gain even more exposure through expanded distribution and new cross-promotions.

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Marketing Idea of the Month: Be part of the Buzz. Profit from Deal Days.

WebinarLogoSmall investment, big return – what everyone’s looking for!  The best thing your spa can do this year to grow its client base is join SpaFinder Deal Days.  Joining now lets your spa be included in an unbelievable promotional campaign targeting millions of consumers about this spectacular weeklong spa event happening March 8 – 14th.  Media outlets include People magazine and the wildly hip and popular Daily Candy, which covers all major U.S. markets, as well as our partnerships with American Express and Delta, 1-800-Flowers, Bally Total Fitness, and Citysearch – just to name a few!  You cannot find a bigger return around!  Mouthpiece for Deal Days!


Do something great for your business this year, by being a part of SpaFinder Deal Days. Receive 30% when you sign up today.


What’s more is that you can enjoy a extended exposure on the Deal Days micro site as we continue to drive qualified traffic, like no other resource can, to participating spas.


If you are looking to expand your spa business – and who isn’t? – you should not miss the opportunity to attract new clientele through your doors by giving them a taste of your unique spa.


Click here to learn more details about SpaFinder Deal Days, or contact or 212-716-1167.


To watch a short webinar on SpaFinder Deal Days, please click here.


Unlike any other spa marketing event, the power of SpaFinder, along with these incomparable promotions and partnerships is creating a buzz to millions of consumers across the country.

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Spa Community Joins Together to Give “Hands On” Support to Haiti

haitiblogThe spa and wellness community came together on Friday, February 12, to help the Haitian earthquake relief through Healing Arts for Haiti in NYC. Attendees enjoyed spa services from 10 minute massages for $10 to mini-manis and makeovers to express acupuncture and sample beauty products (up to 75% off retail). Every dollar raised was donated to UNICEF, directly helping relief efforts in Haiti.  Live music, entertainment, fabulous raffles were also part of the charitable festivity.    

The concept originated from Oasis Day Spa co-owner Bruce Schoenberg.  He told Day Spa Magazine that, “It’s also important for our industry to get involved. We’re in the wellness and healing business. It’s our duty to give back.”

Click here to see photos from the event or visit:

To make a donation to UNICEF now, click here.

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SpaLight on Kristi Konieczny, The Spa Buzz

spalightKristi Konieczny has worked in many capacities in the Spa Industry.  In fact, her time at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company became the catalyst to start her own venture. Understanding both the operational side and supplier side of the business, she founded The Spa Buzz in November 2005.  Since its inception, she has held more than 100 networking events in the major North American spa markets as a way to strengthen spa professional relationships and create opportunities for networking.  She has recently launched a consumer site, Spa Buzz Auction, in addition to co-founding the Florida Spa Association.


How did you get started with Spa Buzz?

We have so many quirky things that you find only in our industry and I believe it is important to have the chance to connect with others who understand to grow and better the experience for all.   Building solid relationships in regional communities creates the chance to strengthen our industry as a whole.

What was the inspiration?

 I was recruited to work in the spa industry from the fitness side of wellness. Prior to my job in spa, I had been teaching fitness classes, personal training and helping companies work on corporate wellness strategies.   Spa was completely foreign to me.  What was supposed to be predominantly fitness was, in actuality, mostly spa.  I was so embarrassed when I was told that to hire Massage Therapists, I had to get a massage.  Needless to say, I was on the phone a lot with colleague. I had always wanted to participate in regional networking, but there was nothing available at the time. While in operations I never had time to organize anything. When I left, I decided it was my opportunity to create consistent and on-going gatherings.

Tell us about the SpaBuzz event at SpaFinder in March?

 The Spa Buzz event in NYC in March will focus on intentions that can optimally help spa professionals in their business. Working with the Milana and Loreen at SpaFinder, we decided to find experts on specific topics with themes (Social Media : I intend to make an online  presence; Retail : I intend to help my guests take home the spa experience; Finance : I intend to be profitable) and address them.  Each expert will schedule short meetings with the attendees.

What else is new/have you been working on?

The latest mission for us is the Spa Buzz Auction. We created a website for people to bid on fitness, spa and wellness services and products.  It was our goal to create a platform that enabled people to find more ways to keep well. We worked really hard last year to create something to leverage our relationships with spas and have it translate to spa-goers. We have always placed our priority on giving as much as we can to the industry.  In lieu of charging a fee for networking, we wanted to offer the spas who participated to have a chance to support us, but at the same time create a new segment of marketing.

Any advice to spas for networking?

Networking can be really intimidating both at live events and online.   My best suggestion is to have a strategy in place.  Whether it is at live events, you should throw yourself out wholeheartedly and find ways to connect with others. Optimal networking is about finding ways where you can help others and others can help you.  I think one of the biggest mistakes is going in expecting something.  You have to give openly to make it work. With online networking, I think success comes from being open to trying new things and not being judgmental of the outcome.  Online networking is very much experimental. Everyday new things are coming online and what seems silly could be the next market leader.  Find things that fit you.

 Which sites would you say are most critical?

I really love LinkedIn for the dynamic discussions that are very industry specific.  I have seen people submit questions for discussion and receive the most amazing advice.  There can also be heated debates at times.  It just goes to show how passionate our industry is.

Facebook is a must as well, because it is so multi-functional.  By creating a fan page devoted to your business, you can showcase photos, videos, promotions and you have the ability to get real time information from clientele.  They also have a very clever ad campaign that you can customize and you will only pay for actual clicks.

I also really like Twitter.  Admittedly, at first I really thought, what is the point? ­ But it is quick and has to-the-point updates that  can have an amazing impact. The biggest bonus is utilizing the tools that keep you seamlessly linked up with all three!
Should most spas be on more?

 Again, I think being ahead of the curve is really important.  Be sure to read up on the business magazines and benchmark technology and business trends. Have you seen networking help spas with their bottom line? I would love to have hard numbers for all the networking events we have held!!!  I mostly have anecdotal stories about people who have met at  Spa Buzz who have begun amazing working relationships together, spas finding great suppliers, sharing best practices, better job opportunities found and even a marriage proposal.

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We Want You!


Help the spa industry better position itself within the wellness market.  In order to provide market intelligence, SRI International is conducting a study and inviting you, our partners, to share your viewpoint.  The survey relates to how spas and spa-related businesses are responding to wellness trends.  Please take the survey and get the answers this May!

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In an Instant

instantConsumers have spoken. Convenience rules.  Almost overnight, SpaFinder Instant Gift Certificates have become a huge hit.  What it means for you, our partner, is that the process of redeeming your SpaFinder gift certificates has changed…but only a little.

The key difference is in the way the instant gift certificates are submitted for redemption.  They must be redeemed before the service is provided.  This is done to ensure the validity of the printed SpaFinder Gift Certificate. 

If you are unsure of how to go about making this inquiry before you have provided your client with the fantastic service they are about to receive, we suggest simply asking, “What type of payment will you be using for your service?” upon check-in.

When a customer brings in an Instant Gift Certificate, you can redeem the certificate either by calling our 24-hour automated calling center at 877.803.0684, or by logging into your SpaFinder account.

We also recommend printing your customized Instant Gift Certificate redemption instructions (found once you log in) containing your registered phone number, which is necessary to redeem the Instant Gift Certificates over the phone. Please keep the instruction sheet at your front desk at all times, to ensure an easy and smooth redemption process.

It’s really quite a simple change, but truly critical, because SpaFinder cannot issue payment for invalid Instant Gift Certificates if you do not follow the new redemption policy.

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