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Reality TV: Is it right for your spa?

The reality TV trend continues to rise in popularity, and hotel and resort destinations are tuning in, discovering increasing prospects for notoriety to a million-plus audience in a single episode aired of shows such as The Bachelor, Survivor, and The Real World.

“As reality TV becomes more established as a genre, with some shows on air for more than a decade, there’s increased pressure for them to find new and ever more exotic filming locations for that pivotal wedding proposal, tug-of-war contest or rowdy night out,” says a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. Reality shows are “‘stretching’ to find new locations to entice viewers,” the article adds.

BodyHoliday at LeSPORT - Cariblue Beach, Saint Lucia

BodyHoliday at LeSPORT - Cariblue Beach, Saint Lucia

Recent destination spots include the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, the setting for the final episodes of the most recent season of The Bachelor. In exchange for perks such as complimentary accommodations, the reality show highlighted several shots and mentions of the island. The “shows’ tight budgets are requiring them to snare as much free stuff as they can,” The Journal article adds.

Although challenges like filming and unruly cast members may arise, the pluses of being on-air may outweigh the negative for hotel/resorts and their surrounding settings. According to sources from The Journal’s article, hotels and destinations are mostly satisfied with the results of their investment. Hits to Saint Lucia’s tourism website skyrocketed about 2,000% for weeks following The Bachelor finale, and exit visitor surveys note that some visitors learned of the Caribbean island because they were viewers of the show. Also, an appearance on a reality show tends to have a “much lower price tag” than traditional advertising, The Journal article says.

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It’s Good For You

spa marketingIt’s Good For You

SpaFinder works hard to help your business grow through our business and we have loads of new initiatives designed to bring an ever-growing audience to your spa business, through technology, partnerships, and promotions.  Discover the latest SpaFinder initiatives that are good for you and your spa business. 

iPhone App Users Finding YOU!

Did you know that every spa listed on can be found by users of the SpaFinder iPhone App?  Have an iPhone? Go ahead – find your spa!  

Frequent fliers give spa

The SpaFinder Partnership with top airline Delta is helping you because its consumer database of millions is incentivized to buy SpaFinder Gift Certificates to earn Delta Miles, not to mention the dedicated email about SpaFinder Deal Days, the Wellness Week™ that was sent to an email database of 74 million. And by the way, a recent Coyle study finds that 34% of spa visits today are prompted by (the redemption) of gift certificates and cards. 

At a store near you

SpaFinder Gift Certificates are available to thousands of consumers at these top retailers across the country, just to name a few of the new ones!

  • Giant
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Ralphs
  • Safeway
  • Stop & Shop
  • Staples
  • Vons
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Wegman’s

It’s all great press

We’ve told you all about Deal Days, the Wellness Week™, and hopefully you’re already registered.  But did you know people across the country are talking about it through major outlets?  The press has picked up that people are ready to de-stress at a great price – read all about it!

A sampling of press hits:

USA Today (Deal Days, the Wellness Week™) (Deal Days, the Wellness Week™)

Tampa Tribune (Melanoma bracelets)

Going mobile

Our incredible technology team at is working quickly to create a mobile site to users from any mobile device, anywhere…featuring guess who? You!  Coming soon!

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Reviews and You: Deal Days Impressions

reviewsDeal Days, the Wellness Week™ is fast approaching, which will likely mean more traffic to your spa and a possible rise in reviews to your overview listing. And as we know, reviews can come in all types of forms—from a flawless five-star rating to a less-than-stellar assessment of your spa. If the latter proves to be the case, know that 1) you can’t always satisfy everyone, and 2) immediately get to work resolving the issue.

On the other end of the spectrum, clients may have had a superb time at your spa—encourage them to share their spa experience online. Many potential patrons perusing through spa searches find reviews extremely helpful when it comes to deciding which spa to choose.

Either way, take the opportunity, whether it’s a good or bad review—to ultimately improve your business and hone your people skills and tech savvy.

  • Invite clients to post an online review of their experience on their way out. Hand them a reminder card at the reception desk asking them to take a few moments when they get home and share their spa day with others.
  • Remind clients that they can earn SpaFinder Rewards (redeemable for SpaFinder Gift Certificates good at 5,000 spas) by submitting a review here.
  • Reach out to your disgruntled client—this extra step is a small effort that many times goes a long way to gratify the client and the situation. Or, if an online review site allows you to publicly respond to a negative critique (as SpaFinder does), do so! Explain your point of view and how your spa remedied the situation. (Just a reminder—watch your tone in your reply.)
  • Know when you’re in the wrong: If the review merits an apology on your behalf, make one. Plus, pay attention to what the reviewer had to say. If complaints warrant a modification in the way your spa operates, apply it and strengthen your business. 
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Spas, Moms and School Days

mom daughterThe end of August/beginning of September means the start of school days and busy schedules, but there’s always time to squeeze in a little spa-time!   Spa promotions for Mother-Daughter spa days are obviously a hit during the Mother’s Day season, but it’s an innovative approach to offer these deals during the beginning of the school year term. The offers promote spa bonding, reconnecting, new traditions, and the importance of overall wellness—before you go back to that reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Properties like Peninsula Chicago are getting into the spirit of the new school year by offering a Mother and Me Back to School Special (US$295), comprising two 60-minute facials for mom-daughter teams to enjoy in tandem along with a poolside lunch, throughout the month of August.  Other offers accommodating mom-and-daughter clientele have cropped up in Canada as well: At The Hills Health Ranch in British Columbia, guests receive a further 20% discount on selected spa services when booking the mother-daughter package (Can$69 per person, double occupancy; Can$128 per person, single occupancy); the special runs through September 1.

For more ideas, find a full list of spas offering mother-daughter amenities here.

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Deal Days is around the corner!

SpaFinder Deal DaysWe’re getting spa-goers amped up about the Wellness Week™. Soon the early booking “private sale” will get underway.  Then the floodgate of spa and wellness-focused customers, excited about a great deal will open!  So, if you haven’t already registered for this fabulous savings event sure to drive new customers to your door, there’s still time…but not much!  Here are a few more reasons to get involved:

Bravo!: SpaFinder will be advertising Deal Days, the Wellness Week™ on Bravo’s popular programs like “Top Chef,” “Bethenny Getting Married?” and “The Real Housewives.”

Deal Days at the Movies: SpaFinder will also be advertising this incredible event in movie theaters across the country including AMC, Regal, Mann and more.  So when your customers are beating the heat by going to see the latest summer blockbuster they will also have the chance to register for Deal Days by texting the number advertized before the previews!

Jenny Craig Joins Deal Days:  The fabulous and popular weight-loss program has come aboard as the latest Deal Days sponsor – and it’s a perfect fit!  Jenny Craig captures an audience of wellness-minded men and women across the country, and now they are your audience too! 

Learn more about joining SpaFinder Deal Days.

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Helping You Grow: Spa Gift Cards on Facebook

FacebookLast week, SpaFinder and Transaction wireless unveiled cutting edge technology that allows your customers to shop for SpaFinder Instant Gift Certificates directly on Facebook!  This new platform encourages “social gifting,” meaning that Facebook users can purchase and send personalized spa gifts and messages via email or mobile phone.  This Facebook gifting option is especially great for those who rely on Facebook for reminders about birthdays and special events for which a spa gift is the perfect solution.

“Our new social gifting program with Transaction Wireless is the next phase of our innovative gift card solutions for consumers and our spa partners,” says Steve Kane, SpaFinder senior vice president gift sales.  Allowing spa enthusiasts to buy their SpaFinder Gift Certificates without leaving Facebook makes it easier for consumers to share, gift and discuss all things spa related with other users, expanding your customer base.  Check out SpaFinder’s Facebook page to try this great new application.

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