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Top Grocers Feature Wellness Week™

Top GrocersIn every corner of the country where America grocery shops, people will be learning about Wellness Week™. More than 2,000 grocery stores have partnered with SpaFinder to display in-store signage and flyers promoting this innovative, weeklong, wellness event. Major chains include Safeway, A&P/Pathmark, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, and Giant.

Learn more about Wellness Week™

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Coming Soon to Real Housewives

Bravo TVFans of The Real Housewives series, Top Chef, Millionaire Matchmaker, and more will soon be devotees of Wellness Week™, as commercials will run all over Bravo TV from Feb. 28 – March 6. Spots will be seen in over 9 million households – every single U.S. market! Tune in to catch the commercials that will bring new customers to your business. After all, you’re the star of Wellness Week™!

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Plan Your Community Event

Wellness Week™ is all about helping communities recognize the benefits of healthy living, and you can make that happen!  We’re asking each of our Wellness Week™ partners to host a unique wellness event during March 21 – 27.  We will promote your event on and throughout media outlets to your region, getting your business’s name out to your community in a positive way.  Need ideas on how to showcase your commitment to wellbeing throughout March 21 -27? Contact Alyssa Rode, National Account Manager.

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What is Wellness Week™?

SpaFinder’s popular, weeklong event is returning as SpaFinder Wellness Week™, and participants are playing a vital role in promoting wellness nationally.  Not only will hundreds of spas, yoga studios, and Pilates centers across the country reduce prices for treatments and classes by half, or offer flat-rate $50 deals, SpaFinder will provide consumers with goals, inspiration, and tips for enhancing everyday health through exercise, healthy eating, and stress-reducing activities, promising a lot of national attention. 

You can join us by offering treatments and services for either $50 or 50% the regular price and by participating in the numerous events and press opportunities that will take place during Wellness Week™ – and during the weeks leading up to this exciting event.  This is a great chance to introduce your business to a new, wellness minded clientele, and to be an important part of a significant nationwide health and wellness event.

How to Sign Up for Wellness Week™:

We hope you will take part in Wellness Week™, March 21st-27th, and become part of our nationwide initiative to bring health, wellbeing, and a stress-free lifestyle to your community.  Please contact Alyssa Rode, 212.716.1161, or email for more information.

Sign Up Now!

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Amex, Delta SkyMiles to Sponsor Wellness Week™

Two of the biggest U.S. brands will sponsor SpaFinder Wellness Week™, intensifying the reach of this innovative event. American Express, the credit card giant and Delta SkyMiles, which boasts 10 million members, will help bring the buzz and the right kind of customer!

American Express, in conjuction with its new AMEX ZYNC card, which has a rapidly growing database of nearly 1.5 million, is a perfect match for Wellness Week™, as it is a personalized card where card holders choose a package, like the Spa Pack, where they are privy to special deals on spa purchases. 

Delta Airlines SkyMiles has returned to sponsor Wellness Week™, bringing the awesome $50 pricing or 50% off savings to their 10 million Delta Airlines SkyMiles members.  This partnership will bring participating businesses to the attention of a high-end, world traveling consumer, a perfect customer for both day and stay spas, as well as wellness facilities across the country.

In our next issue we’ll be announcing more new sponsors of Wellness Week™ which promises to bring a happier and healthier lifestyle to the entire country, so please stay tuned as the list of participants grows!

To inquire about enrolling your business in the Wellness Week™ program and bringing this incredible savings event to your neighborhood, please contact Alyssa Rode at 212.718.1161,

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Wellness Outlets Join Wellness Week™

Image Credit Four Seasons Hotel Houston

SpaFinder Wellness Week™ is the largest nationwide spa and wellness initiative dedicated to bringing wellbeing to the entire country!  This March 21st-27th, Wellness Week™ will be coming to your neighborhood and we hope that you will join us in making your city or town into a healthier, happier place! 

Some excellent businesses have already joined the program and are offering interesting and exciting options to their community.  Here’s a sampling:

Three in One Yoga, located in Bradenton, FL is will offer 10 classes at 50% off and half off of one-hour private lessons!

The Spa at Four Seasons Houston, will offer their Sun Kissed Self Tanner, Aromatic Body Polisher and Four Seasons Signature Foot Ritual treatments, along with 50% off of 10 yoga sessions.

Ruby Room, The Style of Wellness, in Chicago, IL will bring clients 45 minute Acupuncture Sessions, 45 minute Enerssage, 60 minute Colonic Hydrotherapy, and 60 minute Intuitive Blend treatments!

Skin Institute, in North Miami, FL will provide discounts on their Medicupping Body Contour Treatment, Grape Wine Anti-Aging Peel, Pomegranate Body Scrub and luxurious 24 Karat Gold Facial!

Celebrity Laser Spa of Los Angeles, CA will offer Celebrity’s Fire & Ice Facial by IS Clinical, IPL 3-Treatment Package, an Oxygen Infused Microdermabrasion Package of 6 Treatments, and Laser Hair Removal (6 treatments) for bikini line or underarms!

What will your business present to your community during the national Wellness Week™? 

For more information please contact Alyssa Rode: 212.716.1161,

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Wellness Week™ Case Study: Oasys Day Spa

success storySpaFinder’s Wellness Week™, the nation’s largest wellness event, is March 21-27. Previous remarkable PR efforts, prime advertising on TV and in magazines, and eminent corporate sponsors have helped Wellness Week™  prove that it can deliver great publicity, marketing, and new customers to spas, wellness centers, and fitness facilities across the nation —  and past Wellness Week™ participants agree. Here’s what one of our valued partners has to say:
Oasys Day Spa (Wood-Ridge, NJ)

Oasys Day Spa is a unique, successful day spa located in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey (Bergen County), a bedroom community not far from New York City. Every aspect of Oasys is designed to conjure an escape to the Caribbean, from the striking blue walls and oceanic tiles to the special island-themed treatments and products.

In September 2010, Oasys participated in its second “SpaFinder Deal Days, the Wellness Week™,” and director Angel Martinez reports it was an “absolute success” — the entire promotion “worked fantastically” — and the spa’s customer feedback has been “tremendous.” Martinez notes  while Oasys was “bombarded” with business for both Deal Days events, by the second weeklong event the spa was ready, with SpaFinder helping to orchestrate bookings well in advance, and Martinez adjusting personnel and scheduling to accommodate the major increase in business. Oasys reports the spa was 100% booked/at capacity for the entire week. In fact, the response was so powerful the spa had to extend the promotion longer to ensure both new and loyal customers could take advantage, and that the spa could deliver A-1 service to every client.

Unlike many online group buying or “spa deal” promotions, Oasys reports that SpaFinder’s Wellness Week™ attracted a significant number of new clients and clients who turned into repeat customers: Roughly 40-50% of customers booking that week were new to the spa, and over 10% of those came back again promptly.

Martinez attributes much success to Oasys and SpaFinder working so well in tandem on marketing. For instance, the spa’s own emails to clients created a viral chain reaction, with people passing on news of the savings to friends and family; Oasys also found SpaFinder’s marketing toolkit very useful. (The spa got creative with it, by having SpaFinder create custom artwork so it could put up a huge “Wellness Week™” banner outside that made a big splash.)

In sum, Martinez reports Oasys will “most definitely” be participating in the next Wellness Week™ (March 2011), to continue to drive more of the new and repeat business the promotion has delivered on each time.

oasys window

For more information please contact Alyssa Rode: 212.716.1161,

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Use Reviews to Your Advantage this Wellness Week™

ReviewsBoost your reviews in time for Wellness Week™ and Valentine’s Day!

Have your clients take advantage of SpaFinder’s review section, and invite them to post a review on your overview following a visit to your spa or wellness facility. Reviews are a pertinent aspect of your spa’s listing, as they help clients decide which spa to choose and set you apart  from the hundreds of competing spas across the nation, especially in your local area.

Valentine’s Day and Wellness Week™ are peak times when it comes to consumers searching for spas, which likely means more traffic to your spa’s overview page. Here are a couple of quick tips to beef up your reviews:

  • Have your receptionist or even spa therapist invite clients to submit a review online. Yes, it’s that simple.
  • Leave a little framed note by your reception desk reminding guests to post their thoughts about their spa day on
  • Go even further and hand out reminder cards asking them to take a few minutes when they get home and share their experience others.
  • Be tuned in to SpaFinder’s online review guidelines and standards.
  • Remind clients that they can earn SpaFinder Rewards (redeemable for SpaFinder Gift Certificates good at 5,000 spas) by submitting a review here.
  • Publicly respond to clients who have already posted a review to generate a conversation.

Start asking – so they can start posting!

For more information please contact Alyssa Rode: 212.716.1161,

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Special Wellness Week™ Webinar Invite

The nation’s largest wellness event has expanded far beyond fabulous deals on spa, wellness and fitness options, to become a national media event dedicated to bringing new health, healing and fitness initiatives to the entire country. We invite you to join us on Tuesday, January 18, at 1:00 PM EST, and learn how to become part of Wellness Week™ in your community! Sign up for the webinar now.

To learn more about Wellness Week™, log on to; for more information, contact Alyssa Rode at or 212.716.1161.

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Think Outside the Box in 2011

The New Year brings in fresh opportunity and heightened motivation to boost your spa business to the next level. Ring in 2011 with innovative spa offerings, whether it’s a new treatment, a lucrative deal, or a novel event or program that inspires your guests.

SpaFinder’s own Susie Ellis forecasts that “surprising special events” is a 2011 trend sure to make headlines in the spa and wellness industry (read the top 10 spa trends report.) She predicts getaway spas are en route to bolder guest and group programming, developing beyond yoga and Pilates weeks and heading in the direction of unpredictable, targeted specialty weeks. Having celebrity guests, wellness experts, authors, and artists headlining these events/weeks adds an additional twist.

Take a cue from getaway spas that are thinking outside the box:

  • The Lodge at Woodloch (Hawley, Pennsylvania) will re-introduce its Dreams As Oracle program this January; the weekend event targets dreams and shamanic dreamwork with workshops, journaling, drumming, and more. 01/28/11-01/30/11
  • The Optimal Qi – Energy for Life Retreat at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (Queensland, Australia) is themed around finding what rebalances your essence permanently. 01/23/2011 – 01/27/2011.
  • Grail Springs Health Spa & Wellness Center (Bancroft, Ontario) and its Healing Power of Music Retreat with recording artist Debbie Danbrook invites guests to experience the healing energy of the Shakuhachi flute. 01/14/2011-01/16/2011
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