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First Wellness Summit to Take Place in Germany’s Scenic Schloss Elmau Castle in September

From Hildegard Dorn-Petersen

Around the world, there is a growing interest in understanding Wellness as a holistic concept. But what are the real trends in the Spa and Wellness market? Which are the spa models that promise the most realistic financial return? Are Green spas and Sustainability as important as the media makes us believe? Is Medical Wellness one of the future markets? To answer these and further questions, AHGZ has invited experts and industry leaders to share their knowledge with delegates from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. AHGZ is Germany’s leading newspaper for hospitality and organizing the first “Wellness Summit” at the 5-Star Luxury Spa & Cultural Hidewayin cooperation with the Conference Group. Both are honored to welcome Susie Ellis, President of Spa Finder and co-Chair of Global Spa Summit, as Keynote Speaker for the event. Susie has famliy roots in Germany and is looking forward to her stay at famous Schloss Elmau in Bavaria. She is prepared to share her “10 Top Trends in Spa & Wellness” with the audience from hotel & spa business.

According to the latest results of the GfK “Wellness Sensor 201” survey, German spa holidaymakers booked about 5 million trips in 2010 – an increase of nine per cent to last year. Compared to the total travel market the Spa & Wellness market is growing stronger by three percent. An important role is played by continued preference of Germans for Spa Destinations within their own country. Particularly younger travelers in between 25 and 44 increasingly are discovering this type of holiday for themselves. A structural change in target groups and booking patterns is the result for the Spa industry. These travelers are actively using the Internet for information search. As a result, personal experiences and recommendations on Social Media platforms and portals for hotel reviews are rapidly gaining importance. New strategies and innovative concepts are needed in order to be fit for the guest of the future. Which are the right channels to reach important target groups, will be an important topic of the conference.

Another important issue is “Green Spa”. Peter Zimmer from Green Globe will help to understand proper standards instead of “Green Washing”. Joerg Demuth, President of “The Organic Spa”, is speaking about the important role of quality and authenticity. Europe’s newcomer in the sustainable spa market Spain shall be presented by Sonal Uberoi, Founding Director of Spa Balance Consulting.

Dagmar Rizzato enjoys a high reputation as Spa Consultant not only in Germany, but also abroad. Her focus will be on successful concepts and service excellence. These are the secret of success, why some spas are pretty as a picture and do not sell, but others do. Talking about profitability of Spas, there has been quite of bit of research conducted. Dr. Manfred Kohl, founder and chair of Kohl & Partner Consulting, regrets this. He will explain the advantage of comparative figures and Benchmarks as management tool. Last but not least best practice will be shown by example of “Health Spa” at Villa Eden (South Tyrol) and famous Lanserhof. Professor Andreas Wieser is a real visioneer in Medical Wellness. He will speak about “The future of medicine” at “Lanserhof” and in the Spa Industry.

Tickets for the conference including Gala Dinner are still available. More information and the full program:

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The Convergence of Spa & Wellness: SpaFinder Partners with MINDBODY

SpaFinder has long been dedicated to improving global health and wellness, and most recently, we’ve partnered with MINDBODY, the nation’s largest online software provider in the health and wellness industry.

With the addition of over 13,000 spas, wellness facilities, fitness centers and independent practitioners and over 40,000 classes listed, these additions—and the ability to book classes and services online—make SpaFinder the ultimate global resource for all things spa and wellness. In addition to thousands of new fitness and wellness listings, we’re also featuring new wellness content, healthy spa recipes, service menus, treatment tips, deals and more.

“Staying healthier becomes much easier,” Rick Stollmeyer, co-founder and chief executive officer of MINDBODY, says of the added accessibility to scheduling and booking that spa and wellness enthusiasts are afforded by the new inventory of wellness services on

And, not only is SpaFinder embracing the convergence of spa and wellness, which we always knew was there, many spas are increasingly making changes to their offerings to integrate wellness services, classes or products as well.

To stay in line with spa and wellness amalgamating into one experience, Soho House NYC’s Cowshed Spa is now offering morning yoga classes, both in its spa relaxation room as well as on its roof. The classes are taught by Heart of Yoga™-certified instructor Douglas Drummond, who also happens to be the spa manager.

The Spa at The Surrey also took a refreshing approach this spring to combining spa and wellness with a spa package that capitalizes on the popularity of Organic Avenue cleanses. The partnership evolved into The Spa at The Surrey LOVE cleanse and revitalization package, which includes accommodations in a luxury Salon or Suite; choice of a signature 3-day juice cleanse program: LOVEeasy, LOVEfast or LOVEdeep; two 60-minute detoxifying treatments: facial, massage or scrub; and a choice of either one private yoga or Pilates class.

Consumers are more aware and conscious than ever before about living a healthy and well lifestyle and we here at SpaFinder think it’s a trend that’s here to stay. As a solution-provider to the all-encompassing concept of wellness, we want to know – are you integrating more wellness-oriented treatments, services, products or classes to your offerings?

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SpaEvidence is Buzzing

Dear Spa Partners,
There’s a lot of buzz about the new website, which we want all spa professionals and consumers to see.  Here is how you can help: 
a)  Send the link to all of your clients in your next email
b)  Add a free link to your website using one of the attractive logos

(You can locate the logo in high resolution via the website under contact/resources  there is a zip file or images/logos.)

c)  Let me know which modalities/therapies you would like to see us add in our next stage where we will add at least 10 more therapies to the current list (see below). So far we have had requests for: Pilates, manual lymph drainage massage, infrared sauna and light or color therapy.  Just email me at with your requests and suggestions.

 If you want to “white label” the site, which means you put the entire thing on your website with your colors and design so that it looks like it is part of your website, please contact Kathrin Nikolussi at

d)  Thanks for helping spread the word.  I hope you are also enjoying using the site.

Best regards,


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Wellness Week™ Update! Mariel Hemingway Announced as Spokesperson

The next national Wellness Week™  will take place March 19-25, 2012, and will be backed by major sponsors, a huge PR campaign, a greatly increased advertising campaign, and a very special national spokesperson.

Mariel Hemingway, Spokesperson for Wellness WeekWe’d like you to also be among the first to know the exciting news about the national movement. SpaFinder is joining forces with celebrated actress and wellness advocate Mariel Hemingway for Wellness Week™!  This promises to elevate this event to an unprecedented level, bringing even more customers to you and more attention to our industry.

Mariel Hemingway, Spokesperson for Wellness Week
Wellness Week 2012 will bring together spas, fitness studios, yoga practitioners, Pilates studios and other wellness businesses to shine a spotlight on the wide range of wellness options available in communities across the country.  In addition to offering free classes, workshops, seminars and consultations, participating locations will also offer weeklong specials (either 50 percent off discounts or flat-rate $50 deals), providing consumers with an affordable way to experience and discover the best of the wellness lifestyle.  

Read the full press release.

Email us at to learn more.

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September’s Coming Soon: Back to Spa

When summer winds down and the bathing suits are put in the back of the drawer, it means back to school for the kids and often buckling down for grown-ups.  A couple of things are certain: People want to look rejuvenated, plus people get stressed-out quickly.  Fall conjures seasonal flavors and holidays brewing.  Here are a few simple tips on how SpaFinder can help you to leverage the flavors, feel and signs of this special time of year.


Back to Spa. With kids back to school, you can benefit more during off-peak hours. Market to women’s groups, moms and those who can benefit from a “mini-retreat” featuring your spa services.  Additionally, teens (and tweens) want to look good when they’re back to school, so you can start marketing a teen facial if you don’t already.

Awesome Autumn.  Labor Day is September 5, 2011.  Make sure you are promoting weekend getaways or day spa deals for those seeking to enjoy the last licks of summer.  In addition to your SpaFinder overview, leverage Facebook and Twitter to promote every deal you are offering.  Email us at if you have a specific Tweet you’d like us to consider for a re-Tweet! Additionally, cooler weather changes skin conditions.  Many people suffer from dehydrated skin. Take advantage of it by promoting your intensive hydrating facials. 

Pumpkin, Spices and Everything Nice.  These seasonal ingredients, including pomegranate, make for delectable treatments that spa-goers (and the media) have their eyes on. Create treatment promotions with retail products and consider featuring a Product of the Month, along with companion products.  Email our Beauty Editor Erika Allen if you have a spa product we must know about.

Flavors of Fall.  Offer up seasonal recipes – food or DIY spa-at-home remedies.  Highlight them in your e-newsletter. We invite you to share any recipes with our Food Editor Amy Sung for consideration in our Club Spa e-newsletter or dedicated Spa Recipes email.

Let’s Make a Deal.  Post your deals on your listing.  This is the tab that our users click on the most!  Take advantage.

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SNEAK Peek: SpaFinder’s New Travel Agent Program

We have some exciting news! SpaFinder is delighted to share with you a sneak peek at our NEW and IMPROVED Spa Travel Agent ProgramWe are expanding this program because we believe that educating travel agents on how to book spa and wellness travel is one of the most effective ways we can bring more customers to you.

 What does our new Travel Agent Program include and mean for your spa business? We break it down for you here:

  • New Travel Agent website: We will launch a new travel agent portal, stocked with resources, insightful tips, commissionable deals and more this August.
  • Spa Specialist consumer page: As part of the new portal, SpaFinder’s Spa Specialists, the crème de la crème of spa travel agent experts, will have extensive visibility, complete with direct contact information, making it easier for travelers to book – and visit your property
  • Monthly webinars: Monthly webinars will be designed to bring awareness of spa and wellness travel business and the latest spa trends and happenings at getaways spas worldwide. The first webinar, August 23 at 3:00 EST, will be hosted by SpaFinder President Susie Ellis, Chief Marketing Officer Sallie Fraenkel and Vice President Brad Jones. Learn more here or sign up for the webinar now! Upcoming webinar themes include Luxury Spas of Asia with Sonu Shivdasani (September) and How to Choose the Right Destination Spa with Chris Bird of Mii amo (October). If you’d like to be a contributor to our travel agent webinar series, or if you have ideas on topics you think would be helpful to travel agents contact Sallie Fraenkel at, or 212-716-1202.
  • Travel agent commissions: Do you offer a travel agent commission, exclusive offers to travel agents, FAM trips or more? Send us the information at to drive more business to your overview listing on 
  •  Travel agent e-newsletter. Once each month, our travel agent e-newsletter features just two getaway spa properties, offering travel agents insight into how to sell your property to clients. For possible inclusion in an upcoming e-newsletter, email – this great exposure is too good to miss! Read our latest e-newsletter here.

 For more information, contact us at

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Build a Virtual Relationship with Clients to Increase Loyalty

We all get emails and while some we never open, others we pass along to all of our friends. With technology and information being crucial tools in successful marketing, utilizing your client database of email addresses is no exception. And with little to no monetary investment, you could potentially reach thousands of consumers with your news, deals and announcements, all of which can grow your business.

Are you communicating with your client database? If not, you could be missing out on some valuable relationship-building with your clients. Here are three simple emails that your clients won’t delete, which will build loyalty and increase your bottom line.

  1. Email clients an appointment reminder or confirmation. Chances are, if a client has booked an appointment with you, they won’t mind this type of email. With everyone checking email multiple times a day and most having access to it everywhere they go via their handheld device, clients are sure to appreciate the reminder.
  2. Thank them after their appointment. After the client has had their spa experience at your spa, email them a “Thank You” for their business. You can take this as an opportunity to ask for comments, concerns or questions as well, and inform them of your online booking service, if you have one. Clients will see this as an added service convenience you are providing them and will appreciate knowing what is available to them.
  3. Remember that in order to avoid being disregarded or considered spam, your email should offer the client something. If you’re merely emailing them news about your spa that is of no service to them, they may not be as interested as if you were to include seasonal specials, events or deals in addition to any relevant and catchy news.

And lastly, while content is king, no one wants to look at a pile of black and white words, especially when it comes to something like spa and wellness. Design your email templates to be consistent, esthetically pleasing and easy to skim for key information. Make use of large quality photos and signature color schemes to keep your client interested and engaged.

Do you regularly utilize your customer email database? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Not Too Late to Participate in SpaFinder’s Medical Spa Month

SpaFinder’s Medical Spa Month is underway, and it’s not too late to sign up to introduce your medical spa business to thousands of new consumers in your area. During the month of August, we will be spotlighting participating medical spa partners on our homepage, blog and various dedicated e-mails that will reach hundreds of thousands of spa and wellness enthusiasts who are looking for their favorite cosmetic spa services.

You can participate by offering a free consultation and a $100 credit on any cosmetic procedure valued at $300 or more. We’ll share all of your spa’s contact information on a page dedicated to educational content about the cosmetic spa treatments that customers want to learn about and try, making it a great opportunity for engaging first-time medical spa customers and those looking for new cosmetic options.

Sign up now for SpaFinder’s Medical Spa Month and reap the benefits of having your business introduced to thousands of spa- and wellness-minded consumers! To learn more, contact Alyssa Rode at or 212.924.1161.

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