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How SpaFinder’s Top 10 Trends Can Help Build Your Business

Image via Flickr user Rosa y DaniWith the SpaFinder’s Top 10 Trends for 2012 newly released, you might be wondering – how do I fit in the picture? How much of these trends am I already on top of and how can I implement these trends into my business model and service offerings?

Ponder no more – here are a few simple ways to incorporate aspects of some of the Top 10 trends, and whether it is on a small scale or the more grandiose, there are many ways to ensure that your company stays relevant and innovative in the coming year.

Trend #1: Healthy Feet Treatments
With the busy lives that people lead today (and with many women leading them in heels), tired and achy feet are a dime a dozen. Add the fact that the average person spends four hours a day on their feet, and it’s no wonder there is a national epidemic of foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, arthritis and worse. Reflexology is already offered at many spas and wellness centers, but even something as straightforward as a foot massage named in an interesting way to address the growing concerns of guests can play into this trend. Incorporate information and techniques that address more than just the relaxation factor – make it a wellness treatment to let guests know you’re caring for their wellbeing, and we’re sure their feet will thank you.

Trend #2: Cold and Ice Treatments
While not everyone is going to have the resources to build an Ice Fountain for guests to cool off in after hot treatments, like The Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, there are more economical ways to use this trend on your spa menu. If you already have hot stone massage, why not turn it into a hot-and-cold stone massage? To immediately incorporate the trend into your everyday business, start to offer ice-cold towels post-treatments to help invigorate guests and regulate their body temperature.

Trend #3: Wellness and Beauty Coaching
Wellness and beauty coaching are a serious trend right now, not just another passing fad. Clients are busy and need help figuring out a life routine that they can stick to, be it nutritional, skincare or just life coaching. While it is mostly destination spas that are offering these programs, that doesn’t exclude the rest of the industry from including this service for its clients. in the U.S. offers certified on-site or online wellness coaching for spas, hospitals and businesses. Early registration for certification training is being offered now on the company’s website.

Trend #5: Spa, Wine and Dine Packages
Fine dining and spa-ing are being aggressively paired, packaged, curated, marketed and savored together as never before. Hotel and resort spas are boasting their award-winning chefs by combining them with their five-star spas, giving pleasure-seeking foodies and spa enthusiasts an ultimate experience to remember. To take advantage of this trend, work with your chef to begin exploring the potential of merging spa and cuisine in a new and innovative way. Find out what your chef can commit to or take a look at the offerings on your restaurant’s menus and attempt to create a spa treatment around it, offering it as a part of a special and indulgent package. From matching ingredients like chocolate in a treatment with an imaginative chocolate dish to relish in after the spa to incorporating cooking classes or specially curated meals into spa packages like girlfriends’ getaways or romantic couples’ retreats, foodies and spa enthusiasts alike will be satisfied in more ways than one.

Trend #7: The Glam Factor
The “lipstick effect” is certainly in effect during this long economic downturn, showing that small beauty splurges are something women, and men alike, are willing to spend their money on. Take note from the trends and offer “quickie grooming and beauty.” If you already offer hair care, why not create a blow-dry happy hour for clients where they can indulge in a quick blowout with friends and a complimentary drink? Offer this service to new customers at a discount and watch the books fill up! For your male clientele, offer a private male grooming bar for eyebrow waxes, male mani/pedis and old-school shaves.

Trend #8: Spa Evidence
An empowering and game-changing new online resource is here for the spa and wellness industries: The site is the world’s first portal to the medical evidence – with thousands of clinical studies – that exist for 21 spa and wellness approaches. represents a giant step forward for industry validation as it forges a new, common ground between the spa and medical worlds. But to unlock all this transformative potential, spas need to use the site! By spending just an initial 15-20 minutes at this easy-to-use portal, the entire fascinating world of Evidence-Based Medicine will open up to you. Bring this important and free resource to your customers by posting SpaEvidence to your site. You can add a direct link to your site or even display a SpaEvidence logo or banner, for free! Contact Dulcy Gregory at for more information.

Trend #9: Spa Becomes a Family Affair
Our Trends Report notes that kid-specific spas are on the rise, and like wellness coaching, this trend is more commonly offered at getaways and resorts. Still, there are certainly ways that day spas can create revenue from this burgeoning trend. Mommy-and-Me (or Daddy-and-Me) services can be offered to busy moms who are looking to come in and enjoy a day of spa and wellness but cannot find a sitter or have a tween looking to join. If you have free space in the spa, offer a class for youngsters who come to the spa with mom or dad ─ whether it’s a mini spa-party with mani/pedis for the kids or a fun kids’ yoga or wellness class, moms, dads and children alike will be thrilled at the added services.

Check out all 10 trends by scrolling through our dynamic new slideshow presentation that depicts many of the trailblazing spas who exemplify the trends we’ve identified and summarizes each forecast. View the Trends Slideshow >

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Top Ten Spa Trends for 2012: A Detailed Look

We’ve given you a quick snapshot of SpaFinder President Susie Ellis’ Top 10 Spa Trends for 2012, but if you’d like an in-depth breakdown detailing each trend, our full report is available.This annual report is highly respected among analysts, researchers, business leaders and experts from around the globe, and is your ticket to staying ahead of the curve in the spa and wellness industries.

From everything from online wellness gaming to the “wow” factor, read the full 2012 trend report here.

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