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Charming, Romantic, Tuscany. Need We Say More?

The Offer: A seven-night stay complete with five spa treatments, full medical examination, dietary cooking classes, fitness lessons, and daily group activities.

The Digs: Fonteverde is tucked within the rolling Sienna Hills of the Tuscan countryside, encapsulated within a restored 17th-century Medicean residence. With world-class, mineral thermal spas and therapeutic facilities, Fonteverde has become a go-to for visiting oenophiles and wellness-seekers alike. These healing hot springs are fed by the Ferdinando I dei Medici, and are elevated by underwater benches, current circuits, and waterfalls. Learn more about this luxurious property here.

The Destination: Fonteverde is located in San Casciano dei Bagni, a small Tuscan village in the Siena Hills. This quaint backdrop features shops and intimate eateries. It is also surrounded by the beautiful Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Click here to book the Italian Hospitality Collection Travel Package at Fonteverde with code SPAFINDER1.


fonteverde hotel pool and countryside

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Discover A Historical Architectural Jewel In Cartagena

The Offer: Save 15% off a two-day, three-night stay with our exclusive Legendary Caribbean Getaway. The package includes a facial and massage, horse carriage ride, and hammam access, as well as daily breakfast for two.

The Digs: Harbored within a former convent and brimming with history, the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara is an architectural jewel. High archways and planked ceilings add visual allure to the 17th-century property, which has been modernized with luxury amenities, including a full-service SoSpa and SoFit gym. Learn more about this magical property here.

The Destination: Cartagena, Colombia has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

Click here to book the Legendary Caribbean Getaway to Sofitel Legend Santa Clara with code SPAFINDER1.

sofitel legend santa clara hote exterior

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An Exotic Invitation To Journey Within

The Offer: A four-night, All-Inclusive Journey with eight spa treatments per person, daily meals, access to fitness facilities, classes, outdoor activities and more.

The Digs: Framed by the breathtaking Boynton Canyon and inspired by the region’s Native American roots, Mii amo’s thematic design sweeps across a 24,000 square foot, two-level main building. Stone blends, clay colors, and brick walls are brightened by natural light. The destination spa’s holistic housing curates fitness classes, mindfulness sessions, and outdoor activities that incorporate the area’s spiritual history, as well as Ayurvedic practices and modern therapeutic advances. Guests are encouraged to explore their inner state and discover their external surroundings. Mii amo’s tasty meals are often harvested right from the chef’s garden. Learn more about Mii amo’s luxe amenities here.

The Destination: Sedona’s famed red rocks tower above the property while verdant flora breaks up the jagged landscape.  

Click here to book Mii amo’s All-Inclusive Journey.

miiamo woman in grotto

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London Calling? Just Say Yes.

The Offer: The Overnight Spa Package includes a single-night stay, a 60-minute sleep massage, continental breakfast, and full facility access.

The Digs:  Decked out its namesake’s designer aesthetic, Bulgari Hotel and Residences London is a slice of solace within the bustling urban landscape. Bulgari lies just outside Hyde Park in Knightsbridge and flaunts rich, textured tones and furnishings: Grey fabrics drape the windows and beds in the rooms and lobby area, warmed by sandalwood-toned pillows and dark oak walls. The two-story spa and fitness facility comprises a relaxation room with fireplace, swimming pool, saunas, and cold showers. For more information on this luxe property, click here

The Destination: The Bulgari Hotel is just a short walk from both Harrods and Hyde Park.

Click here to book the Overnight Spa Package at The Bulgari Hotel.


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A Special Offer At The Best Beach In The World

The Offer: Savor a complimentary couples cabana massage with an overnight booking.

The Digs: The Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort complex is comprised of a family-friendly side, Barceló Bávaro Palace Deluxe, and an adults-only side, Barceló Bávaro Beach. The expansive property features an 18-hole golf course, an impressive U Spa overlooking the blue sea, four swimming pools, and up to 11 restaurants. Learn more about this heralded hotel property here. 

The DestinationPunta Cana is celebrated as one of the best beach stretches in the world.

Click here to book the Complimentary Couples Massage offer for Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort.


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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: Lollapalooza, Vote for Wellness Travel Awards !

News, Trends, & Events: The Wellness Travel Awards 2016 finalists have been announced! Click here to vote for your top picks and you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card!

Travel: Condé Nast Traveler’s editorial team is spilling on their secret vacation hideaways.

Mindset: It’s always a good time to tidy up, and here’s why.

Beauty: These “melt-proof” beauty items will help you survive summer’s sweltering heat.

News, Trends, & Event: If Lollapalooza FOMO is shaking you this weekend, don’t fret: The four-day musical festival will be broadcasting performances online. For those attending Lolla, we’ve highlighted all the wellness and spa activations happening onsite.

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Get Risqué With These Clothing-Optional Travel Experiences

Sexual wellbeing has made a huge impact on the spa and hospitality world, landing it a spot on our 2016 Trends List. To explore this trend further, we’re regularly featuring alternative classes, workouts, and approaches towards relationships, as well as locales making sensuality less taboo. Here, we’ve highlighted three clothing-optional travel experiences for couples looking to redefine or revamp their next vacation.

Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica 

After a $6 million renovation and rebrand, Hedonism II is proudly welcoming couples with curiosities ranging from “mild to wild.” This all-inclusive Jamaican resort promises a judgement-free experience, allowing guests to set their sensual explorations at their pace. The property boasts a “prude” side for those looking to keep their clothes on and a nude side for those seeking more physical freedoms. Familiar amenities include a full-service spa with sauna and steam room, a gym, and pool and beach areas. Non-traditional offerings include a playroom and weekly themed activities.

Desire Cruise’s “Venice Foreplay,” Europe

Mexico-based adult hospitality purveyors, Original Group are expanding upon their Desire Resorts concept by segmenting into cruises. The Desire Cruise, an adults-only, couples-only, and clothing-optional vessel will set sail in 2017 from September to October, departing and culminating in Venice, Italy. Off-board, port stops will include Croatia and Slovenia, while onboard amenities cover “private playrooms, adult-oriented entertainment, provocative theme nights, and sensual staterooms.”

Temptation Resort Spa, Cancun, Mexico

Temptation Resort Spa Cancun is set to undergo a multi-million dollar makeover beginning in September 2016. Already dubbing itself as the “Playground for Grown-Ups,” Temptation’s new outfittings will include 430 guests rooms and eight restaurants, as well as 24-hour beverage service at five bars. Those looking to book in advance might consider their annual Summer Fest schedule, which hosts exclusive parties and events at the property every July.

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How To Win The Stomach Bloating Battle

DeliverLean‘s Registered Dietitian, Torrie Yellen shares tips on how to beat the tummy bloat!

  1. Eat gut-healthy foods: Foods that help maintain our stomach’s natural flora, or healthy bacteria, include Greek yogurt and kimchee. These foods limit discomfort and bloating.
  2. Add cayenne and other hot peppers to your meals: Peppers naturally contain capsaicin, the ingredient that makes them spicy. Capsaicin not only adds flavor but has also been known to boost metabolism and mimic satiety. Try adding jalapeños to your marinade or sprinkle cayenne and lime onto jicama with cucumber for a refreshing snack.
  3. Speaking of cucumbers: Cucumbers are a natural diuretic that can help relieve fluid retention.
  4. Supplement with apple cider vinegar: Studies have shown that the acetic acid in this vinegar has fat-burning properties. Try adding apple cider vinegar to extra virgin olive oil and spices for a healthy salad dressing, or even drink a tablespoon mixed with warm water in the morning to start your day.
  5. Limit snacking after dinnertime: All of us are on different schedules, so one individual may eat at 7 PM and go to bed at 11 PM, while another eats at 10 PM  and goes to bed at 2 AM. Everything is relative. The most important thing is to limit snacking or additional deals after dinner. Eating before we sleep can cause bloating because it is more difficult to digest our food when we lay down and our gut is “at rest.” This can lead to indigestion and excess gas that could be avoided by eating our meal earlier in the evening. During dinner, try to have a balanced plate mixed with lean protein, whole grains, and plenty of veggies that will satisfy you until the following morning.
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Spafinder Staffers Do Miami Spa Month: Exhale Spa At The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour


We Accept Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards BadgeSpafinder Staffer: Christi Schaufler, Vice President, Corporate Sales

Miami Spa Month Location: Exhale Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour

Service Received: Magic Facial

Christi’s take on the spa: “Do you believe in MAGIC!? After my visit to The Exhale Spa, I sure do! Five-star luxury service! From the moment I walked in and was greeted by the Spa Director to the moment I left the building, I was impressed with the level of service provided. The valet parking was easy and inexpensive with the spa service validation.  I was walked directly to the elevator and shown to the spa by a very nice gentleman. I was greeted in the spa with a tour of each part of the facility, including the relaxation rooms, the fitness rooms, and the outdoor terrace overlooking the gorgeous blue waters. The locker rooms were quaint but had all of the amenities you could hope for. As I lounged around the relaxation room waiting for my service, there was fruit-infused water along with delicious almonds to snack on. If I wanted to, I could have had a warm neck wrap, but opted to check out the terrace for a few minutes and look at the water. Up next, Margo the aesthetician who was going to be giving me the Magic Facial greeted me and asked about my experience so far. She has to be one of the most pleasant and happy people I have met.  We made our way to the treatment room where there was a great view of a few palm trees and the water (check out my view in the photo below).  She walked me through the entire treatment, including what to expect each step of the way. My Magic Facial treatment was going to be 90-minutes, so I was in for a real treat. It was the best of the best in technology and products all implemented by Margo—talk about someone who is full of skincare knowledge! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. I was beyond relaxed as she went through the different steps. I left glowing; my skin never felt better, and a few days later I am still benefiting from the service. Margo was honest, knowledgeable, and made me feel like a superstar. I would highly recommend a visit here; the service, the location, and the staff are ideal for anyone looking for a relaxing and enjoyable day. If you have time, take full advantage of the facility, including the steam-room and sauna. I will be back!”

This month, check out Exhale Bal Harbour and the rest of our Miami Spa Month initiatives. Don’t forget to enter to win a $250 Spafinder Wellness Gift Card: We’re giving away one a week through August 2016!

christi exhale bal harbour view miami spa month

Photo by Christi Schaufler.

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Vixen Workout: Fierce, Sexy Janet Jones Shows Us How To Own It

Janet Jones has made the art of booty shaking a national fitness phenomenon. Jones’ Vixen Workout is a high-energy experience that builds on the latest dance trends, encouraging women to sweat into their sexy and embrace their sassiness within a safe space. At Vixen, the fantasy of working it like Beyoncé becomes a reality, all while burning hundreds of calories fueled further by female camaraderie (a.k.a #VIXENARMY). The classes have sprouted loyal legions in Miami and New York and have sprouted branded collaborations with Urban Decay and Covergirl. Hip popping popularity aside, the former Miami Heat dancer credits her creation to helping her rediscover her womanhood, and her dedicated followers have echoed similar spikes in confidence and self-love. Jones is tossing out taboos—a theme we also highlighted in our 2016 Trends Report, Sexual Wellbeing: Taboo No More—and embracing her fierce feminity. Here’s how she owns it—and how you can, too.

Spafinder: How did the creation of the Vixen Workout concept enliven you as a woman?

JANET JONES: Creating the Vixen Workout did more than just enliven me as a woman—it brought me back to life.  The inspiration for the Vixen Workout came from my darkest moments as a woman; for years I stopped listening to the voice inside of me and instead surrendered myself to societal roles of practicality. The life of routine, responsibility, and what everyone called “adulthood” felt like my personal hell. My identity up until to that point [“adulthood”] was who I became when performing; I was strong, powerful, confident, vivacious Janet.  I quickly became depressed, desensitized, and confused as to why everyone else’s “happily-ever-after” was not mine. I discovered that my personal hell came from living as a lesser version of myself by trying to fit myself into boxes that society had chosen for me.  I didn’t have the opportunity to tap into those [lost] layers of myself.

I, however, was the lucky one.  I knew that there was much more to life than my current experience of it and I came to the daunting conclusion that this is the only experience most women know.  This is what all little girls are programmed by society to strive for. “Happily ever after” was a muted existence.

janet jones leads a vixen workout

Janet Jones leads a class at Body & Soul in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida.

Outside of the fitness aspect, what are the mental effects Vixen has had on participants? 

The most important part of the Vixen Experience is to create an environment where women feel safe to let go of any role they carry in the outside world and tap into their inner selves. Our worrying about how we are perceived, creating the wrong impression, or doing something that is deemed inappropriate usually excludes us from enjoyment.

The Vixen environment is meant to remove these outside obstacles in order for women to lose themselves in music and movement. By losing your “self” through movement you create a sensory awareness of your participation in life—a.ka. feeling alive.

Tapping into our physical selves for the first time also improves our own body-image, which is what leads to an almost immediate sense of self-confidence.As we become adults, the amount of time we dedicate to our social lives and relationships changes to focusing on career and family.  Our need for community and belonging, however, does not change. The #VIXENARMY, which is what we call the women who attend our workouts, provides that sense of belonging that we sometimes lose.

Why do you think women suppress their sexuality? How does Vixen allow them to embrace their sexual well-being?

As women, we live with this sense of guilt without even knowing why we feel guilty.  Women are sexual beings—some studies show that women actually have stronger sex drives than men. However, we feel as if we are not permitted to express our sexual feelings or even to enjoy sex in many contexts. “Sexy” is not a bad word, in fact, a woman’s sensuality is a key factor in her confidence and body image.

We are bombarded with messages of being too thin, too thick, too this, too that, and taught that our sexual selves can not live in the same world as our values and virtues. [With this messaging] how are we suppose to not hate our bodies?

Through Vixen, I encourage women to pretend they are J.Lo, Beyoncé, or whoever they admire. By pretending they are someone else, it makes it okay to tap into layers of themselves that they normally wouldn’t—like their sexuality. By making sexuality okay, if only for that one hour a day, it changes their negative perceptions of their own bodies.

janet jones leads a vixen workout

Janet Jones and the #VIXENARMY.

How and why would you encourage women who are shy, or believe they “can’t dance” to try Vixen?

Because I am painfully shy.  In school, teachers would ask my mother if I could speak because I had been in their class for a year and they had never heard me speak.  I was the kid who would burst into tears when the teacher would call my name because I was mortified by having any attention on me.  When you dance you are free to be whatever you want to be.  When I dance, I am everything I don’t have the courage to be in the outside world.  Eventually, if you dance with enough abandonment, you will realize you are no longer pretending.

What do you say to those who insist that the word Vixen has a negative connotation?

Vixen is embracing all of the layers that make up our womanhood and being unapologetic for doing so: A shining light in a society made to dull anything that shines. I encourage anyone who thinks there is anything negative about Vixen to come join the #VIXENARMY.  

Stay hungry. Live fierce.


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