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5 Reasons To Say “Om” Before You Say “I Do”

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Looking for a way to feel your absolute best on your wedding day? Before saying, “I do,” say “Om!” Whether you prefer a solo session, or want to plan a group class for your entire bridal party, a yoga session before you walk down the aisle can be one of the best gifts you can offer yourself on your wedding day.

1. It will calm your mind.

Something is bound to go “wrong” your wedding day —it always does. Keep the stress at bay with the reminder to breathe, go with the flow, and intention set from your morning yoga session. You’ll move more freely with all of the ebbs and flows that your glorious day brings, creating greater joy for you, your wedding party, and your guests in attendance.

2. It will help you stay present.

You spend months, maybe years, planning for your big day, and then, it flies by in the blink of an eye! Stay present for the smaller moments—a laugh you share with an elder relative, the sweetness and flavor of your wedding cake, the feeling of your wedding band being placed on your hand—these are the experiences we tend to remember and cherish more than the “big” plans we had in mind.

3. Breathing will energize you.

If all the spiritual reasons of a yoga practice don’t interest you, make it physical! You’re starting your day out with some movement and (maybe) a workout, which gets the endorphins and blood moving at the start of your day. The benefits? You will increase your energy, get recharged with some powerful breathing techniques, and get some natural color in your face and cheeks: This will leave you feeling awakened and invigorate you for the long, exciting day ahead.

4. You’ll take better wedding photos. 

Aside from a photo bomb, nothing ruins a gorgeous dress, hair, makeup, and smile than bad posture. Yoga in the morning can be a reminder (for anyone, not just brides!) to stand up a little taller, stay active in the core, and keep the rounding out of the lower back. Plus, depending on the shoes you’re planning to wear (most likely heels), your calves and soles of your feet will thank you for the morning stretch after all that dancing!

5. It will help you connect. 

Weddings are about connection—connecting on a deeper level with your fiancé as you start a new journey in life together, and connecting with those present to witness your wedding day. This simple, core intention of marriage can easily be overshadowed by the details of the planning, arrangements, and schedules set for the day. So, why not take an hour to center, ground, and count to self first before trying to create that same energy for others.

This is one of our favorite articles. It was originally published on May 14, 2016.

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Meditate, Don’t Hesitate. Uber-ize It.


This month, our contributors share the faves on their i-Phones and Androids in honor of launching The Wellness App. Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior, tells all here.

The Go-To: Insight Timer: I use on a daily basis. We’ve all heard the incredible benefits of meditating; reduced stress, better sleep, more focus, etc. So, what keeps us from actually doing it? Insight Timer is designed for all levels, from the beginner just dipping his/her toes in the blissful waters, to the well-practiced meditator who’s straight back from the ashram in India. It Offers a variety of features that help you personalize your meditation practice; from sounds, duration, to making it an individual journey or even joining a group to keep you motivated.”

How It Works: Set the timer to meditate for any duration (from 1 minute to 12 hours or more), including the option to set intervals guiding how much time has passed, taking away the anxiety of wondering how long you’ve been sitting or is left. Not sure how to meditate? No excuses, this app has you covered, there are guided meditations, from “Relax and Let Go” to “Mindfulness” practices. If you’re a numbers geek, you can track your progress using charts, hours of use, milestones achieved, and so you know you’re not alone, intel on people around the world using the app meditating with at that same exact moment. Just remember to enjoy the journey, meditation is a practice, not perfection.

What I Love: I have struggled for years to keep a meditation practice. I come up with a tons of reasons why I don’t have time, endless questions wondering if I’m doing it right, starting and stopping because my mind wanders, I get anxious about time, and every other reason in the book that are let’s be real – excuses – not reasons. This app has kept me on track meditating (almost) daily since the start of the year. Because it’s downloaded to my phone, I can take my meditation practice with me everywhere I travel, whether at home or traveling and in need of a moment of inner connection looking for a pause in my day for clarity and peace.




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