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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: Olympics Cupping Craze

Via Michael Phelps’ Facebook. 

News, Trends & Events: As the Olympics garnered the attention of the world, so did those dark circles covering the bodies of famous athletes like Michael Phelps. As many soon learned, the marks were the result of “cupping,” a treatment that has been around the wellness and athletic world for years but has finally gained some exposure. Read more about cupping here. Want to try cupping for yourself? Take a peek at the Spafinder partners offering cupping.

Spa: If cupping and other spa terms are still foreign to you, check out Spafinder’s extensive Spa Glossary

Beauty: Would you ice bucket your face to minimized your pores? Read more about this and other over-the-top celebrity skin routines on Marie Claire.

Fitness: Meet the fitness model who doesn’t have a heart.

Nutrition: According to “Real Food Fake Food,” author Larry Olmsted, fraudulent food is running rampant.

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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: These Hormones Help Make People “Winners”

Mindset: What separates winners from losers? According to studies reported by The Observer, hormones do.

Spa: The title speaks for itself: “Why I Spent a Month’s Rent on One Night at the World’s Best Spa Hotel.”

Beauty: Do take home gel polish kits last as long as the salon applications? Refinery29 had several women test out different gel polish brands, and here is what they found.

Travel: Booking platform, Kind Traveler, is revealing deep discounts to users after they donate to one of the platform’s participating charities.

Fitness: Remember when we featured Rebel Willson’s visit to The Ranch 4.0, the famous weight loss retreat lauded by celebrities? This week, a writer for The Cut visited Malibu’s hiking-heavy retreat, reporting back the oddities she experienced and made for an entertaining feature story.

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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: Lollapalooza, Vote for Wellness Travel Awards !

News, Trends, & Events: The Wellness Travel Awards 2016 finalists have been announced! Click here to vote for your top picks and you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card!

Travel: Condé Nast Traveler’s editorial team is spilling on their secret vacation hideaways.

Mindset: It’s always a good time to tidy up, and here’s why.

Beauty: These “melt-proof” beauty items will help you survive summer’s sweltering heat.

News, Trends, & Event: If Lollapalooza FOMO is shaking you this weekend, don’t fret: The four-day musical festival will be broadcasting performances online. For those attending Lolla, we’ve highlighted all the wellness and spa activations happening onsite.

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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: A Turmeric Journal Across New York City

Nutrition: Turmeric is the new trendy super good, but is it the answer to America’s inflammation problem? The Cut’s Jessica Pressler has chronicled her week-long sampling of different turmeric products while managing life in NYC.

Travel: Travel Weekly explores how hotels are creating authentic, localized experiences through wellness outtings.

News, Trends, & Events: The Wellness Travel Awards 2016 finalists have been announced! Click here to vote for your top picks and you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card!

Fitness: Is “sweatworking” the new networking? Bizbash has dived into this growing trend.

Mindset: Ever consider trying visualization meditation? Over at, read about the power of imagery and give this five-minute image-driven mediation a sample.


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Can You Rebalance Negative Energy?

How’s your bio-energetic state? Did you know that the body can store negative energies that affect your health? Hado Counseling, a fairly new contemporary holistic therapy, and up until now was only available in Japan, where it originated can scan, measure and offer a solution to help rebalance negative energies in your body. Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai in northern Thailand (pictured here) is the world’s first retreat and spa to offer Hado Counseling outside Japan in English. Hado counseling sessions are given by Museflower founder and owner Tania Ho.

Tania first heard about Hado counseling (called Hado Kaizen in Japanese) when she first tried it in Japan during a family holiday when her mother took her and her sisters to receive Hado counseling sessions in Tokyo.  Already certified in various holistic therapies including Flower Essence Therapy and Reiki, Tania decided to get trained to become a Hado counselor because “I wanted to offer something very unique at Museflower Retreat and I didn’t want to rely on other people. I had to look within myself and ask what can I offer? It was also the right timing. The Hado Kaizen program had always been only in Japanese, but in 2015 it was finally translated into English.”

“One thing that I really like about the Hado program is that it can scan the energy of negative emotions. It can tell you what negative energy is in your body that you aren’t even aware of.  The whole philosophy behind the Hado program is also very aligned with my own belief – that we must heal our own mind and emotions first as they are linked with our physical illnesses.”

hado counseling scans and measures negative energy in the body

Here, a Q & A with Tania Ho explains the what, how, and why of Hado Counseling:  

What is Hado counseling? Hado means resonance or vibration. Every particle, sound, color, emotion, and microorganism carries its own Hado – its own energy frequency. The Hado sessions use the Hado Kaizen (Improvement) Program, a computer program that scans and measures a person’s bio-energetic state, and analyzes any negative vibrations that are affecting the person’s health – whether it be vibrations of negative emotions, toxins and viruses, or unbalanced body areas. After all the bio-energetic information is measured, a personalized Hado water is made by imprinting the specific positive vibrations to neutralize and balance out any negative vibrations in the client’s energetic body.

How does a Hado counseling session heal people? During the session, the client will need to give his/her full name and age. Then they will wear a sensor device that looks like a headset. We then start to scan the client’s bio-energetic state of each body part, and the energy level is indicated with a score from 1 to 6 where 6 indicates low energy. With the information we collect from the first scan, such as any unbalanced body areas and negative emotions, we then input this information into another system called Kazutama system (spirit of numbers) to measure the client’s energetic state again to come up with Hado codes. These generated Hado codes are positive information that the client needs at that moment to neutralize any negative information stored in the body. Negative information in this case represents any illness, toxins or virus, imbalances, or negative emotions in our body that are negatively affecting our health.

personalized Hado water Spa Chiang Rai

The Kazutama system will then imprint the positive information into water, thus creating what we called Hado Water.  Hado water is a personalized vibrational (or energetic) remedy for the client to drink after the session, to help balance the body’s energetic state.

How long does a Hado counseling session take and how does it feel? A full Hado session usually takes about 2 hours which enables the Hado device to measure a person’s bio-energetic state three to four times. This is because in the first or second scan, sometimes some imbalances may not appear until later in the third or fourth scan. During the session, most people will feel sleepy or nothing. Those who are sensitive to energy may feel the tingling session from the Hado device that is measuring their energetic state. The healing effects during the session are present yet very subtle, as the Hado device would also send positive vibrations to the client. One guest told me that after her two-hour session and once she drank her Hado water, she felt this heat rising from her lower abdominal area upwards.

What is Hado best suited for healing and who can benefit from it? Hado counseling is suitable for all types of ailments and anyone can benefit from it. As the Hado device and Hado water work on an energetic level, sometimes guests may feel only subtle or no effects on the physical level. Like most vibrational remedies (such as homeopath and flower essence), it doesn’t mean that the Hado water has no effect.

On the other hand, some people may experience a healing crisis (like in detox) before feeling better again after drinking the Hado water. For example, when I received my first Hado counseling session in Japan, my Hado operator and later my Hado instructor, Mr. Oki, explained to me that I carried the vibration of having stomach inflammation problems in the future.  My own personalized Hado water was made, and I started drinking it after the session. The same evening my stomach started to feel heavy and I felt nauseous. I wasn’t able to eat anything for dinner. Following that week I still felt a heavy sensation in my stomach but I kept on trusting and drinking the Hado water. About a week later, my stomach’s heavy sensation was gone, and I felt better.

In general, it’s best to clear of any expectations from Hado counseling or in fact any other types of holistic therapy.  When our minds and hearts are open then we will definitely be able to reap and see the benefits of the session. The Hado device and Hado operators also do not claim to diagnose or heal any illnesses or sickness.

Is one session enough or does it require a series of sessions to be effective? One full session usually takes 2 hours, and it is already quite effective as the Hado water works to balance the body’s energy on the subconscious level. However, for those who would really like to improve their health condition, it’s also recommended to have another Hado counseling session after one and a half months for a series of four times over a period of 6 months.

Have you seen significant effects on clients who’ve tried Hado? Most importantly it always begins with awareness. We are used to finding out what problems or imbalances we have only after we experience any pain or symptoms in our body. From the results of the Hado measurement, most people become aware of how their lifestyle choices impact their health. For example, if a potential illness is shown, it serves as a wakeup call for that person to take responsibility of their health, and they can choose to make changes to their lifestyle or not.

How much does a Hado session at Museflower Retreat cost?At Museflower Retreat & Spa we charge 3,600THB net including a bottle of Hado water. A shorter session is also available for people who just want to experience Hado counseling session as a demonstration. The demo session takes about 30 minutes and costs 1,200THB net which does not include Hado water.

For people who want to try Hado – what’s the best benefit they can get from having a Hado session? The best benefit is to understand yourself more– what kind of negative emotions we may have, what kind of potential illnesses we may have in the future and what kind of toxins and viruses are affecting our health energetically.

How have your guests responded to Hado counseling so far? Here are some recent comments from Museflower guests.

“It was an interesting session as I had not heard about it. I went with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised how accurate it was about my current stage of life. The take-away for me was a gentle reminder to be grateful and love which are the foundation of many beliefs/ philosophy of life. The sharing from Tania on the action plans to enhance the wellbeing were good and simple.” – Y.H.Y, Singapore, Dec 15

“I enjoyed it and some of the things that were revealed were quite accurate. I’m going to take into consideration the advice provided, especially the one on allowing emotions, as this is something that I sometimes struggle with.” ~ I.B, Romania, Dec 15

” I experienced the Hado treatment for the first time with Tania.  Tania explained clearly every step of the way. The device could detect a broad spectrum of areas while Tania combined this with her intuitive gift to provide me a thorough reading. After drinking the Hado water, I felt more energized and less bloated. It definitely worked on me.” ~ M.C., Hong Kong, Mar 16

“After the Hado session I feel emotionally happy because now I know what is missing in my body system. I learnt what my body and my mind want from me.  This Hado session made me realize that many symptoms or sickness that i get mainly start from my mind then the mind gives the signal to my body to get my attention to listen to my body. Now i feel more alert and more active. I don’t feel tired like I used to and feel i have more energy to exercise. Special thanks to Tania who gave me such an incredible Hado session.”  ~ S.K, Thailand, Apr 16

Says Tania, “Guests are usually quite amazed with what the Hado program can measure and the results are surprisingly accurate to them. It’s also a great way to introduce the Message of Water to guests, where they can learn about how water can retain information and how powerful our words and thought forms can be.”

For more information about Hado counseling sessions in Chiang Rai, contact:  Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai, 159/1 Moo 1 Ban Samanmit, Donsila Sub-District, Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai 57210 Office: +66-(0)52-029-823, +66(0)-93-137-0414


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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: Celebrity Couple Workouts, Off-Season Serenity, & More!

They say those that sweat together, stay together. These celebrity couples love to workout with each other.

Seeking a summer escape that isn’t too pricey? Kimpton’s Life is Suite blog suggests four property-centric locales that are currently off-season, but still totally picturesque.

Doctors are urging schools to start later so teens can get more sleep.

Summer is here! Stock up on these stylish beach towels and embrace an endless summer.

Priceline says traveling is the number one mood booster for Americans.

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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: Train Like A Surfer, Role Play, & More!

For killer core strength and improved mobility, head over to Equinox’s Furthermore blog for a how-to on a specially crafted, surfer-inspired training circuit. Read more about surf culture’s rise in the wellness world on our 2016 Trends Report.

Move over, avocado toast! Sweet potato toast is the new toasted craze.

Ever wonder what it is like to role play in bed? Here are 16 confessions from those who have tried sexual role playing, as shared on the anonymous app, Whisper. Read more about sexual wellbeing’s growing inclusion in the wellness world on our 2016 Trends Report.

We love Rodale Organic Life’s natural, chemical-free ways to remove makeup.

This Father’s Day, you can actually give dad the “Nothing” that he asks for. Except, in this case, Nothing is a piece of remote land. If a slab of desert isn’t what you seek, check out this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide.

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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: When To Skip Workouts, Surviving Failure, & More!

These five women share what it is like to go through a business failure.

Stranded On Land‘s Eunique Deeann shares how her father’s fishing trips ignited her love for travel and the outdoors.

Time for some myth busters! Here are 5 “unhealthy” habits (think having stress and skipping workouts) that are actually good for you.

On a similar note, these Miami chefs share their favorite guilt-free go-to. For more food inspo, check out this watermelon and feta salad recipe or this vegan cornbread recipe.

In case you missed it:

Father’s Day Travel & Spa Guide

Where To Celebrate Global Wellness Day 2016


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Feng Shui Stylings Anchor EAST, Miami’s Stunning Design


east miami hotel lobby

“Water Music” in the EAST, Miami lobby.

Clodagh Design has become synonymous with sublimely stunning spaces, called upon to create healing interiors for Miraval, Six Senses, and Equinox. Clodagh is also the hand behind EAST, Miami, the recently opened, 352-room hotel declaring the brand’s stateside foray. The glass edifice is an impressive site, seamlessly flowing from its architectural sister, the Brickell City Center. EAST’s rise is a new moment in Miami’s urban upbringing, reflecting interiors more prominent in prime city markets—There are no all-white washes or a sprawling lobby so often associated with Miami hotels. EAST’s details go upward instead of outward, lending themselves to some of the best, if not the best views around town: The 360-peerings scope out Brickell Key and South Beach, wrap around to Coral Gables, and on a clear day, stretch as far as downtown Fort Lauderdale. EAST’s unprecedented vantage point pillared much of Clodagh’s design, as the team made sure its essence reflected its unobstructed perch and beachless neighborhood. Overall, the property’s aesthetic aims to inspire “oohs” and “ahhs” layered with feng shui: That palpable pursuit begins when one steps into the EAST, Miami lobby.


“The goal was to create an enclosure surrounded by space, light, and greenery, making it welcoming and not challenging,” explains design director, Nancie Min. “It is a necklace of experiences. We wanted people to like the way it feels, not necessarily how it looks.” 

The rectangular lobby is as breathable as it is welcoming. While texturally rich, each element comes together to create transcendence, a BioGeometry co-created with Reiki master-teacher and spiritual teacher, Alberto Amura. Shrubs block off the busy street front, cocooning arrivals. A traditional “welcome carpet” has been replaced by a “stone welcome rug,” marked by its contrasting color and flanked by lanterns from curbside to entranceClodagh called it an homage to painter Sean Scully, thoughtfully keeping with EAST’s penchant for artistic pursuits. The lobby walls are travertine chiseled—reminiscent of Floridian coral stone—adding a temple-like setting to the space.

east lobby

On the eastern lobby wall, EAST’s signature floating desk hovers in front of two-story keyholder: The pockets are painted orange on one side and gray on another. The different surfaces create the effect that those entering or exiting the building experience the lobby differently. A similar eye trick is at the lobby bar, Domain: As the day transitions, the orange and turquoise back bar doors are slid into place, creating a fresh ambiance expanded by strategically lined mirrors. Domain’s nook is separated by an installation Clodagh calls “Water Music,” a piece inspired by her travels that mimics an upside organ that is gently dripping water into the ground beneath it. “The dark metal, steel is male while the copper is a female element, according to feng shui. Everything somewhat glows and has a sense of place no matter what the hour. It takes a few visits to see the full depth of all the elements. There is a sense of discovery as you keep coming back,” Clodagh notes. 

The lobby results are intricate but never ostentatious, but there are also energetic commitments visitors can’t see: The design team poured distinct crystals into the building’s foundation so EAST would be built on positive intentions.

“We used carnelian, a stone that stimulates creativity, gives courage and promotes positive life choices; rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love, and citrine, that absorbs bad energy and anger,” shares Clodagh. 

east miami hotel room

liana lozada infinity elevator east hotel

Liana Lozada in the EAST, Miami elevator.


symbol for stability and balance

An elevator symbol for stability and balance.

Once guests move from the lobby into their elevator, they are transported to their rooms surrounded by Michael O’Brien‘s infinity light installation. At their feet are etched symbols representing ancient cultures and their intentions, which include hopes for purity, balance, and power.

After exiting the elevator, a moody hallway in warm bronzes leads guests to their rooms. EAST’s key transitional moments are a Clodagh signature: “We specialize in things like passageways. Everything was custom designed, even the carpet,” she adds. 

And the rooms are where the relaxed “ahhs” come in. “The floors are a feeling of driftwood: Lightly bleached, warm, and comfortable. We embrace the Japanese philosophy, wabi-sabi, celebrating a material’s natural aging. We used all sustainable green woods; furniture is FSB-certified,” says Min. “Ocean images taken from are Miami hang over the beds in the guest rooms.”

To boot, every room on every floor has a balcony, opening the visitor up to Miami’s growing expansiveness.   

east miami pool


The fifth-floor pool area gave Clodagh room to play, marrying sensory experiences with a youthful vigor. Four pools make up the deck: A lap pool, spa pool, cold plunge, and hot tub answer year-round aquatic yearnings. Loungers can sit in the sun or shade, accented by a dramatic concrete overhang. There is an oversized game table with exaggerated benches and another Wonderland-like gathering table, each promoting interaction and easiness. Even the plantlife was strategic: “We selected plants that were gentle, so if you touched them they weren’t prickly or spicy. There’s really no bad seat at the pool,” Clodagh explains. 

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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: Carrie Underwood’s Leg Workouts, Hotels Bring Nature Inside, & More!

1 hotel south beach x plant the future


Drop the salt! The government is changing its recommendations for daily salt intake.

Here’s how Carrie Underwood gets her covetable leg definition.

We love a little greenery, especially when we’re on vacation: Here’s how hotels are bringing nature inside.

DailyOM has a few tips on how to incorporate spirituality into your workspace. Read more about workspace wellness in our Trends List 2016.

Closet clutter is bad for the brain: To get some decluttering inspo, check out how Real Simple pulled off some amazing closet transformations. Looking for new, streamlined outfit staples? Read up on BAMMIES, a new clothing line combining “business” with “jammies.”


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