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Male Clients

Man-Friendly Approach at the Spa

Father’s Day is just around the corner, making now the perfect time to pay attention to the increasing number of men who are visiting spas. One of the year’s prominent trends is an increase in the diversity of spa-goers, and this includes men who are becoming more comfortable with visiting spas for relaxation and routine grooming. In SpaFinder’s trend predictions for 2011, Susie Ellis noted that both resort and day spas are taking a more “man-friendly” approach, and spas and salons around the world are jumping on the bespoke barbering bandwagon, paying greater attention to men’s grooming needs.

Catering to a male client doesn’t have to mean changing your business model. Many of the services that female clients favor are the same that guys love too. A simple way to accommodate male customers is to segment out a more manly menu, which can be as simple as renaming some traditional treatments with more masculine titles. The “Man-y-cure” is a great way to toughen up a version of your spa’s signature manicure for male clients and Gentleman’s facials that focus on exfoliation and treating razor burn will make men feel that you’re paying attention to their needs. Creating manly spa packages is another great way to target a male clientele, particularly around Father’s Day, when many men may be receiving spa gift certificates as gifts. Pairing a sports massage and  hand or foot grooming treatments, or teaming a hydrating facial with a relaxing scalp massage create great packages that won’t take guys out of their comfort zones but will let them know that you have their particular needs in mind while they try something new at the spa.

More men are going in for treatments many wouldn’t have considered in the past, like Brazilian Waxing for example.  Enrique Ramirez, founder of spa face to face NYC said in a recent Club Spa article that he has noticed that many men are coming in for body waxing treatments, “I think a lot of men were shaving before, but in the past two to three years, I’ve noticed a trend in Brazilian waxing with men− and it’s not just gay men, a lot of straight men are coming in and getting waxed as well,” said Ramirez. Making men feel comfortable during these treatments is important and can be done not only by renaming, but considering incorporating a second product line that focuses on men’s skincare needs and has more masculine scents. Making man-centric products available in your spa will get guys to feel a part of the club. These simple steps can increase your business and make a segment of your clientele feel more comfortable than ever!

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Man Oh Man: Renaming and Reframing Services Can Increase Your Male Client Base

marketing idea of the month

Men are more sensitive and receptive to spa services (and even pampering) than they may appear—or want to appear.  They make up over 30% of spa-goers, so there is terrific growth potential, and that growth can be easier to achieve than it seems. The name of the game is the name itself, what you choose to call a treatment or service and how you describe, or “frame,” it.


Using this technique, you can dramatically expand the “man’s” side of your menu simply by rewording names and descriptions of treatments geared for women using more man-friendly terms. (We’ve even had men tell us that they feel left out when they can choose only a hot stone or sports massage, while women are offered long lists of enticing treatments!)  

Here’s how to begin making your spa menu manlier.

Deflower (your language)

As an example, we have reframed the following treatment so it will appeal to men. 




Magic Tresses

Relax in our beautiful garden room while your head, neck, and shoulders are gently massaged, your scalp is tenderly stimulated with fingertips, and a warm pack is applied to your hair. While the pack works its wonders, you’re encased in warm, subtle fragrances and lulled by soft breezes.  




Revitalizing Scalp Treatment

While the brain is not a muscle, the overtaxed nerves and muscles that surround it are a key to releasing persistent stress and strain. Using a warm pack, the scalp is given a revitalizing treatment that also stimulates the hair follicles, promoting healthy growth. The secluded surroundings enhance the experience of a complete and renewing massage.     


In short, steer clear of language that has a softening, flowery feel. Use words/phrases like: de-stress, revitalize, deep tissue, muscle work, tension-relieving, unwinding, renewing, releasing. Using this technique, you can offer the same treatment to customers who might not feel comfortable booking it.


In the next issue we’ll discuss the dilemma many men experience when asked, “Would you like a man or a woman therapist?” We’ll also offer more tips on how you can increase the number of male clients in your spa without expanding your marketing budget.

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