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Marketing Idea of the Month

Wellness 365 Tip: Counting Calories Is So Last Season

We know you’re typically wellness-conscious, but even you can slip: ’Tis the season of overindulging, especially when it comes to the delicious foods and drinks found everywhere from holiday meals with the family to appetizers being passed at the company party. Don’t fret, though—stay well with these tips from some of our lifestyle content editors and experts!


Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too: Holiday Detox Smoothie Recipe
Don’t Count Calories! Helpful Hints for the Holidays
Naturally Sweet: 6 Natural Sweeteners for Holiday Baking


Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too: Holiday Detox Smoothie Recipe
Don’t Count Calories! Helpful Hints for the HolidaysNaturally Sweet: 6 Natural Sweeteners for Holiday Baking

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Marketing Idea of the Month – Offering “Spa Tapas” on Your Menu

It’s safe to say that most of us, at times, find ourselves a bit indecisive when it comes to making choices. To capture those spa-goers, who have trouble narrowing down their treatment options, is the idea of offering spa tapas. A growing trend in the spa industry, spa tapas, lets the spa-goer choose from a handful of treatments, each with an abbreviated treatment time.

Spa tapas menus can provide a quickie version of your spas’ traditional services or may highlight a few of the more unusual treatments on your menu.  These tapas menus can offer the choice of a la carte options, including anything from a 25 minute signature massage to a 30 minute fruit body scrub. The key is to get creative and let spa-goers explore different options.

Bon Vivant!

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Marketing Idea of the Month – SpaFinder’s New iPhone App

Consumers are going wild for the new SpaFinder iPhone app! In case you haven’t noticed, business is going mobile.
Banking, shopping, searching, dating, and now, finding and even booking spa appointments are done on the go. Wherever you are, you can turn on your iPhone and find a spa in that neighborhood. How great is that?SpaFinder iPhone App

How does the SpaFinder iPhone app work?

  • Automatically locates spas closest to one’s current location
  • Shows deals and last-minute special offers
  • Searches and books treatments in real-time using the SpaBooker Network
  • Gives descriptions and reviews and browses treatment menus
  • Provides easy driving or walking directions

Are you ready for all the new customers searching for you?

Have you downloaded your app today? Click here to download.

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Marketing Idea of the Month – Reevaluating Your Business in the New Year

sw-marketing-ideaThe new year marks new beginnings—a mental deadline to change, rethink, and improve our business practices and personal life. This is a great time to reevaluate everything about your business. What works and what doesn’t. Who works and who doesn’t.


One thing to put on your to-do list for 2010: Revisiting your spa menu. Are all your treatments popular and selling? Are they reflecting current spa trends? Take a serious look at how many are booked and see if your menu could look even more attractive to spa-goers. Our advice: Keep it simple and do what works for you!

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Marketing Idea of the Month—Are You Communicating with Your Customers?

How you communicate with your customers is just as important as what you communicate. Here are some things you should always keep in mind when communicating with your clients.


  • Value your customers. Let your clients know that you think they are special. Reward them for their loyalty—create membership rewards programs to thank them.


  • Educate your customers. Offer expertise they cannot get in a department store. Explain how your product or service benefits them: how it can satisfy a need, solve a problem, or give them added value.


  • Listen to your customers.  According to a recent UCLA study, 7 percent of communication is verbal, 38 percent is tone of voice, and 55 percent is nonverbal. Take note of customers’ tone and body language.


  • Invite your customers back. This communication is all about lasting impressions. Motivate customers to come back by offering an incentive valid toward their next visit.
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Marketing Idea of the Month—Ad Hoc Marketing: Your Secret Weapon for Sales

Wordsmiths define ad hoc as “improvised and often impromptu.” While marketing professors might disagree, we think that ad hoc marketing is a secret weapon—especially in a marketplace where thinking on your feet can mean the difference between profit and loss.


Let’s face it: When the economy feels like a ride on a roller coaster, it’s hard to plan ahead for more than a month (or even a week!) at a time. Of course, long-term planning is a must if you want to achieve your long-term business goals. But incorporating ad hoc thinking in your marketing arsenal means you won’t miss golden opportunities to do more business just because they don’t follow the plan.


Ad hoc marketing can be especially beneficial for spas and wellness centers. We are in the people business, and we have the ability to notice our customers’ habits and then respond rapidly. This means we can change our offers and prices more quickly than manufacturers, who are stuck with the product that was ordered when the economy was flying high. And, even better, we usually don’t have to get permission from someone else to try our new idea.


So how do you begin thinking like an ad hoc marketer? First, listen and then listen some more—to your staff, your customers, other business owners in your community, your peers in the spa industry, and, most of all, yourself. If your gut says, I think this could work, try it. We think you’ll be pleased to find that you are a born marketer, especially when you wear your “ad hoc” hat.

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How Social Media Savvy Is Your Spa?


Social media websites aren’t just for people anymore!  Your spa can get in on the fun too. In fact, social media marketing is perfect for the spa industry, since word of mouth is already a powerful source of referrals for us. 


Here’s a list of four quick tips to help your spa succeed on Facebook:


1.  Tread Lightly At First:  Using a personal Facebook account, spend time getting familiar with the site, learning what the typical user does, and seeing what is appropriate as far as messaging.  It’s important to not be overly promotional. 


2.  Populate Your Page:  Create your spa’s own “fan page” by following this link.  Make full use of the profile to make it more fun for users.  Add full spa info, video and photos, interesting polls, exciting deals, and more.


3.  Choose A Spokesperson:  Designate someone at your spa to maintain the page, including posting new material and topics, encouraging fan comments, responding creatively to fans, and removing spam.  Don’t let the page get stale!


4.  Encourage Viral Marketing:  Post spa deal updates and other special offers to encourage your users to spread the word about your spa. 


Once you’ve dipped your toes in, you’ll quickly find Facebook to be a useful extension to your marketing efforts.  Need ideas? Feel free to examine SpaFinder’s page


See you online!

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Man Oh Man: Renaming and Reframing Services Can Increase Your Male Client Base

marketing idea of the month

Men are more sensitive and receptive to spa services (and even pampering) than they may appear—or want to appear.  They make up over 30% of spa-goers, so there is terrific growth potential, and that growth can be easier to achieve than it seems. The name of the game is the name itself, what you choose to call a treatment or service and how you describe, or “frame,” it.


Using this technique, you can dramatically expand the “man’s” side of your menu simply by rewording names and descriptions of treatments geared for women using more man-friendly terms. (We’ve even had men tell us that they feel left out when they can choose only a hot stone or sports massage, while women are offered long lists of enticing treatments!)  

Here’s how to begin making your spa menu manlier.

Deflower (your language)

As an example, we have reframed the following treatment so it will appeal to men. 




Magic Tresses

Relax in our beautiful garden room while your head, neck, and shoulders are gently massaged, your scalp is tenderly stimulated with fingertips, and a warm pack is applied to your hair. While the pack works its wonders, you’re encased in warm, subtle fragrances and lulled by soft breezes.  




Revitalizing Scalp Treatment

While the brain is not a muscle, the overtaxed nerves and muscles that surround it are a key to releasing persistent stress and strain. Using a warm pack, the scalp is given a revitalizing treatment that also stimulates the hair follicles, promoting healthy growth. The secluded surroundings enhance the experience of a complete and renewing massage.     


In short, steer clear of language that has a softening, flowery feel. Use words/phrases like: de-stress, revitalize, deep tissue, muscle work, tension-relieving, unwinding, renewing, releasing. Using this technique, you can offer the same treatment to customers who might not feel comfortable booking it.


In the next issue we’ll discuss the dilemma many men experience when asked, “Would you like a man or a woman therapist?” We’ll also offer more tips on how you can increase the number of male clients in your spa without expanding your marketing budget.

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