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How #holidays may benefit your spa

Social Media

From National Pizza Day to Sibling Day, the internet always has a reason to celebrate.  While they seem silly at first, #hashtag holidays may benefit your spa business!

The trick is to choose holidays that complement your business goals.

Step 1 would be to consider your menu and upcoming promotions. Other items to think about are spa location, time of year, and what your customers enjoy. For example, leverage National Hat Day and the hat hair that comes with it. This may or may not work for a salon. It all depends on what you want to say about your brand.

Also, remember that less is more: don’t celebrate every holiday, especially if it has nothing to do with your business. Otherwise, you may confuse your audience and lose social engagement.

A great place to start is promoting lifestyle and wellness holidays. Here are our top #hashtag holidays for you to try in 2019:

April 16 – National Stress Awareness Day

#StressAwarenessDay reminds us to take a deep breath and chill. Americans are more stressed than ever, which affects the body from head to toe. Use this holiday to showcase calming menu items such as massages and acupuncture. To combat stress, consistency is key: promote your membership program today to convert first-timers into regulars.


June 8 – Global Wellness Day

#GlobalWellnessDay inspires us to stop, act, and lead a healthier life. We love this holiday because it is relevant for all of our partners! From sharing informational wellness content to hosting an event in your city, the participation options are endless! Learn more about Global Wellness Day at


June 21 – National Selfie Day

#NationalSelfieDay celebrates our inner Beyoncé and promotes our best selves. While we believe the best selfie is a confident one, a little spa or salon intervention never hurt. From hair services and facials to waxing and lashes, use today to promote a glamorous beauty menu. Consider offering a special “selfie” package, or encourage your customers to share their post-salon selfie for an added boost.


July 7 – National Chocolate Day

#NationalChocolateDay is a fun holiday with sweet benefits. Food is popular on social media, so use this opportunity to promote a little cocoa-inspo! For spas, feature chocolate massages, body scrubs, and facials. For salons, play up chocolate and caramel-inspired hair color or chocolate manicures. Marrying food holidays with an inspired menu is a creative way to find new customers on social.


August 15 – National Relaxation Day

On #NationalRelaxationDay, summer is ending and many people dread returning to their regular routine. Use this day to promote relaxing treatments such as massages, body scrubs, or even restorative yoga. Ask your customers to share a photo relaxing at your spa (added bonus for a robe selfie!) for a chance to win a relaxing spa treatment, product, or other fun giveaway.


And finally, sending spa love to your staff on social is always a great idea! Not only will your team feel appreciated, but showcasing their skills (such as before and after photos) will impress and attract new customers. Mark your calendars for these special social holidays to celebrate your spa family:


April 30 – National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

May 30 – National Nail Tech Day

October 15 – National Aesthetician’s Day

October 20-25 – National Massage Therapy Awareness Week



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Get Smart About Marketing & PR: The Art of Engagement

There is a wealth of articles packed with advice on how to grow a business and retain clients but Hellena Barnes’ recent feature for European Spa is a must-read for anyone concerned with building a successful business. In the “Art of Engagement,” Hellena spoke with six experts in the spa, beauty and wellness fields and her article makes it easy to understand why, in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, there are specific marketing, sales and PR tools that can best boost business prospects –whether the goal is to open a new spa, increase appointments, build a loyal client base or create a global brand.


Here is the lineup of experts featured in “The Art of Engagement.” (Read the full article with their advice here.) And below is an excerpt from the article explaining why every business owner must evaluate how website and marketing communications look and function on mobile phones.


Louisa Watson, director of marketing for Y Spa:

How to find your core market and create brand loyalty

John Bevan, general manager, Spafinder Wellness:

Upwardly mobile: Accessibility in the palm of your hand

Oriele Frank, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Elemis:

Global campaigns and strategies

Tracey Stapleton, managing director, The Spa PR Company:

How to best blog your business

Brian Hunter, director of Made for Life by Spiezia Organics and consultant for BHSL Concepts: Delivering your digital message with a human touch

Leonie Wileman, chief operations officer, Premier Software.

Get smart and let your software do the hard work


Upwardly mobile: Accessibility in the Palm of Your Hand

John Bevan, general manager, Spafinder Wellness

Not too long ago, digital marketing was focused on the Internet, but today it has expanded to include mobile phones and a wide range of platforms and activities. According to analysts at comScore, 79% of adults and 93% of 18- to 34-year-olds use smartphones in the U.S. and the statistics are similar in Europe. This means your clients are using mobile phones to shop, find locations and make payments. Even small businesses must consider how website and marketing communications look and function on mobile phones.


Before you send a client email or update your website, look at these communications on a smartphone and see them from your customer’s viewpoint. How does it look? Is it easy to find what you want? Does it work as well on a phone as a desktop computer?


Our new Wellness App for mobile users, which allows people to find, book, review and pay for spa and wellness services at any of our 25,000-plus partners, was designed to help spas of all sizes benefit from the latest digital technology.


Public relations and customer engagement has also gone digital with social media and other digital platforms offering huge opportunities. You can engage existing clients and acquire new ones with simple email newsletters and posts on Facebook and

Twitter – plus you can increase brand exposure by connecting with journalists on these platforms.

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American Heart Month: Take These Marketing Tips to Heart

american heart month

We know you’re currently busy promoting your Valentine’s Day offers, but we invite you to flirt with this idea as well: Support February being American Heart Month (or simply Heart Month in Canada) with special promos that endorse the month dedicated to the awareness and prevention of heart disease. Take these marketing ideas to heart.

Take advantage of Make the most of your partnership with Spafinder Wellness, Inc.® and post special heart-healthy offers and deals on your listing on or

Create effective promotions: Invite customers to book unique wellness and spa experiences such as “heart-healthy cardio yoga,” “heart-pumping Zumba or spin class,” “heart-healthy nutrition classes,” and “Go Red” spa treatments. Plus, take a two-pronged approach: You can use some of your Valentine’s Day specials as Heart Month promotions, too (after all, February is all about hearts!)

Raise awareness & increase business: Alert customers via your listing, email, newsletter, or eye-catching signage. Make sure to provide a strong sense of excellent or added value when promoting your offers.

Strike a chord with customers: Have a message when it comes to your promotions. Remind customers “February is Heart Month,” or strike a chord with messages like “We have ways to help you get healthy.”

Hold an event: Plan an event at your spa or wellness business. Provide tips on how you can prevent heart disease or bring in a physician to share insight; feature light, healthy snacks and beverages; share heart-healthy recipes and fitness tips; offer mini spa treatments like “Go Red” mani/pedis; offer discounts on retail products (like red lipsticks!); and more. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy!

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Coming Soon, Early 2016: The Consumer Wellness App by Spafinder Wellness 365

Coming soon: We’re thrilled to let you know we’re introducing the Wellness App by Spafinder Wellness 365* in early 2016! This exciting, new Wellness App allows your customers to find, book, pay for, and review your location quickly and easily in the palm of their hand!

Man using digital tabletThis free consumer Wellness App, downloadable on the iPhone and Android, will send more wellness-seeking customers through your doors—plus, you’ll be able to reach more active wellness seekers easier than ever before!

Get ready to maximum results from the Wellness App:

  • Log in to the partner portal (U.S. partners; Canada partners) now to upload high-res images, post new offers, update location information, and get your property prepped to look its best.
  • Register for ACH payment to ensure that your app payments are made in three business days—this is a huge benefit, exclusively available for app transactions.

Contact your Spafinder Wellness 365 account director today and learn more about how the Wellness App will help your business.

Stay tuned—more exciting details will come very soon!

*Partners, please note the new Wellness App for consumers is different than the existing Partner Redemption App.

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Boost Sales This Holiday Season: Advertising Opportunities Available

holiday advertising promotions

Spafinder Wellness 365™ reaches millions of people ready to book their next spa or wellness appointment. And with the holidays fast approaching, traffic to and is going to be even greater! Take advantage of the several holiday advertising opportunities available to increase business and set yourself apart from your competition.

There are several promotions available, but space is limited, so we encourage you to contact today!

Promotions Available:

  • Nov. 23 to Nov. 26 – VIP Early Access to Deals
  • Nov. 27 to Dec. 6 – Cyber Week Deals
  • Dec. 7 to Dec. 13 – Green Week Deals/Hanukkah
  • Dec. 14 to Dec. 18 – Holiday Retail Relief: Spa n Shop
  • Dec. 19 to Dec. 25 – Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Your Advertising Placement Includes:

  • Placement in one consumer eNewsletter (Spafinder Wellness eNewsletter reach: 200,000-plus subscribers!)
  • Inclusion in our special holiday-themed landing page (Spafinder Wellness website reach: 7MM-plus spa and wellness enthusiasts globally!)
  • 3 social media posts across multiple channels (Spafinder Wellness social media reach: thousands of fans!)
  • Paid advertising support to drive traffic to holiday-themed landing page
  • Featured homepage banner

Learn about details, rates, and more by emailing Get started now!


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4 Tips to Prep for a Busy Fourth Quarter

business prep for a busy fourth quarter

The fourth-quarter can be an exciting yet daunting time: It’s excellent for business but can be hectic as well as the holidays arrive and you prep for a new year. Predetermine any chaos at your spa, fitness, or wellness property and create a more seamless year-end approach with these four tips.

  1. If you’re part of our Enhanced Listing partner program, make sure you’ve posted your business’ promotions, deals, or specials to your or listing. Log in to the partner portal now (Canadian partners, click here).
  2. Have you downloaded the Spafinder Wellness 365 redemption app yet? Redeeming gift cards has never been easier—or quicker—than with our Android or iPhone mobile apps!
  3. Have a seasonal treatment your spa would like to share? How about a pre-holiday fitness routine your business is promoting? Send any newsworthy updates/press releases to Spafinder Wellness 365 Senior Editor Jackie Burns Brisman at for consideration.
  4. Boost morale and calm any stress by creating a relaxing activity your staff can enjoy every day, whether it’s taking five minutes to meditate or participating in a group yoga class.
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Manage Your Business, Showcase Your Brand—All in One Place

Market your business and manage your business with one of our terrific partners: MINDBODY.

Spafinder Wellness 365™’s longtime partnership with MINDBODY was made to provide you, our partners, with the tools needed to successfully market and run your business. MINDBODY integrates with our gifting programs, making it easier for you to validate and redeem with Spafinder Wellness 365. MINDBODY also allows our customers to book appointments/classes right from This all makes for great customer experience and brings efficiency to you in the process.

Owners like you can easily handle everything from managing your business to showcasing your brand—all in one place.

MINDBODY software offers many ways to bring in new clients and keep them coming back. For example:

  • Build client loyalty with your own branded app
  • Bring inactive clients back with automated texts and emails
  • Keep clients happy with online scheduling, right from your phone

MINDBODY has a special promotion for Spafinder Wellness 365 partners: Become a MINDBODY subscriber and receive one month free (excluding solo). Request your free, 20-minute demo today.


the one month free offer is always valid to your network

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Last-Minute Marketing Opportunities

Last call! FALL in Love: Romantic Getaways will debut October 1 (materials and space reservations due August 31).

Part of “Vacation Ideas”—a series of themed co-op marketing programs—FALL in Love: Romantic Getaways will showcase your property’s couple-themed hotel and spa package to thousands of consumers this October! To participate, either contact your sales rep or Allyson Archambault, director of sales, at

This one not a fit? Let us know—we’re happy to share more email and digital marketing opportunities with you.

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We Want to Hear from You!

Have you checked out our 2015 Editorial Calendar lately? You should! Many of your business’ promotions, classes, or services may fit with upcoming features on The 365—which brings news, how to’s, and articles to more than one-half-million subscribers each day on site and through its weekly newsletter.

Review our 2015 Editorial Calendar here and send any newsworthy updates/press releases/relevant packages, and expert panel suggestions or submissions to Spafinder Wellness 365 Senior Editor Jackie Burns Brisman at for consideration.


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Global Wellness Day: Share Your Insight

Global Wellness Day (GWD) 2015 was a great success, and all of us at Spafinder Wellness 365™, along with the GWD team, thank you for helping to spread the wellness word! Because your input is truly valuable, the GWD team has requested that we ask you to fill out its exclusive online test: “Are you satisfied with your life?

Take the survey now.

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