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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Items Dad Will Love

When it comes to those on your shopping list, Dad might just be the toughest person to buy for. A nice tie? Been there. A toolkit? Done that. If you’ve exhausted the gift-giving options for the guy who seemingly has everything, read on—we have unique, wellness-driven Father’s Day gift ideas to celebrate Dad’s special day.

kiehls mens skin care


Best face forward: Myth: Women are the only ones who pay attention to things like skin-care products. Fact: Men like to look good, too! (They sometimes just need a little bit of guidance.) Guys tell us they love Kiehl’s new anti-aging line, Age Defender for Men. This trio of men-friendly products (Age Defender Power Serum, Age Defender Moisturizer, and Age Defender Eye Repair) utilizes cypress, linseed, and rye seed extracts and capryloyl salicylic acid (LHA) to combat aging concerns like wrinkles, lack of elasticity, and under-eye bags. Starting at $30;

fitbit blaze


Game changer: Whether it’s Dad, Gramps, or Uncle Jon, the fitness guy in your life will be pumped about sporting the new Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch. Built-in features include all-day activity tracking (think calculating calories burned, steps taken, hours slept, etc.), PurePulse™ heart rate, on-screen workouts, connected GPS, and more to help keep fitness goals in check. Trackers start at $199.95;


soap and hatchet set duke cannon


Well-groomed: Dad will look and smell great when you surprise him with one of Duke Cannon Supply Co.’s gift sets (which come complete with cheeky names like Working Man’s Supply Can [$75]). Though less-expensive options like The Dapper Dad Sack ($50) and The Un-Droppable Soap Set ($25) are great choices, we think Dad will adore the manly American Soap and Hatchet Set ($175). This vintage-style military ammo can is filled with a survival hatchet for camping trips, Tactical Soap on a Rope, Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm, and a steel bottle opener.


shingle navy bixby bike


Freewheelin’: Dad might just declare you his favorite child when you gift him The Bixby bicycle. Touted as an editors’ choice by Outside Magazine and Bicycling Magazine, The Bixby is designed to blend the style of a cruiser bike with enhancements such as a Shimano 3-speed internal hub. Available in navy or dark green. $1,950;

spafinder giftcard


One gift card, countless options: For all Dad’s done for you, give him the gift that truly counts—a bit of chill time. A Spafinder Wellness 365™ Gift Card is good for a much-needed massage, heart-pumping fitness class, personal training session, and numerous other wellness offerings. (We also love that the gift card never expires, so Dad can use it when he’s ready.)

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Buddhify Your Life With This Mindfulness App

When Morgans Hotel Group launched their Spring Renewal wellness initiatives this year, they also announced a partnership with meditation app, buddhify. Developed in the UK by Rohan Gunatillake, buddhify is loaded with over 80 guided meditations that “help get you through the day.” The app asks what you might be doing and your mood, be it traveling or going to bed, and then curates meditations based on your needs. A timer has been built in for freestyle Zen, and a tracker takes note of ongoing progress.

buddhify app

Gunatillake explained that the alliance with Morgans was seamless.

“Today’s travelers are looking beyond fitness to include all aspects of one’s well-being, and the buddhify app brought the health benefits of meditation directly to the mobile devices of Morgans’ guests. It is a combination of mindfulness and innovation which ties in with Morgans’ brand.”

Morgans’ conscious lifestyle concept rolled out at pillar properties nationwide, additionally presenting exclusive workout classes and new treatments: Delano South Beach, Mondrian South Beach, Clift San Francisco, and Hudson New York were among the featured hotels.

He also added that the app helps people make time to meditate by greeting them in their current state or place. “Time is perhaps the number one scarce resource in our lives, so buddhify helps you get the benefits of mindfulness in a way that fits into a busy, always-on lifestyle.”

Gunatillake pulled from his corporate experiences to build the app. “I first got into meditation at the same time as starting a fast-paced, corporate technology-based job in London. Rather than compartmentalize meditation from the rest of my life, I had to work out how to practice while in a busy, urban environment. That led to creating lots of different techniques, many of which can be found in the app. I then decided to make an app. So many of my friends were interested in mindfulness themselves, but I discovered that I couldn’t recommend something that fit their lifestyle and their level of design and tech-savviness. There was a gap [in the market], so I decided to make something to fill it myself!”

Buddhify’s success speaks to the growing desire for digitalized mindfulness and on-demand apps. Read more about this growing trend in our 2016 Trends Report.

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Meditate, Don’t Hesitate. Uber-ize It.


This month, our contributors share the faves on their i-Phones and Androids in honor of launching The Wellness App. Sara Quiriconi, Live Free Warrior, tells all here.

The Go-To: Insight Timer: I use on a daily basis. We’ve all heard the incredible benefits of meditating; reduced stress, better sleep, more focus, etc. So, what keeps us from actually doing it? Insight Timer is designed for all levels, from the beginner just dipping his/her toes in the blissful waters, to the well-practiced meditator who’s straight back from the ashram in India. It Offers a variety of features that help you personalize your meditation practice; from sounds, duration, to making it an individual journey or even joining a group to keep you motivated.”

How It Works: Set the timer to meditate for any duration (from 1 minute to 12 hours or more), including the option to set intervals guiding how much time has passed, taking away the anxiety of wondering how long you’ve been sitting or is left. Not sure how to meditate? No excuses, this app has you covered, there are guided meditations, from “Relax and Let Go” to “Mindfulness” practices. If you’re a numbers geek, you can track your progress using charts, hours of use, milestones achieved, and so you know you’re not alone, intel on people around the world using the app meditating with at that same exact moment. Just remember to enjoy the journey, meditation is a practice, not perfection.

What I Love: I have struggled for years to keep a meditation practice. I come up with a tons of reasons why I don’t have time, endless questions wondering if I’m doing it right, starting and stopping because my mind wanders, I get anxious about time, and every other reason in the book that are let’s be real – excuses – not reasons. This app has kept me on track meditating (almost) daily since the start of the year. Because it’s downloaded to my phone, I can take my meditation practice with me everywhere I travel, whether at home or traveling and in need of a moment of inner connection looking for a pause in my day for clarity and peace.




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