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Reviews and You: Deal Days Impressions

reviewsDeal Days, the Wellness Week™ is fast approaching, which will likely mean more traffic to your spa and a possible rise in reviews to your overview listing. And as we know, reviews can come in all types of forms—from a flawless five-star rating to a less-than-stellar assessment of your spa. If the latter proves to be the case, know that 1) you can’t always satisfy everyone, and 2) immediately get to work resolving the issue.

On the other end of the spectrum, clients may have had a superb time at your spa—encourage them to share their spa experience online. Many potential patrons perusing through spa searches find reviews extremely helpful when it comes to deciding which spa to choose.

Either way, take the opportunity, whether it’s a good or bad review—to ultimately improve your business and hone your people skills and tech savvy.

  • Invite clients to post an online review of their experience on their way out. Hand them a reminder card at the reception desk asking them to take a few moments when they get home and share their spa day with others.
  • Remind clients that they can earn SpaFinder Rewards (redeemable for SpaFinder Gift Certificates good at 5,000 spas) by submitting a review here.
  • Reach out to your disgruntled client—this extra step is a small effort that many times goes a long way to gratify the client and the situation. Or, if an online review site allows you to publicly respond to a negative critique (as SpaFinder does), do so! Explain your point of view and how your spa remedied the situation. (Just a reminder—watch your tone in your reply.)
  • Know when you’re in the wrong: If the review merits an apology on your behalf, make one. Plus, pay attention to what the reviewer had to say. If complaints warrant a modification in the way your spa operates, apply it and strengthen your business. 
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