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Female Inspired Spa Specials Drive Walk Ins

girlfriend getaway

Girlfriend Getaways, Boss Babe Retreats, Mommy & Me Spa Days all sound like a lot of fun! Well, while we think they do, so do our customers!

The Not-So-Secret Sauce

It’s not a secret that women love spas–and that they enjoy spending time with their girlfriends and favorite family members.  Combine those two truths and you have a winning marketing combo that is probably already on your menu. (Think girlfriend getaways, bridal parties, mom and me specials.)  Add spice to your offerings and offer new packages for their girl tribe.

Rethink Bridal & Bachelorette Parties

Today, spa bridal and bachelorette parties are as traditional as saying, “I do.” Shake things up to create new trends in these spa staples.

  • First, think about website branding and marketing. Rather than simply saying, “We have facilities for bridal parties,” come up with catchy titles–for example, Bachelorette Spa Bash or Wedding Belles.
  • Hold a spa party-planning event. Invite brides-to-be in your area to check out your spa and share tips on how to prepare for a special day for everyone in the bridal party. (A little champagne goes a long way!) During the event, remind them of the dos and don’ts of pre-wedding treatments.

Girlfriend Getaways–At Home or Away

Girlfriend Getaways are always a win. This is a premier Spafinder program and one that will resonate with your clients.  Check out Spafinder for creative package examples and ideas on how to combine treatments and services to attract girlfriends to your getaway.

OR if you are a day spa and want to attract a woman’s group, have a Spa Sister Day or Besties Splurge day. Plan a day or afternoon of events that BFFs can enjoy together, come up with a snazzy name–and spread the word!

Go Professional, Spa Style

Women especially have much to juggle and need to find ways to relax. They also crave more grownup social time with friends and family. This is where your spa can provide creative solutions. Create special experiences for small groups of women and invite businesses and professional organizations in your area to share the packages with their members.  In addition, consider partnering with a person who specializes in team building and develop a program that includes spa treatments and bonding exercises.

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Make the Top 10 Trends of 2016 Work for You

2016 trends report

The definitive trends of 2016 help determine where the greatest opportunities in the wellness industry—and your business—reside for years to come. We’re digging in to three of Spafinder Wellness 365™’s top 10 trends and sharing how you can capitalize on them.

Learn more about the Spafinder Wellness 365 2016 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Report (Canada partners, click here.)

Trend: Parenting Well: Serious Spa & Wellness for Kids
Trend Snapshot: Empowered parents are turning to the same spa and wellness therapies and techniques they use to improve their own lives in order to better their children’s
What to Expect in the Future: programs improving children’s wellbeing will drive the spa and wellness industry

  • Huge opportunities for spa and wellness professionals
  • Tap into demand for child-focused services, from massage to meditation classes to yoga
  • Partnerships with schools and child centers

Trend: On-Demand: Uberizing Spa & Wellness
Trend Snapshot: Want an after-hours massage in the comfort of your own home? There’s an app for that. Need a last minute manicure, blowout or even a session with a personal trainer? You guessed it. More than ever before, your health and happiness are just a click away.
What to Expect in the Future:
room for both on-location and at-home services to flourish

  • Consider at-home services for your clients
  • Partnerships with area hotels and businesses
  • Supplement staffing with on-demand providers like Zeel

Trend: Skin Care Gets Seoul-ful: The Korean Beauty Explosion 2.0
Trend Snapshot: Leading Korean companies launch 20 to 30 products per month. Compare that to Western brands, which release ten to 30 per year.
What to Expect in the Future:
more women and men will discover the secret of Korean beauty

  • Tap into demand for products and Korean-inspired treatments
  • Hold events explaining Korean rituals, benefits of masks, etc.

Information was taken from the Spafinder Wellness 365 2016 trends report (Canada partners, click here), as well as a recent UCI Extension webinar presented by Spafinder Wellness, Inc.® President Susie Ellis and Research Director Beth McGroarty. View the webinar recording here.


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The Hottest Trends for 2016 Revealed!

2016 trends

The hottest trends for 2016 have arrived!

We’ve just released our Spafinder Wellness 365 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast*—the definitive guide to the top 10 trends that will not only shape the wellness, hospitality, travel, and spa industries this year and beyond, but your business as well.

So, what’s trending in the wellness industry in 2016? Check out the entire presentation here (note: presentation starts @ 7 minutes, 20 seconds in):[youtube][/youtube]

Here are the Top 10 (random order):

  1. Surf’s Up! New Waves in Wellness
  2. Sexual Wellbeing: Taboo No More
  3. Temazcal (temas’kal)
  4. Parenting Well: Serious Spa & Wellness for Kids
  5. The Adrenaline and Zen Cocktail: Resetting the Mind & Body
  6. Well-Fests: Festivals Shift from Wasted to Wellness
  7. On Demand: Uber-izing Spa & Wellness
  8. Skin Care Gets Seoul-ful: The Korean Beauty Explosion 2.0
  9. Healthy Cruising: The Ship of Excess Has Set Sail
  10. Workplace Wellness Wakes Up

Throughout the year we’ll be doing stories on each of these 2016 trends, so be sure to head to The 365 often for an in-depth look. We can’t wait to share features on these 10 amazing trends!

*The 2016 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast  from Spafinder Wellness 365 is the result of research by the company’s team of analysts, editors and industry experts, and based on ongoing surveys of, interviews with, and visits to the 25,000-plus spa, wellness and beauty providers in the Spafinder Wellness 365 network.

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WEBINAR: Spafinder Wellness 365’s 2016 Trends Forecast

trends 2016

We’d like to offer you this special invitation: Don’t miss this special preview of the highly anticipated 13th annual Spafinder Wellness 365 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Report.

Please join Susie Ellis, president, Spafinder Wellness, Inc.®, and Beth McGroarty, research director, for a special review of our 13th annual global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast.

We hope you will join us and be the first to discover the trends that will impact our industry in 2016 and beyond.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
11 a.m. EST/4 p.m. GMT
Register Now



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8 Ways Your Property Can Profit from the Spa on Arrival Trend

Spa on Arrival

It used to be that spa treatments were a luxurious add-on while traveling for business or pleasure; now, however, spa treatments and other wellness offerings are being prioritized both en route and on arrival—either to get a head-start on relaxation or to kick-start productivity by shaking off travel fatigue. We named “Spa on Arrival (& En Route)” one of the top 10 trends in our 2015 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast (Canada partners, click here.) Here are eight ways to profit from this trend at your spa or wellness property—and help guests nip jet lag in the bud and hit the ground feeling alert, energized, and relaxed.

  1. Have your reservations department ask guests if they’d like to schedule a spa treatment and/or fitness class at the same time they’re booking a stay.
  2. Upon check in, have the front desk hand guests a spa/fitness menu along with their room key. Or, leave a spa/fitness menu on guest room pillows.
  3. Make spa services or exercise classes/personal training sessions available during extended hours. (Luxury Oberoi Hotels and Resorts chain offers 24-hour spa-ing for their clientele who arrive any time of the day or night.) Or, contemplate keeping your gym open round the clock.
  4. If you’re unable to keep fitness facilities open 24 hours, consider making complimentary online fitness instruction available in guest rooms.
  5. Leave a yoga mat, exercise bands, free weights, or other simple equipment in rooms so guests can work out should they please.
  6. Use in-room aromatherapy that soothes guests following a day of travel.
  7. Allow travelers access to online booking and concierge services that can deliver spa experiences virtually anytime and anywhere.
  8. Tap into the “wellness on arrival” vibe by providing unique touches like tea ceremonies, healthy smoothies, or designated spa therapies for guests upon check in. (For example, Cheval Blank Randheli in the Maldives [operated by LVMH] boasts a complimentary 20-minute Jet Lag Recovery massage for all guests at the start of their stay; Maya Sayang in Bali incorporates a welcome foot massage into the check-in process; and Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Emiliano ushers guests into its full-service spa for a complimentary 15-minute massage.)
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Quick Read: Spafinder Top 10 Trends for 2015

Short on time? If you haven’t had a chance to read the full Spafinder 2015 Trends Report: Top 10 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast, here’s an excellent summary by European Spa Magazine, a leading business resource for spa and wellness professionals across Europe. As well, we encourage you to download and read the thought-provoking report in its entirety on or when you are able.

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Top 10 Global Spa & Wellness Trends for 2015 Revealed!


We’ve unveiled our top 10 global spa and wellness trends! Our in-depth, must-read trends forecast (now in its 12th year!) divulges what’s shaping the industry in 2015; it’s developed by Spafinder Wellness 365®’s team of researchers, editors, and industry experts and based on surveys with our vast network of consumers, travel agents, and spa and wellness business conducted over the last year. Download the full report here to read what spa and wellness enthusiasts are seeking. Plus, missed our trends webinar? Re-listen to it here.

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WEBINAR: The Biggest Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2015

Save the date for Spafinder Wellness 365®’s Top 10 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, January 13, at 11 a.m. EST/4 p.m. GMT. Widely anticipated year after year, the 12th annual global trends forecast is an in-depth analysis spotlighting the where, why, and how consumers will seek spa and wellness in 2015 and the year(s) ahead. Register now.


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2013 Trend Report: How It Will Affect the Day Spa Industry

By Sallie Fraenkel, SpaFinder® Wellness executive vice president, corporate development and industry relations

SpaFinder® Wellness has been forecasting trends for the past 10 years, and I’ve been involved with this process for nine of them (somehow, that doesn’t seem possible)! And we usually do a pretty good job of predicting the trends (in fact, Susie Ellis, our president, grades us each year on how we do . . . how’s that for accountability)?

Forecasting implies a prediction of future situations or results, and that is why we call our report a “trends forecast.” Click Here to download the 2013 Trend Report.

Utilizing a team of research analysts, we develop the global spa and wellness trends over the course of an entire year. It’s a painstaking process where we use ongoing surveys with our network that consists of over 20,000 spa, wellness, fitness, and beauty providers, thousands of travel agents, and hundreds of thousands of consumers. In addition, we visit many spas around the world (one of the best parts of the job) and interview top industry stakeholders.

The result is a future view of what we think is coming in the year ahead for our industry. Sometimes a trend is ahead of its time, as is the case with this year’s “Mindfulness Massage.” “Wellness Tourism,” a prediction from 2010, is just now starting to gain traction, although we saw it coming onto the scene almost three years ago. One of our 2008 trends, “Taking Sleep Seriously… Especially if You Want to Lose Weight,” really raised a few eyebrows back then. But now, most of us in the spa industry have come to understand the importance of sleep and address it in many ways in the treatments now offered.

How can these trends help you in your business? Learning the background and research behind the trends will help you think further ahead to serve your customers’ needs and attract new clientele. In my ESI presentation, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty to make sense of the 2013 trends so that you can practically apply them in what you do.

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Capture the Teen/Tween Spa Audience

The spa scene isn’t solely for the adult genre anymore – teens and tweens are becoming just as spa savvy, as beauty trends become increasingly friendlier for every budget and the importance of wellness is recognized at an earlier age.

“As more families travel with children to spas, the industry is evolving to accommodate the under-18 set, from opening kids-only spas to offering services focused on everything from childhood obesity to the development of lifelong wellness practices,” according to the SpaFinder’s 2012 Spa Trend Report™.

As more spas grow cognizant of the rapidly growing traveler demand to be able to bring teens, tweens (and even younger!) along for the spa experience, it’s predicted that far more resort and hotel spas will reevaluate age restrictions in fitness/spa areas and welcome these age groups with appropriate, tailored programming.

What could this mean for your spa or wellness business? Here are some easy tips to expand your teen and tween audience:

  • Reconsider your spa’s age restrictions (if any apply), and realize that expanding your clientele to teens and tweens may be a lucrative marketing venture – and, as a bonus, accommodating the younger crowd will most likely please your adult spa-goers that are parents.
  • Roll out teen/tween programming: Take a cue from places like the Topnotch Resort and Spa, which now offers dedicated kids’ packages like The Shirley Temple (for girls under 12), a combination of a mini spa manicure, a June Jacobs bubbly spa pedicure, mini facial and Shirley Temple drink, that cater to the younger traveler. As well, services like teen yoga or deep-cleansing facials, complete with a pre-treatment consultation with an esthetician or post-treatment talk about at-home skincare tips, teach new generations of spa-goers fabulous wellness and beauty habits.
  • Skim your spa menu and rename, or add, some spa treatments…: Ice Cream Pedicures or Starfish Sparkle Manicures (Sundae Spa in Connecticut) or the Teen Transformation Facial (Loews Coronado Bay Resort) make spa services sound appealing to the teen/tween crowd.
  • …Or, create a new teen/tween spa menu altogether: SENSE, A Rosewood Spa at Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort, recently launched its Rose Buds™ Junior Spa Menu, for guests ages 4 to 16, which includes treatments like Chillax, the Beach Bliss Mani and Pedi, Mini Massage, Mini Facial, braiding and hair wraps.
  • Designate an area of your spa for kids only: Major destination and resort spas like KeyLime Cove and Disney Aulani in the U.S. and Schloss Elamu in Germany feature special spas designed just for teens and kids; if this isn’t possible, designate an area (or even just a day of the week/month/etc.) of your spa for your younger guests only. The Homestead performs Kidspa Tween & Teen Services, such as My First Facial or the Blueberry Belle Pedicure, exclusively in its Spa Suite.
  • Get the adults involved: Encourage parents to ease their tween or teen into the spa scene by promoting such treatments as mom-daughter/father-son massage or personal fitness sessions for two.
  • Spa parties: Turn your typical spa party (i.e., bridal showers or bachelorette parties) into a kid-friendly version for the under-18 demographic. Targeted treatments (teen facials, mani/pedis, makeup applications, etc.) and fun food will make it a hit.

Learn more about SpaFinder’s 2012 Spa Trend Report.

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