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Banner Day: Why You Should Invest in Banner Promotions

Banners are an exceptional way to highlight your business and get your message across. Banners afford the ability to include video, rich content marketing your property or a special event/promotion, stunning images, and more. Want to discuss a plan that works for you? Contact your sales rep at

As well, here are beautiful examples of recent banners that have graced the site—take a look and generate some ideas of your own!

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It’s Showtime!

Turn on your TV and tune in to see Spafinder’s first-ever TV commercials! To signify our global reach, there are U.S.-*, UK-, and Canada-specific versions, though all 15- and 30-second spots carry the same objectives: a) to drive traffic to our websites and your listings; b) to boost business for partners accepting Spafinder Gift Cards; and c) to showcase our new branding, ultimately bringing more customers through your doors.

View the commercials here:

– 30-second spot

– 15-second spot

* Atlanta is currently being used as a test market with plans to expand throughout the U.S. soon.

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Your Enhanced Listing Now Gives You Access to Last Minute

Good news! Effective immediately, your Enhanced Listing on now includes free access to Last Minute, our last minute availability and yield tool. Let us help you fill gaps in your booking calendar. Post reoccurring appointments or log in daily to post those open times. Let us help you maximize the productivity of your staff, treatment rooms, and classes, all while attracting a new customer. To learn more about this service, which is 100% performance driven (no cost to you unless an appointment is booked), go to the Last Minute Deals tab in the partner portal:

  • When you get to the tab, simply review the instructions and terms, select your metro area (if you do not find your city, select “Nationwide”)

For questions or help in setting up last minute, contact your account manager or Alexandra Corey at:

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Good News! We’re Making Managing Your Profile a Breeze

You should have received this letter in your inbox, but just in case you missed it, we’d like to reiterate it: You can now manage your Last Minute bookings and profile at the same location where you access and manage your profile and gift card redemptions. To do so, log in with your credentials here. Once you log in, simply click on the Last Minute tab on the left side of the page.

A couple of quick reminders:

  • If you are a Last Minute partner that does not already have a profile, a complimentary standard listing has been created for you and will be displayed on for a limited time. You will receive a separate email shortly with your new SpaFinder Wellness login and password information.
  • Please note your profile will be listed as a business that does not accept SpaFinder Wellness Gift Cards. If, however, you would like to upgrade your listing and/or begin accepting SpaFinder Wellness Gift Cards at your business, please contact:
  • Remember, you will now be able to use your SpaFinder Wellness login and password to access your Last Minute appointment posting and bookings—and manage other aspects of your listing with here as well. Please contact should you have any questions.

Our goal with this integration is to create a single access point for all SpaFinder Wellness partner services. It will also increase the ways we can market your Last Minute openings to the millions of consumers who go to to find spa, wellness and fitness services.

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Record Early Voting in Readers’ Choice Awards Prompts Competitive Race

SpaFinder® Wellness has reported that voting for the 2013 SpaFinder Wellness Readers’ Choice Awards is at a record high, as spa and wellness enthusiasts cast ballots for their favorite spas, salons, fitness and yoga studios, and more. Since the competition is so fierce, you know your colleagues have been ramping up plans to generate votes–which means it’s time to look at your own marketing strategy and determine whether or not it’s a winner. Here are five quick and painless ideas to keep your spa, fitness studio, or wellness facility in the spotlight, so readers remember you when voting (which ends September 6!).

  1. To spread the word about the Readers’ Choice Awards and make it easy for your clients to cast their votes, download the Readers’ Choice logo to place on your own website. (Plus, be sure to preview the main voting page for more award information.)
  2. While you’re at it, place the logo on your social media outlets as well.
  3. Schedule weekly mentions on your social media outlets particularly Facebook and Twitter, reminding your clients voting for the Awards has begun.
  4. Never underestimate the power of an email blast. It can be catchy, or as simple as: Voting for the 2013 SpaFinder Wellness Readers’ Choice Awards has begun! Cast your ballots here.
  5. Print up eye-catching “get out the vote” reminder notecards to place at your spa reception desk for guests to take home.
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Family Travel: 9 Business Tips to Meet the Needs of Every Family Member

More than three-quarters of Americans plan on taking a vacation this summer, and 45 percent of them will travel with family, according to a recent Orbitz survey. Help make their stay at your hotel or resort spa a seamless (and stress-free) one with these nine tips.

  1. Have your concierge create a list of family activities in your hotel/resort’s surrounding area and hand to your clients upon check-in; if your spa provides children or teen spa treatments, offer that menu at the same time.
  2. Assemble gift bags for families upon arrival filled with activities to keep the kiddies entertained, including coloring books, maps of the hotel/resort, games, etc.
  3. Celebrate family travelers by offering kid-friendly spa or fitness services, i.e., mother-daughter massage, father-son yoga, etc. If that’s not feasible, feature something simple such as children’s mani/pedis.
  4. Designate a kids’ concierge, who is responsible for arranging local family outings, on-property activities to entice the little ones, and more.
  5. Make your family amenities—from cribs and trundle beds to kid and teens’ programs and adjoining suites—prominent on your website.
  6. As well, highlight family-friendly promotions on your website, social media outlets, etc.
  7. Since children are prone to be finicky eaters, consider featuring a healthy children’s menu or buffet at your dining establishment(s).
  8. Stock guest room bathrooms with kid-friendly products.
  9. Showcase a lendable library of family-friendly DVDs and books.
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June: A Big Month for Your Business

Father’s Day. National Employee Wellness Month. The start of vacation and wedding season. What can we say—there’s a lot going on in June, which means it’s going to be a big month for your business! Capitalize on these potentially huge events with a to-do list that keeps your marketing initiatives in check.

  • Create special promotions that cater to dads, employees, or brides-to-be. For instance, a father-son workout session with one of your staff’s personal trainers; a men’s-only golf & spa getaway package; a father-son massage (after all, couple’s massage is no longer just for, well, couples—and men are spending more time and money at the spa).
  • Recall that social media is your friend—Facebook-ing and tweeting your promotions is a foolproof way to garner business.
  • As well, engage clientele in conversation on Facebook or Twitter: Ask dads, uncles, etc. what type of spa, fitness, or wellness gift they’d like for Father’s Day, or what they find most relaxing about the spa, etc. in order to promote back-and-forth banter.
  • Highlight men’s spa treatments on your menu, i.e., men’s facial, men’s close shave, men’s pedicure. Amp it up with male-friendly scents and products during aromatherapy massage or skin-care treatments, etc. As for the business group? Try quick mini treatments area employees can indulge in during their lunch break.
  • Plan special events at your spa such as bridal parties or office parties to celebrate the month of June. It doesn’t have to be fancy—take the simple route by providing makeup tutorials with brides-to-be and their wedding parties, or by setting up mini massages or mani/pedi services for an office group.
  • It’s National Employee Wellness Month, so make sure to show your own employees some love and inspire them to lead healthier, happier lives. Learn more about how SpaFinder Wellness Currency can help your business.
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Spark the Spa & Wellness Conversation: Q&A with Lindsay Lopez, Form Pilates Union Square

Lindsay Lopez, Form Pilates Union SquareThis inaugural feature in our Q&A spa and wellness series brings you the insight of Lindsay Lopez, founder of Form Pilates Union Square in NYC. She shares details into marketing strategies, the philosophy of her studio, tips for motivating clients, and more.

Q: You’re originally from L.A. and relocated to NYC. Do you find the Pilates scene to be different between the two cities? If so, how?

A: I grew up in Los Angeles and started teaching there over 10 years ago. When I started teaching, Pilates was not as prevalent as it is now….there were very few studios on the scene. I had never seen classical New York-style Pilates until my mentor came to L.A. to teach; it’s definitely more of a modern take on the method. In California, Pilates is more fitness-based; people are more interested in esthetics, having a flat stomach, perfect body, and here in New York, people are more concerned about getting around. You have to walk everywhere, climb the subway steps, etc.

Form Pilates Union SquareQ: What would you say is your philosophy for your studio?

A: I’ve worked in a lot of different Pilates studios and right before I had a chance to take over this existing Pilates studio, which became Form, I was working at Equinox. One of the things that I felt after years of teaching was that it was really hard to make a living teaching Pilates, and people didn’t really understand that you can’t teach 40-plus hours of week without burning yourself out.

At Form, teachers could come, they could bring their own clients, charge what they wanted and still have a great, clean space with equipment that was in working order…They like it because they make more money, I like it because I have less overhead, and it seems to work well.

I really wanted it to be about a community, about entrepreneurs, where teachers could be entrepreneurs as well. Sixty percent of revenue is rental income, that’s little to no overhead…We’re hoping to open a second location next year, same concept.

Q: What kind of marketing do you find to be most successful?

A: I built my business on word of mouth. I don’t do too much traditional marketing…The biggest marketing tip I can give is to build your email list organically through your website…I’m diligent about communicating with my list; it keeps me in their mind. It’s organic. It’s people that raised their hand and said, “I’m interested.” I give a lot of high-value free content: videos or articles about food, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Word of mouth, community, and email list are the three [main initiatives], and the website is the vehicle for all of that. As well, definitely market on social media.

Form Pilates Union Square StudioQ: What kind of techniques do you use to keep your clientele motivated during a workout – and coming back to Form?

A: I think it’s the experience of the studio. Our studio has a high-end spa-like feel, like you’re doing something really nice for yourself, from the time you walk in to the door to the time you leave the session. We have fresh flowers, tea, a place to sit. It’s not just about their workout, it’s about relaxation and a treat for themselves.

We give a personalized approach to the method. We can only have four bodies working out at the same time. Every client has a plan…and I can attest to that—my clients have been with me for years. In general, I think it’s the relationship—it goes beyond the actual workout and the experience…[Also], trainers all have been trained really well and have different backgrounds to offer.

Q: What do you think sets your studio apart from others?

A: The fact that we deal with teachers and allow them to rent the space and focus on the entrepreneurial side of things. We’re boutique: It’s all one-on-one or duet sessions. We’re exclusively in that genre, in that niche—not larger classes.

Q: You devote your career to helping people feel their best. How do you take care of yourself?

A: Sleep is huge for me. I have to make sure I get enough sleep a night, and I’ve learned over the years, I do need eight hours. I do take at least one full day off [a week] when I don’t do anything business-related. I do my own workouts—Pilates, spinning…It’s really easy as an instructor to become discouraged if you’re not giving yourself the workout. I try to eat well, take baths, go to the spa. In general, I think the rest and taking a day off is huge for me.

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5 Last-Minute Ways to Elevate Sales this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for spas, and SpaFinder® Wellness online data shows that gift-givers tend to buy their presents or make their gift-giving decisions in the final days before the holiday. (Preliminary results from our 2013 Mother’s Day survey also report that moms are more stressed than ever before!) Here are some last-minute tips to maximize sales and make Mother’s Day not only a great day for moms, but for your business, too.

  1. Consider your clientele: When crafting up Mother’s Day specials, be sure to think about a range of customers and offer deals or promotions that are attractive to every budget.
  2. Make the most of your SpaFinder Wellness partnership: Don’t forget to post Mother’s Day deals on your listing. Head to to log in, set up, and manage promotions for your business.
  3. Brand your deal(s): Create offers with a special message attached such as “What does mom need this year?”; “How can I show mom my appreciation?”; “Mom could use a little ‘me time’”; etc. If you can, consider allowing the deals to be available throughout the entire month of May—and don’t just cater to moms; think sisters, aunts, daughters, all special women who deserve a little relaxation.
  4. Send your clientele a Mother’s Day shout out: Connect with your Facebook and Twitter audiences by sharing news of special Mother’s Day offers; keep them in the loop as well by establishing a mailing list of clients and sending out an email blast.
  5. Last-minute deals: And not to toot our own horn, don’t forget our last-minute deals initiative to fill not-yet-booked appointments!
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The Nature of Spa

Special guest post by Anne Bramham, founder of ASTECC

Like nature, spa has a wonderful way of reminding us who we really are.

Water, mud, algae, mineral salts, and essential oils are the basis of most spa services, and it is in the application of these organic elements that spa becomes an artful expression of its remarkable therapeutic potential.

Consider the use of essential oils.

Essential oils are composed primarily of carbon and hydrogen chains – two of the most abundant elements on earth and in our body. Carbon’s nature entails cell division and new life. Hydrogen, slightly hypnotic in its essence, expands – reaching greater heights, penetrating to greater depths. Used in aromatherapy,  essential oils engage the deepest part of ourselves, stimulating memory, emotions, dreams, and our creativity.

Not long ago while teaching at a resort spa, I gave a student-therapist an aromatherapy treatment. A woman in her mid-twenties, she was overweight and suffered with facial skin eruptions and lower back pain.

Palpation revealed restrictions in the root pathway of the nerve supplying the abdominal muscles and pancreas. Her hips were noticeably misaligned. She showed restrictions through the cervical vertebrae and thickening in the tissue below the mastoid process. In questioning her during treatment I learned she had a family history of diabetes. I also learned she suffered with digestive problems.  She admitted to an inability to express feelings and a difficult relationship with a family member.

In the course of the 90 minute session she began to relax, then fell into a sound sleep.

The following morning the woman reported that she’d had a good night’s rest, and over the next few days she began reading up on diabetes. She  purchased supplements to stabilize blood sugar and to assist metabolism. She made an appointment to be fitted with prosthetics to balance her hip and lower back.  She began eating healthier foods. Over a period of several days her voice grew stronger, her presence more visible.

Her response to the treatment  was not uncommon. The woman was ready for change.  The therapeutic application of organic earth matter had activated a creative and life-affirming process.

On my last day at the resort the young woman approached me. She looked vital and alive and she told me she couldn’t remember ever feeling so well.

That’s the nature of spa.

Plus, read our recent Q&A with Anne.

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