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Investing Even More in You: Wellness Week® is March 11-17

This year, we’re investing even more in you: We’re pulling out all the stops to make Wellness Week®, presented by SpaFinder® Wellness, a great week for you and your business—with NO SIGN-UP and NO COST to you. And this Wellness Week (taking place in the U.S., Canada, and the UK, March 11-17), SpaFinder Wellness is presenting an unprecedented bonus gift card to motivate consumers to embrace a healthier lifestyle and bring more customers to you.

What is the deal?

We will be offering a free $25 Wellness Week bonus Card with the purchase of a $25 SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card; the bonus card offer will be available starting February 20 and will be valid during Wellness Week only at the 20,000 wellness businesses globally that accept SpaFinder Wellness Gift Cards.

How to maximize Wellness Week

  • Tell your customers and local press about this bonus gift card offer
  • Post an additional Wellness Week special on our deals tab:

To learn more about bonus card redemptions or to answer any additional questions, see our Wellness Week FAQs page.

  • Share wellness tips and advice from our Wellness Week panel of experts and insightful features on our SpaFinder Wellness Blog.
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Ms. Hemingway Goes to Washington

National Wellness Week, “The Pledge” Kickoff on Capitol Hill

Advocating wellness for all, Mariel Hemingway, Academy Award®-nominated actress and national spokesperson for 2012 Wellness Week™, led SpaFinder’s kickoff event in Washington, D.C., last week in the company of congressional leaders and wellness advocates.

On Capitol Hill, before more than 80 attendees, including the Washington Spa Alliance, both outside and inside-the-beltway press and national trade organizations, including National Coalition on Health Care, American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Medical Student Association, American Society of Plastic Surgeons and National Committee for Quality Assurance, Hemingway urged Americans to consider wellness their “birthright,” as she unveiled the Wellness Week Pledge, seven simple steps Americans can adopt to help them live healthier, happier lives.

Hemingway invited all attendees to join her in taking The Pledge, which comprises eating a healthy breakfast, moving more, hydrating, connecting with nature, making sleep a priority, embracing the power of touch and finding silence every day.

The Pledge is the cornerstone of Wellness Week, presented by SpaFinder, which will take place from March 19 – 25, when spas, private trainers, yoga and Pilates studios and other wellness businesses will offer guests specials from 50% off to $50 prices. Many locations will also host inspiring events led by experts, at no cost to the guest, in order to make the wellness lifestyle more accessible.

The Wellness Week Pledge

Attendees signed the Wellness Week Pledge

Asked which step was most important to her, Hemingway answered the seventh, which was “to give myself the gift of silence.” Along with her, Representatives Tom Petri (R-WI) and Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), themselves “passionate” about wellness, delivered welcome remarks at event and were introduced by SpaFinder EVP Sallie Fraenkel. In addition, co-founder Dr. Daniel Friedland addressed the crowd, urging them to actively take charge of their healthcare, and consider themselves “the CEO” of their overall health.

Fraenkel, Hemingway and Dr. Friedland later met with other members of Congress, including Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. Joe Pitts, and signed a banner with the Wellness Week pledge on it, as a way to get people on board and committed to making a difference in their health and the health of our nation.

Sallie Fraenkel from SpaFinder, Senator Barbara Boxer and Mariel Hemingway, spokesperson, Wellness Week

Sallie Fraenkel from SpaFinder, Senator Barbara Boxer and Mariel Hemingway, spokesperson, Wellness Week

It was energizing to witness how Washington is “getting it” and as Fraenkel said in her intro remarks, “This is just the beginning…”

Also in attendance:

  • Legislative staff from House and Senate including: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator John Kerry, Senator Kent Conrad, Senator Lisa Murkowski, Senator Michael Bennett, Representative Charlie Rangle, Representative Pat Tiberi  and House Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions
  • Media including: National Journal, Congressional Quarterly/Roll Call,  US News & World Report, The Hill, Washington Examiner, Washington Express, Washingtonian, Washington Life, Georgetown Dish,  K Street Kate, All About the Pretty (blog), All Natural Annie (blog)

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How to Make a Successful Wellness Week Event

Wellness Week™, March 19-25, is fast approaching, and one of the inspiring components of this weeklong event is the chance for partners to host free community events. In addition to SpaFinder’s extensive national advertising and PR initiatives for Wellness Week, these happenings encourage people in your area to take charge of their health — and ultimately provide you with an innovative way to market to both current clients and new ones. Your event doesn’t have to be fancy or intimidating – from a simple sip-and-spa get-together to a nutritional talk, look at your event as a way for people to explore your spa, yoga, Pilates or fitness studio, and recognize that it’s a rewarding way to give back and represent your community.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Why Host a Wellness Week event?

  • It has potential to raise awareness of your business
  • It can generate customers – whether old or new –  to come through your doors
  • It encourages clients to try something new

Planning Your Event from A to Z

Pre-event planning

  • Motivate your fitness/wellness team to brainstorm: Have a meeting with your spa or wellness team to brainstorm and assign responsibilities.
  • Keep it simple: Pick just one message or topic that your event revolves around. Recruit a lead therapist, a nutritionist, wellness consultant, etc. to come in and deliver a lecture or speech. Invite clients to come in for a tour and serve champagne. Gift a product to clients and explain to them the benefits. Check out the SpaFinder Wellness Week Event in a Box for ideas.
  • Create a snazzy invite to generate a crowd: Use an attention-grabbing title, urge invitees to mark their calendars and bring a friend or create a call to action by including an RSVP. If using an electronic invitation, have a link that people can click on right to the RSVP. Remember to put signs up in the reception area to promote your event, and post event details on your social media pages.
  • Promote: Check your inbox for an email explaining the Wellness Week toolkit that includes password-protected marketing tools – posters, web banners, templates and more – to help you promote your offerings in your community.
  • Get spa or wellness brands involved: Vendors have an annual budget for sampling and are enthusiastic about promoting their brand, so inquire with your spa or wellness business’s brand. Some 2012 Wellness Week Spa Brand partners – Alchimie Forever, June Jacobs, Belly Friendly, Somme Institute and Suvara – guarantee they will support the events if your business already works with them.
  • Be resourceful: Or, get local businesses involved as well and ask for donations, whether it be food or beverage or decor.
  • Set revenue targets: While the foundation of these events lies in education and raising awareness toward a healthier lifestyle, events do have income potential. You’re going to spend money, but you can also make money. People that go to events are in the party mode, which can mean the buying mode.

Tips for a successful event

  • Host the event during Wellness Week; it’s an ideal time because there’s already extensive national advertising and PR initiatives behind the nation’s largest wellness event.
  • A private affair: If you’re able, just keep the event private.
  • Initiate a call to action, i.e., the first 10 people to RSVP get a free consultation, product, goody bag with your spa menu and samples, etc.
  • Picture perfect: Have someone on staff take photos during the event that can later be uploaded to your social media outlets.
  • Indulge the senses: Let party guests use their senses. Have aromatherapy oils for them to smell, scrubs and masks to try, spa tours, etc. And if you’re going high-tech with your event, we recommend performing invasive services on other spa therapists or models and not necessarily a party guest.

Contact us at for any questions.

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Letter From the Editor

Shari_Rosenberg_SpaFinderHappy 2012!  Fresh starts, resolutions and getting healthy.  For many of us, a new year inspires an appetite for health, giving way to a season of spa and wellness. As you can see, this newsletter, as well as, has a fresh look to start the New Year. The Club Spa blog, one of the most popular spa and wellness blogs, will also debut a new look later this month.  Here are a few ideas that we hope will make this year a standout for you.

Mark Your Calendars

Wellness Week™ kicks off March 19-25, 2012.  The nationwide movement is dedicated to providing consumers an affordable way to discover and experience the wellness lifestyle. This year, SpaFinder has joined forces with celebrated actress and leading wellness advocate, Mariel Hemingway, as the national spokesperson for Wellness Week.

Our multimedia editorial is a key component in building awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle – and sending new business to participating spas and wellness businesses. This original content will focus on these six inspiring topics:

  • The De-Stress Guide
  • H20 Healthy
  • Zen in Zzzz’s
  • The NEW Fitness
  • Glorious Food
  • What Heals You

Plus, we have a social media campaign in store that includes contests, giveaways, original content, tips and tweet-chats with wellness experts. Let us know if you’re interested in providing prizes for social media contests leading up to and throughout Wellness Week. We also encourage you to share our wellness content on your own social media channels, blog and website.  If you aren’t already, please follow us on Twitter at @SpaFinder and use the tag #WellnessWeek for all related tweets.  We promise to follow you back!

I invite you to be part of the conversation with our wellness-seeking audience for Wellness Week and all year long by sending us your news as it relates to beauty, fitness, products, recipes, special deals, travel, trends, treatments, wellness tips, etc.

For more information on joining Wellness Week, contact Lea Crawford at (646)695-0584 or

A Tasty Opportunity

It’s no surprise that healthy spa cuisine strikes a chord with readers.  Last year we launched a new monthly email, Spa Recipes, which has been a big hit! Each month we showcase a delicious, wholesome spa recipe from one of our partners.  As part of this year’s expansion of Wellness Week, SpaFinder will be making healthy spa menus visible to the national audience.

I encourage you to send Amy Sung, our food and wellness editor, your distinctive healthy spa recipes (preferably with nutritional information), the stories surrounding them and even bios of your exceptional chefs.

In this start of a New Year, I look forward to working with you in the months ahead and urge you to take full advantage of the many editorial opportunities SpaFinder offers.  Please feel free to contact me anytime at

Be well,

Shari Rosenberg

Senior Editor

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Wellness Week™ Update! Mariel Hemingway Announced as Spokesperson

The next national Wellness Week™  will take place March 19-25, 2012, and will be backed by major sponsors, a huge PR campaign, a greatly increased advertising campaign, and a very special national spokesperson.

Mariel Hemingway, Spokesperson for Wellness WeekWe’d like you to also be among the first to know the exciting news about the national movement. SpaFinder is joining forces with celebrated actress and wellness advocate Mariel Hemingway for Wellness Week™!  This promises to elevate this event to an unprecedented level, bringing even more customers to you and more attention to our industry.

Mariel Hemingway, Spokesperson for Wellness Week
Wellness Week 2012 will bring together spas, fitness studios, yoga practitioners, Pilates studios and other wellness businesses to shine a spotlight on the wide range of wellness options available in communities across the country.  In addition to offering free classes, workshops, seminars and consultations, participating locations will also offer weeklong specials (either 50 percent off discounts or flat-rate $50 deals), providing consumers with an affordable way to experience and discover the best of the wellness lifestyle.  

Read the full press release.

Email us at to learn more.

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Top Grocers Feature Wellness Week™

Top GrocersIn every corner of the country where America grocery shops, people will be learning about Wellness Week™. More than 2,000 grocery stores have partnered with SpaFinder to display in-store signage and flyers promoting this innovative, weeklong, wellness event. Major chains include Safeway, A&P/Pathmark, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, and Giant.

Learn more about Wellness Week™

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Coming Soon to Real Housewives

Bravo TVFans of The Real Housewives series, Top Chef, Millionaire Matchmaker, and more will soon be devotees of Wellness Week™, as commercials will run all over Bravo TV from Feb. 28 – March 6. Spots will be seen in over 9 million households – every single U.S. market! Tune in to catch the commercials that will bring new customers to your business. After all, you’re the star of Wellness Week™!

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