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Female Inspired Spa Specials Drive Walk Ins

girlfriend getaway

Girlfriend Getaways, Boss Babe Retreats, Mommy & Me Spa Days all sound like a lot of fun! Well, while we think they do, so do our customers!

The Not-So-Secret Sauce

It’s not a secret that women love spas–and that they enjoy spending time with their girlfriends and favorite family members.  Combine those two truths and you have a winning marketing combo that is probably already on your menu. (Think girlfriend getaways, bridal parties, mom and me specials.)  Add spice to your offerings and offer new packages for their girl tribe.

Rethink Bridal & Bachelorette Parties

Today, spa bridal and bachelorette parties are as traditional as saying, “I do.” Shake things up to create new trends in these spa staples.

  • First, think about website branding and marketing. Rather than simply saying, “We have facilities for bridal parties,” come up with catchy titles–for example, Bachelorette Spa Bash or Wedding Belles.
  • Hold a spa party-planning event. Invite brides-to-be in your area to check out your spa and share tips on how to prepare for a special day for everyone in the bridal party. (A little champagne goes a long way!) During the event, remind them of the dos and don’ts of pre-wedding treatments.

Girlfriend Getaways–At Home or Away

Girlfriend Getaways are always a win. This is a premier Spafinder program and one that will resonate with your clients.  Check out Spafinder for creative package examples and ideas on how to combine treatments and services to attract girlfriends to your getaway.

OR if you are a day spa and want to attract a woman’s group, have a Spa Sister Day or Besties Splurge day. Plan a day or afternoon of events that BFFs can enjoy together, come up with a snazzy name–and spread the word!

Go Professional, Spa Style

Women especially have much to juggle and need to find ways to relax. They also crave more grownup social time with friends and family. This is where your spa can provide creative solutions. Create special experiences for small groups of women and invite businesses and professional organizations in your area to share the packages with their members.  In addition, consider partnering with a person who specializes in team building and develop a program that includes spa treatments and bonding exercises.



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