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World Travel Market London Creates New Business Opportunities at the WTM Wellness Lounge, in Association with Spafinder.


On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, the Wellness Travel Market London’s (WTM) Wellness Lounge will be back for its second year, featuring a new addition–WTM Wellness Speed Networking. The Wellness Lounge, presented in association with Spafinder Wellness, gives spa, hotels and resorts an exclusive opportunity to meet and network with international buyers in a dedicated lounge for spa and wellness travel professionals, all from a dedicated private pod.
Exhibitors will be able to attend the invaluable WTM Wellness Speed Networking, an opportunity for the leading domestic and international travel buyers’ to visit exhibitors in a series of mini-meetings, helping suppliers achieve new business connections. WTM Wellness Speed Networking will take place at 10:00 a.m. GMT on Wednesday November 8. Exhibitors also have priority when attending the WTM Buyers’ Club Speed Networking.
WTM Wellness Lounge exhibitors will benefit from:
• Dedicated private pod in the exclusive WTM Wellness Lounge with logo graphic, table and chairs, lighting, power and Wi-Fi.
• Networking opportunities for wellness buyers and suppliers.
• Priority access to WTM Buyers’ Speed Networking sessions – meet potential new contacts during five-minute mini-meetings.
• An online networking tool to connect with the wider WTM audience.
• Invitation to the Wellness Travel Awards in association with Spafinder
• Reception hosted on the evening of Wednesday, November 9.
• Exposure to the WTM Buyer database through a dedicated email profiling all Wellness Lounge suppliers
• Staff badge and online directory listing
• Promotion in the WTM Catalogue, WTM Route Planner and online Exhibitor Directory
• Access to spa/wellness buyer contacts from the WTM visitor database
For information on exhibiting in the WTM Wellness Lounge, please contact Natalia Javkin: or call +44 (020) 8910 7031
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Infinity Med Spa’s 3 Simple Steps To Firmer Skin

Your summer beauty routine doesn’t have to disappear just because the season is coming to a close. Go for an “endless summer” mindset and keep your complexion glowing all year round. We asked Infinity Med Spa in Santa Clarita, California to share three simple steps to achieve toned skin.

Firmer skin is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Exfoliate regularly. “We all need to increase our skin’s rate of cell turnover,” Infinity Med Spa states. Exfoliation is an excellent trick to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and is essential to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin. “We encourage our patients to exfoliate at least three times per week,” the spa says.
  • Drink water religiously…and lots of it. It’s simple and effective for improving skin tone. The best part? “This is tried and true, and you will see a big difference in your skin in only a few days,” the spa adds.
  • Escape to the spa. Sometimes, things are best left to the experts. For more tips on how you can improve the quality and tone of your skin, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with one of Infinity Med Spa’s expert aestheticians. “They can recommend cutting-edge treatments and products that will improve your skin,” the spa says.

Infinity Med Spa is one of the leading medical spas in southern California’s Santa Clarita area. The vibe: stylishly upscale yet inviting. The menu: state-of-the-art medical and day spa services comprising Coolsculpting, Botox and fillers, laser hair removal, HCG medical weight loss, massage, microdermabrasion, and more. The awards: everything from “best day spa” to “number-one injector of Botox and dermal fillers” to “number-one certified Coolsculpting practice in SCV.” The spa’s staff has also been featured in media outlets such as The New York Times, The Magazine of Santa Clarita, and Inside SCV Magazine.

And because we’re on an “endless summer” kick, head to this Valencia-based spa to take advantage of this special offer.

Summer Spa Escape! Save $20 on any service of $100 or more. Good for first-time clients only and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Original Price: $100
Offer Price: $80 (20% off)

infinity med spa welcome desk

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Spafinder Staffers Do Miami Spa Month: COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

We Accept Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards BadgeSpafinder Staffer: Aimee Schmalzle, VP of Marketing

Miami Spa Month Location: COMO Metropolitan, Miami Beach

Service Received: Dr. Hauschka Holistic Facial

Aimee’s take on the spa:The location is a bit farther north than all of the South Beach action: This helps create a feeling of calm, yet it is close enough to the action to get the best of both worlds. The spa is spread across two floors, so it is a bit awkward to navigate at first. There is a steam room, outdoor relaxation area with a creek view, experiential shower, and rooftop therapeutic whirlpool with an ocean view. The shining star of the spa is the whirlpool overlooking the ocean: It is quite large and co-ed, so it is also a fun choice for a date. The scent of the spa is special; a mix of floral and lavender that is very appealing. The staff is very sweet and accommodating. COMO serves a ginger and honey tea that is delicious and refreshing: The ginger was stronger than most ginger teas [I have tried], creating a nice burning sensation as I drank it. You can feel your insides cleansing! Yum.

COMO is a very organic spa that is into traditional methodologies. My facial featured Dr. Hauschka’s products, including the rose moisturizer and cleansing milk. Dr. Hauschka’s products are not aggressive, but smell lovely and are great for someone who prefers natural products or who may want a less intense facial. I use Retina-A, so the combination [of products and service] was perfect as it didn’t further irritate my skin. In fact, it calmed the effects of the Retin-A. I’d recommend the facial for people with sensitive skin. There was also a lymphatic drainage technique that involved facial massage and the use of brushes, which was surprisingly relaxing: It felt dreamy. Once completed, my skin felt supple and moisturized.

Some things to note: You’d need to leave the spa area for a bite to eat. To park, there is a $15 valet or street parking nearby. The location is good for Miami Beach locals or someone staying on the beach.”

This month, check out COMO Metropolitan, Miami Beach and the rest of our Miami Spa Month initiatives. Don’t forget to enter to win a $250 Spafinder Wellness Gift Card: We’re giving away one a week through August 2016!

como miami beach

Via COMO Hotels & Resorts.

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4 Wellness Do’s In San Francisco

The view of Golden Gate Bridge from Lands End on the City Sightseeing Hop On – Hop Off bus tour.

Stay & spa: The InterContinental San Francisco offers the best bang for your wellness buck, providing enough lifestyle variety to meet wellness-seekers needs without compromising the brand’s business-driven reaches. At the hotel’s I-Spa, jet-lagged travelers can arrive to a Traveler’s Tonic Massage, complete with eucalyptus scents and a head and scalp rub. I-Spa also features hard-to-find back facials and decollete treatments.


InterContinental San Francisco lap pool. Via IC San Francisco.

A visit to San Francisco usually means a lot of good eating, so InterContinental’s gym is a life saver for indulgent foodies. Free weights and standard machinery are met with an indoor lap pool and jacuzzi hot tub. If the weather is nice, the gym’s outdoor terrace is a great space for open air yoga or stretching.

intercontinental san francisco club lounge

InterContinental San Francisco Club Lounge.

For an upgraded stay, consider Club Floor accommodations: These rooms provide access to the hotel’s Club Lounge which serves meals and snacks around the clock.

Eat in the Mission: If there is one place where you can get plant-based anything, it’s San Francisco. Throw Mexican flavors into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a must-eat musing. At Gracias Madre, black bean and pesto tortas and butternut quesadillas are served alongside tempeh “chorizo” bowls and smoothies. Across the street at Mission Chinese, guests can get carnivorous or savor spiced-up Asian veggies like “smashed” cucumbers and Mongolian long beans.

muir woods redwoods

Redwoods in Muir Woods.

See the Redwoods: There are many ways to get to the Redwoods, but since I was short on time and did not rent a car, I opted for the City Sightseeing Hop On – Hop Off bus tour. The inclusive ticket option allowed me to experience the entire metro and coastal area, and also cross the Golden Gate Bridge over to Sausalito and Muir Woods. Once at Muir, visitors can go off to the trails or walk the paved circular loop: The air is wonderfully crisp, and the statuesque Redwoods are a humbling sight. Muir is also a lovely spot for a meditative moment or sensory forest bath.

Pop into the SF Wellness & Art Pop-up: At the SF Wellness & Art Pop-up, creatives, therapists, and thought-leaders gather to foster a community around health, wellness, and art. Situated above the All Star Cafe, the collective invites guests to explore physical and mental healing through massage, hypnotherapy, nutrition, and artistic expression. Since it is a pop-up, be sure to check their website’s ongoing calendar for monthly and weekly events and announcements.

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Dtox Day Spa’s 3 DIY Skin Care Saviors

Summertime may be all about carefree living, but constant sun exposure and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on our skin. To help combat these summer skin woes, we tapped into the knowledgeable staff at Dtox Day Spa in Los Angeles, California. Dtox’s Lead Esthetician, Jannette Martinez, suggests focusing on these three factors when building a daily skincare routine and provides simple DIYs for combating these factors at home.

Hydration: “Not only internally, but externally. It’s important to bathe our skin cells with as much moisture [as possible] to prevent epidermal water loss. Our skin is like a sponge. Imagine environmental factors such as air pollution, fumes, smog, extreme climate change, and UV rays squeezing the sponge and leaving it dry, depleting it of moisture. Not only is it now dehydrated, but more susceptible to damage.
When our skin is dehydrated, it is more vulnerable, leaving all of these attackers to ravage our skin.”

How to hydrate the skin at home: “Ever wonder why spa’s use cucumber to add to their water? It’s not just for looks; cucumbers contain a high water content and are high in Vitamins B1, C, and K. Make a refreshing face tonic with fresh cucumber and natural spring water. [Spray] a few spritz before your morning regimen, and throughout the day for a quick refresher.”

Protection: “Protecting the skin with a light-weight sunscreen will prevent that thick, gooey feeling during this scorching summer heat. No more or less than a 30 SPF is needed. A zinc-based sunscreen is a great physical blocker and won’t cause irritation to even the most sensitive skin. Reapplication is essential for continued protection. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your ears, chest, and the back of your hands: Little sunspots tend to creep up on us. Protective sun wear is always a plus in preventing sun damage.”

Exfoliation: “Our skin sheds daily, just as our hair does. And just as brushing our hair is wonderful for stimulating hair growth, our skin receives similar benefits when exfoliated. Not only is [exfoliation] necessary to assist in the removal of dead skin cells, but in doing so, we are helping to stimulate new healthy skin cells which are working their way up to the surface”

How to exfoliate at home: “An easy way to exfoliate is to create a plain yogurt mask: It alone has lactic acid which assists the breakdown of skin cells. You can combine some raw organic honey [to the yogurt] to give it a soothing and moisturizing effect. If you want to get fancy, and add an antioxidant punch with extra exfoliation benefits, mash up a few strawberries and add them to the blend. [Applying the yogurt mask] once a week for 5-8 minutes should do the trick.

While all these home skin care remedies are essential to daily, healthy skin, monthly facials are recommended to maintain a clear complexion. You can work alongside a skin expert to meet your long-term skin care goals.”

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9 Ways To Make Sitting At Your Desk Healthier

Some of us are in an office between eight and 10 hours per day – sitting! When you sitting for an extended period of time, with poor postural habits, your hip flexors get tight, your low back starts to compress, and your chin may start to protrude and put pressure on your cervical spine in the neck and make your traps tight and shoulders roll forward. Years of bad habits may result in back and neck issues and stress on the vertebrae.

The spinal column is made up of 33 vertebrae: seven cervical in the neck, 12 thoracic in the upper back and mid back, five in the lumbar, five sacrum that are fused and then four fused in the tailbone. Between your vertebrae, are invertebral discs. These invertebral discs are a jelly like substance that acts as a cushion for your spine, when walking, running, moving or sitting. A balanced fitness program, including practicing good posture, doing muscle strengthening exercises, stretching the body, and a balanced diet, are all part of keeping the spine healthy and functioning properly.
kara desk 2The Foundation:  When sitting, have an ergonomically sound chair, set properly for your height. Your feet should be hip width apart. Your back should fit comfortably to the back of your chair. If your chair seat is too long, or if you have postural challenges with your back, use a lumbar curve pillow. This pillow will help maintain the natural curve in your spine, and help prevent slouching. You can purchase these online, or through a physical therapy/sports medicine center. Your computer monitor should be at arm’s length away. Your chin should be parallel to the floor in a neutral position, by pulling your head back slightly. Every 20- 30 minutes, you should get out of your chair, away from your computer, rest your eyes and stretch. Plus, below is a series of great stretches to help improve circulation, release muscle tension, improve posture and de-stress your neck and spine.

shoulder neck stretch b

  1. 1. Shoulder And Neck Stretch: Releases tension in the shoulders, cervical spine, upper thoracic spine, pectorals. Improves posture. Sitting with great posture, feet flat on the floor, place your hands behind your head. Inhale and open your elbows wide, look up and exhale. You will feel your upper back strengthen and the front of your chest and pecs stretch and open up. Inhale again and close your elbows gently toward your chin. While lowering your chin, exhale. Inhale and open elbows wide, look up, exhale. Inhale, close the elbows, lowering your chin, exhale. Repeat five times slowly.



spine extension and hamstring/low back stretch a2. Spine Extension: Stretches upper back, subscapularis, lower lumbar, hamstrings, lower back, shoulder girdle. Stand with feet hip width apart. Place your palms on your lower back. Inhale and pull elbows back. Look up and extend your upper back slightly, exhale. Inhale, release the head and elbows, and exhale. Pull elbow back again and look up. Repeat three times slowly.




spine extension and hamstring/low back stretch b

3. Hamstring And Low Back Stretch: Place your hands on the back of your chair. Walk your legs back and fold over to extend your back flat, like a table. Inhale and lower your head between your arms and exhale. Inhale and exhale slowly three more times, allowing the muscles to relax and stretch.




hamstring, calf and hip stretch b

4. Hamstring Stretch: Stretches bicep femoris (back of the leg), calves, hip flexors, glutes, posts. From the forward fold table stretch, lift your head up slightly, step forward with your left foot and turn the right foot out slightly. Softly bend your right knee. Inhale and lengthen your right hand toward your left foot. Flex your toes and lift the arch of your left foot, with heel planted down. This will activate the stretch in the back of the leg for a deeper stretch. Inhale, release your body and arm a few inches and then exhale. Lower your hand down toward your foot again. Repeat three times and then switch legs and stretch your right leg forward.


hamstring, calf and hip stretch a5. Calf Stretch: Holding onto the back of your chair, step forward with your left leg and step your right leg back to a lunge position. Lift your back heel up, the ball of your foot is down. Keep your upper body straight, shoulders stabilized. Inhale and press your pelvis forward, while bending your back knee slightly, exhale. You will feel a stretch in the hip flexor and psoas. Inhale and release the stretch exhale, press the pelvis forward again. Repeat three times and then repeat on the other side.



hamstring, calf and hip stretch a

6. Hip Stretch: Holding onto the back of your chair, step forward with your left leg and step your right leg back to a lunge position. Lift your back heel up, the ball of your foot is down. Keep your upper body straight, shoulders stabilized. Inhale and press your pelvis forward, while bending your back knee slightly, exhale. You will feel a stretch in the hip flexor and psoas. Inhale and release the stretch exhale, press the pelvis forward again. Repeat three times and then repeat on the other side.



spine rotation and roll down 17. Spine Rotation: Stretches rotators and spine erectors, entire spinal column and levators in the neck. Sitting in your chair, with knees hip-width apart and feet flat on the floor, inhale and twist to the right. Place your right arm behind your body, holding onto the bottom of your chair, and bring your left hand across the front of your body, outside your right quad, holding onto the bottom of your chair, exhale. Take your gaze past the right shoulder to stretch the left side of your neck. Hold this position for three counts. Inhale and twist to the other side to repeat the stretch on your left. Hold for three counts. Repeat the stretch on each side three times.


spine rotation and roll down 28. Roll Down: From the spine rotation, bring your body back to the starting position and your gaze to the front. Open your legs slightly wider than your hips. Inhale and bring your chin to your chest and begin to roll forward, slowly rolling down bone by bone, exhaling slowly and allowing your arms to hang in front of the body, hands to the floor. Relax your head and neck completely. Inhale and exhale fully, two more times, into the lower lobes of your lungs, completely releasing your lower back. Inhale and slowly roll back up, bone by bone, to a seated position. Inhale and tuck your chin to your chest slowly rolling down again. Repeat this roll down three times.



tgif stretch9. TGIF The Thank God It’s Friday Stretch: Stretches the intercostal muscles of the rib cage, shoulders and neck, and opens up the upper thoracic spine. Sitting with your feet firmly planted on the floor, inhale fully and raise arms above your head to the sky. Extend your head up and let out a big exhale!


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Weekly Wellness Round-Up: Olympics Cupping Craze

Via Michael Phelps’ Facebook. 

News, Trends & Events: As the Olympics garnered the attention of the world, so did those dark circles covering the bodies of famous athletes like Michael Phelps. As many soon learned, the marks were the result of “cupping,” a treatment that has been around the wellness and athletic world for years but has finally gained some exposure. Read more about cupping here. Want to try cupping for yourself? Take a peek at the Spafinder partners offering cupping.

Spa: If cupping and other spa terms are still foreign to you, check out Spafinder’s extensive Spa Glossary

Beauty: Would you ice bucket your face to minimized your pores? Read more about this and other over-the-top celebrity skin routines on Marie Claire.

Fitness: Meet the fitness model who doesn’t have a heart.

Nutrition: According to “Real Food Fake Food,” author Larry Olmsted, fraudulent food is running rampant.

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Spafinder Staffers Do Miami Spa Month: Lapis, The Spa At Fontainebleau

We Accept Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards BadgeSpafinder Staffer: Sabina Uddin, Marketing Coordinator

Miami Spa Month Location: Lapis, the Spa at Fontainebleau

Service Received: The Triple Cleanse Facial

Sabina’s take on the spa: “What an amazing spa! This is the kind of place where you could spend the entire day relaxing and enjoying all the fantastic amenities. They also have a wide array of yummy spa products, swimwear, and fitness apparel for sale at their spa entrance boutique, as well as cosmetics.

From the moment I checked in at Lapis for my Triple Cleanse Facial, I was treated like a queen and instantly felt a calm come over me as the subtle meditation music played and warm spa lighting filled the space. The ambiance made me forget the stress of the outside world. Marta welcomed me to the facility and provided me with my soft, oversized robe and comfy flip flops. Once settled in, Marta gave me a spa tour while explaining the benefits of all the amenities and adding tips on how to enjoy all the little extras they offer—Lapis will even dry your swimsuit for you before you leave! The locker rooms are clean and spacious, providing plenty of privacy and every product or care item you could need.

Lapis’ sprawling facility has a luxurious, peaceful vibe and features co-ed as well as private areas. I spent time exploring the extensive water elements, mainly gravitating towards the Rain Tunnel where multiple jets shower from above at differing temperatures and pressures. Once finished, I waited in the relaxation area where I had a delicious cup of organic herbal tea and nibbled on snacks.

Ten minutes before my treatment, Marta escorted me to the elevator to the upstairs treatment area. Shortly after that, my esthetician Jenny greeted me with a warm smile and took me to my elegant treatment room with cozy lighting and a heated bed. Jenny was friendly and informative as she explained how she would tailor the products to my skin’s needs, thus ensuring the utmost comfort and results. She described the benefits and ingredients in each product through each step of the Triple Cleanse Facial. At the end of my treatment, she provided me with skin care recommendations and product information to maintain my glow. My skin felt hydrated and baby soft!”

This month, check out Lapis, the Spa at Fontainebleau and the rest of our Miami Spa Month initiatives. Don’t forget to enter to win a $250 Spafinder Wellness Gift Card: We’re giving away one a week through August 2016!

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4 Wellness Do’s In Downtown Denver

Yoga on the Rocks. Via Visit Denver. 

Stay & spa: The Ritz-Carlton DenverWe Accept Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards Badge features access to two fitness facilities in conjunction with an intimate spa. At the spa level, guests can find ellipticals, treadmills, and a television adjacent to the spa boutique. Continue down the hall to the entrance to the expansive Tru Fit Atheltic Club, housed on the sky bridge connecting the hotel to a neighboring building: Tru Fit houses weight training equipment, agility machines, group fitness classes, and even a rock climbing wall, all while hovering over a downtown intersection. When it is time to unwind, consider the unique Hops N’Honey Pedicure or the Mile High Malt Scrub & Microbrew Massage, which pay homage to Colorado’s rich brewing culture. Classic facials, massages, and salon services are also available.

tru fit athletic club denver

Tru Fit Athletic Club in Downtown Denver.

Eat: Union Station is the best bet for eats, but a particular trip favorite was Mercantile Dining & Provisions. Part market, part eatery, and part bar, Mercantile plates elevated but beautifully simple food in a casual, bright, and urban European-inspired space. White subway tiles flank the bar area and copper lamps dangle from the high ceiling. Meanwhile, industrial-meet-barnyard details add warmth and visual depth. Mercantile’s takeaway juices are tasty and packed in reusable jars, allowing me to balance my vacation indulgences with healthy, on-the-go sips. For a sit-down bite, consider the Colorado Quinoa Salad or Falafel Flatbread.

 mercantile dining & provisions denver

mercantile denver juices


rei denver rock wall

Via REI Denver.

Yoga: If you’re looking to learn your way around Denver’s yoga scene, consider checking out free events on Classes are broken down by date, type, neighborhood, and time. Then keep an eye on Eventbrite’s local event listings for al fresco namastes and meditation sessions. REI’s flagship shop regularly schedules night gatherings, too. For a truly unique experience, a visit to Yoga on the Rocks is a must.

Climb: Speaking of REI, it’s a great place to stop before hitting the Rockies. The Denver store features a 47-foot monolith with a 6,400 square foot hand-sculpted rock surface. The first climb is $10 for non-members, and additional climbs are $5 each. REI also schedules hands-on classes for beginners and experts that cover everything from rappelling to trip preparation. Photography, bike maintenance, and first-aid classes are also popular.

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Where To Get Your Spa Treatments Poolside

Want to take in daytime’s gorgeous sunshine but also get your spa on? Hotels across the country are bringing their signature spa services poolside.

palazzo pool las vegas

We Accept Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards BadgeIf Las Vegas, Nevada’s bright lights and fast life becomes a little too much, take a break with Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian and The Palazzo.  Therapists take their healing hands poolside for customizable cabana experiences or chair massages.

delano south beach pool

Inside the Art Deco boutique haunt Delano South Beach in Florida, visitors can take in the property’s whimsical garden and trendy pool area with an al fresco treatment by agua spa—Imagine a 50-minute massage enlivened by the ocean breeze.

Willow Stream, a Fairmont Spa in Maui, Hawaii has a menu dedicated to poolside cabana treatments. Melt into Maui’s famous coastline with a Massage with a View: Guests can pick any of Willow Stream’s 60 or 90-minute massages (with the exception of Willow Stream’s Hawaiian Stone Massage). A Cooling Face and Eye experience is available for those who got too much sun, as is an aloe and lavender based “Refresher.”

poolside houston four seasons

At Four Seasons Houston, Texas, poolside pampering is all about upgrading skin care and sun safety: The spa offers aloe applications ($30) and a coconut milk hand and feet bath with fruit scrub ($80, together). Therapists can also do mini massages ($45) and scalp rubs ($30). Kiddos can get in the fun with Four Seasons’  Ice Cream Spa “Treat”ment ($20): Little ones dip their toes in a chocolate or coconut bath while also savoring ice cream.

poolside treatment hilton orlando

In Florida, Efoera Spa at Hilton Orlando’s Poolside Cabana Package ($425) includes two 50-minute personalized massages and lunch for two. Cabana amenities aren’t shabby, either: Lounge around the HDTV, peruse the internet with private WiFi, or cool off with sips from the mini fridge.

national hotel miami beach pool cabana

In Miami Beach, Florida, The National Hotel’s iconic infinity pool dons safari-inspired cabanas where guests can order up Uneedamassage‘s Thai massage, neck rub, couples experience, and more. After enjoying a treatment, stroll right over to poolside eatery for a quick bit or opt for a relaxing swim. Massages begin at $50.

intercontinental miami poolAt the InterContinental Miami, Florida, poolside indulgences also come with a bayside view. Guests can enjoy a waterside chair massage by mySpa for 15 or 30 minutes ($30-$48).

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