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Spa Insider: SRI Report Day Spas

Dear Day Spa Partner,

At the recent Global Spa Summit in Istanbul, an exciting new report from SRI International was presented with cutting-edge data about the topic of spas and the global wellness industry.  I am sharing a link to the entire report with you. ($1,000 value!) This is the first time a well-respected global research firm analyzed various categories that can be considered part of the wellness industry and presented a way to look at it and think about it as a whole.  SRI called this the Wellness Cluster.  Please take a look at the image below and comment on what you think.

Why this is important for day spas:

There is no doubt that the winds of change are blowing – no longer are spas considered frivolous expenditures made mostly by wealthy people.  Rather spas have become more democratized, affordable and are now considered important contributors to people’s health and well-being.  Even the medical community is taking note and recognizing that they need help getting their patients to make lifestyle changes, and spas can make an important contribution.

When you look at the Wellness Cluster model, you will see that spas offer a proactive approach that is becoming more and more popular.  Rather than the conventional reactive, disease-oriented medical approach that you see on the left of the chart, the consumer, increasingly governments, and insurance companies are electing and encouraging a more-integrated wellness-oriented approach that proactively attempts to improve the quality of life as you can see on the right side of the chart.

Here are just a few of the key findings from the SRI report titled, Spas & the Global Wellness Market: Synergies & Opportunities:

  1. Wellness is not a fad – it is a strong trend that will continue to gain momentum.
  2. Wellness tourism is already a larger market than medical tourism.
  3. People are becoming more proactive about their health.

I encourage you to read the following to gain additional insight into the wellness trend.

Click to read the Executive Summary of the SRI Report
Click to read the entire SRI Report
Click to see the SRI PowerPoint Presentation given at last month’s Global Spa Summit

Also, please enjoy a quick snapshot of the nearly $2-trillion global market by checking out this image.

Warm regards,

For a full size image click here.

SRI Wellness Cluster



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