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Spa Insider: SRI Report Getaway Spas

Dear Getaway Spa Partner,

At the recent Global Spa Summit in Istanbul, an exciting new report from SRI International was presented with cutting-edge data about the topic of spas and the global wellness industry.  I am sharing a link to the entire report with you. ($1,000 value!) This is the first time a well respected global research firm analyzed various categories that can be considered part of the wellness industry and presented a way to look at it and think about it as a whole.  SRI called this the Wellness Cluster.  Please take a look at the image below and and comment about what you think.

Why this is important for getaway or “stay” spas:

You may not yet realize the importance of this development, but I think you will soon.  Simply put, because there is a trend toward a more proactive wellness approach rather than a reactive medical and disease approach, consumers, governments, doctors and insurance companies are seeing the value of encouraging people to avail themselves of these kinds of services.  And spas are where so many of these services can be found!

Did you know that there are now many governments around the world investing in marketing their medical tourism and wellness tourism industries?  That’s because having healthier people saves money and it attracts tourism dollars.  Whenever a person travels across borders for a medical procedure they are considered a medical tourist.  Whenever a person travels across borders to improve the quality of their life through a wellness-oriented approach (and that includes spa!), that person can be called a wellness tourist.

This means that in many countries there will be government support (meaning money) that will help promote the business you are in.

Here are just a few of the key findings from the SRI report titled, Spas & the Global Wellness Market: Synergies & Opportunities:

  1. Wellness is not a fad – it is a strong trend that will continue to gain momentum.
  2. Wellness tourism is already a larger market than medical tourism.
  3. People are becoming more proactive about their health.

I encourage you to read the following to gain additional insight into the wellness trend.

Click to read the Executive Summary of the SRI Report
Click to read the entire SRI Report
Click to see the SRI PowerPoint Presentation given at last month’s Global Spa Summit

Also, please enjoy a quick snapshot of the nearly $2-trillion global market by checking out this image.

Warm regards,

For a full size image click here.

SRI Wellness Cluster



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