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SpaFinder NewBeauty Relationship Blossoms

SpaFinder NewBeauty CoverThe creative energy between SpaFinder and New Beauty is bursting at the seams!  The New Beauty SpaFinder directory is hot off the press and the recent Hammam supplement, featured in the Fall 2010 issue of New Beauty magazine, is now up on the SpaFinder website.  Click here to learn more about this exciting trend (which gets an A++ for timeliness). 
In September 2010, I shared with you how thrilled I was about the budding partnership between SpaFinder and Sandow Media.  Today, just two months later, I am happy to report that this relationship is in full bloom!  Yolanda Yoh, editor-in-chief of New Beauty magazine sums it up quite nicely in her editor’s letter, “Spas help us slow down and find quiet time to create the space to build beauty on the inside: It’s only logical that spa and beauty are intertwined.” The first SpaFinder supplement which debuted in the Fall 2010 issue of New Beauty magazine was an extraordinary introduction to the popularity of hammams, a trend which I indentified as up and coming this time last year (2009).  So in the spirit of partnership, between spa and beauty, here’s the first of many exciting collaborations to come.

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