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Marketing Idea of the Month—Ad Hoc Marketing: Your Secret Weapon for Sales

Wordsmiths define ad hoc as “improvised and often impromptu.” While marketing professors might disagree, we think that ad hoc marketing is a secret weapon—especially in a marketplace where thinking on your feet can mean the difference between profit and loss.


Let’s face it: When the economy feels like a ride on a roller coaster, it’s hard to plan ahead for more than a month (or even a week!) at a time. Of course, long-term planning is a must if you want to achieve your long-term business goals. But incorporating ad hoc thinking in your marketing arsenal means you won’t miss golden opportunities to do more business just because they don’t follow the plan.


Ad hoc marketing can be especially beneficial for spas and wellness centers. We are in the people business, and we have the ability to notice our customers’ habits and then respond rapidly. This means we can change our offers and prices more quickly than manufacturers, who are stuck with the product that was ordered when the economy was flying high. And, even better, we usually don’t have to get permission from someone else to try our new idea.


So how do you begin thinking like an ad hoc marketer? First, listen and then listen some more—to your staff, your customers, other business owners in your community, your peers in the spa industry, and, most of all, yourself. If your gut says, I think this could work, try it. We think you’ll be pleased to find that you are a born marketer, especially when you wear your “ad hoc” hat.

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