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Creating a Membership Program That Works

Membership programs are a growing trend in the spa world.  Often customers pay a fee to join and in turn receive benefits that non-members do not. The scope and benefits of membership programs vary widely, and, unfortunately for many spa owners, so do the results.  Here, SpaFinder offers some guidance on the Do’s & Don’ts for creating a membership program that works.



  1. Emphasize that your program is like an exclusive club and offers value to loyal customers.
  2. Communicate special membership promotions via emails or direct mail or with collateral.
  3. Encourage members to refer your spa and your membership program.  Offer a reward to customers who do.
  4. Make it easy to join – online or in-store.
  5. Evaluate customer behavior – your program is a great tool for marketing analysis.
  6. Offer an immediate perk for joining, like a trial size spa product.
  7. Promote choice.  For example, offer options such as an extra 10 minutes; $10 off your next spa visit; 15% off your gift certificate purchase; complimentary manicure or a treatment upgrade.
  8. Recognize that these are your most engaged customers and show your appreciation.




  1. Don’t be pushy about joining the program.
  2. Don’t take away the basics, only to offer them to members.
  3. Don’t over-charge for membership.
  4. Don’t be too sporadic with promotions to your members.
  5. Don’t require members to hold a membership card – make it easy for the customer.
  6. Don’t forget to ask a customer if they are in the program upon checkout and when they make an appointment.
  7. Don’t be unclear on the rules of your own program.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.
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