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Online Reviews: Turn a Negative into a Positive

customerreviewsWe know is next to impossible to please every spa-goer that comes through your door, but just because negative reviews can happen it doesn’t that mean your spa is doomed.  According to, “barely 25% of online shoppers report that they are unlikely to purchase a product after reading negative reviews, and most take those reviews with a bowling ball of salt.”  The bottom line: negative reviews probably won’t hurt your business; in fact, they could boost customer conversion rates.


It’s not surprising that SpaFinder’s reviews are among the most popular pages on our site.  In today’s marketplace, consumers are more savvy and educated about the products and services they purchase.  They are also looking to get the best “bang for their buck.”   One of the best ways for consumers to retrieve this information is by reading reviews.


Encouraging clients to tell others about their experience at your spa, specifically through reviews, is a great way for spa-goers to get feedback about your treatments, staff, and spa atmosphere.  Furthermore, it is essential to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Negative reviews lend credibility to the review process itself, proof that the reviews are not edited.  By giving spa-goers this opportunity, you in turn, allow them to speak their mind.  Hopefully their constructive criticism will help you improve on any missteps or give you a reason to practice a regular assessment of your spa’s practices.


Although a negative review can be upsetting, it is important to remember to take all criticism constructively. Keep in mind that a prompt reply to a negative review can go a long way in building a loyal fan base.  For example, a spa-goer was disappointed with the product they purchased at your spa.  Why not address the problem by responding to their review, offering them a refund or an exchange for a different product.   Loyal customers are your “best cheerleaders and your customers for life” so treat them well!


Here is a real example of a negative review and a professional response by the spa owner:


Spa-goer review: I had a very poor experience at this spa. I feel a great experience starts the second you walk through the door. I was not welcomed and I did not feel relaxed. I personally didn’t care for the sound of the roaring train passing by. I will never return to this spa!


Spa Owner response: Our spa is located in a 1970’s Florida Style Home that we found to be a perfect fit for our eco friendly day spa. What’s better than recycling an old home and making it our clients’ sanctuary! Our entire decor is eco friendly and we offer the best of the best organic products. We are so excited to have found this location, and yes the train is down the street from us but it brings us back to our roots.



We all get so caught up in this fast paced society and forget how everything was when our lives were simple. The sound of the train at night as it approaches always brings a smile to our faces as well as our clients. It’s so nice to be located in a free standing building so that we can offer our clients convenient parking and intimacy. We are located on a small street, so it is very quiet, unlike being located on a busy street like most day spas in our area.



What else can we say? Experience it for yourselves everyone! You truly will not be disappointed! We have 15 years of experience in this industry and truly put our hearts and souls in this spa and in every treatment that we provide. We look forward to welcoming you into our home away from home!




If you have any questions about reviews on, feel free to contact Katia Santos at 212-716-1214 or


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